Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Adventures of the Turnips

What a week!

Anonymous wins the Adventures in Housekeeping Award, for the dead mouse by the refrigerator. 

Esperanza brings the bodily fluids, but less of them, with the 4 Dry / 3 Wet Award.  Progress!  Runner-up is Liz, with another unexpected visit from Aunt Flo.

Sue wins this week's Adventures in Insomnia Award.  We really should start a 3 a.m. club. Hope the back is feeling better, too.

The Adventures in the Land of the Overwhelmed Award goes to Sarah.  Good luck on the interview!

The Adventures in Newfangled Technology Award goes to Liz, whose telephone died and lived and died again. Mysteriously.  And no, she did not run it through the washer or have one of those whoopsies in the ladies' room.

Esperanza wins the Insurance Wrangling Adventure Award, scoring a win when she finally got someone to enter their information on a computer.  Go, team!  Wishing you luck on working out the dilemma of kindergarten.

Many hugs and much love to Anonymous, her daughter, and everyone.  We all hope things settle down.  xoxo 

Congratulations to Liz, who got the job!  (But we're still hoping the beloved gets one, too.)

Thanks to everyone for being so supportive.  I'll be taking a break from hosting for a few weeks, because of the unforgiving work monkey.

See you next time!


Miranda said...

Congrats on the job Liz! Also Daughter is home and doing better. Reentry has been slow and she is terrified of school but we will get through it.

kathy a. said...

xoxo Miranda