Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Cute Blue Shoes Blues

My new cute blue shoes, bought specifically for walkingwalkingwalking, are good for 36 houses MAX. After that, they rub blisters on the tops of my poor feet. And blisters are not cute.

Lo, I am blue.

But I went on with the walking and finished all 72 doors and therefore I am muy macho.

Que es mas macho? Walking with blisters or cleaning car sick out of a minivan half-way through a 6-hour car trip? My experience says walking with blisters es mas macho. But I did 'em both this week.

How was your week?


Sue said...

Oh bleh. Blisters and Barf both top the list of machisma things to do. No question.

I'll be back later - I have mucho errands to run because yesterday was a holiday and we ran out of things I should have remembered to buy before the weekend.

Bygones. People can survive without milk for a day, right?

Anywho, catcha later...

kathy a. said...

ouch on the blisters! yuck on the barf! yay on the doorbells!

friday, i found out a friend has terminal cancer, is in hospice, does not have very long. sunday, i found out my stepfather has terminal cancer. i hate the fireplacing cancer.

i'm making a quick quilt as a group gift to comfort our dying friend. in just a couple days, 19 people signed on to send their love! one flinty-hearted person [in need of a large whack with a pickle] felt it necessary to tell me, "no, i think i'll pass."

in anti-whines, daughter and i had a lovely brunch with 2 of my sisters, a last family hurrah before she goes abroad. they both grilled her on whether she is packed yet and whether she has lists, as i snickered away -- the only things daughter has unpacked from college are the piles of clothing all over her floor. she's got a couple weeks yet.

liz said...

I'm on board for the pickling.

So sorry about your friend and your step-father.

KLee said...

Oh, Kathy! So sorry about the cancer diagnoses. There's no easy way to deal with all that. Much pixie love to you and yours. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Liz -- oochie on the blisters. Blisters tops barf for me. While I hate barf, I see it all the time at school and it's over fairly quickly. Clean up the barf, clean up the kid, and it's over. Blisters are the gift that keep on sucking. Even if you're not on your feet all day, blisters can make you miserable. And if you HAVE to be on your feet DESPITE the blisters -- ouch city.

My whines for this week:

I was supposed to go to the oral surgeon yesterday for evaluation of a possible (impacted) wisdom tooth extraction but I had to cancel at the last moment due to a migraine. That, coincidentally, had some barf involved as well, and I really didn't think the poor oral surgeon would want to deal with Barf Breath on top of everything else. Hope they don't charge me for the missed appointment....but, there was really no way that I could have driven or dealt with bright lights and high-pitched drills at that particular moment. I am so freaking! tired! of! migraines!

My GPA is down to an 87.02. Assignments that I think are done really well get about a 78. Assignments that I think, "hmmmmm...that may not go over so well..." get a 96. I can't predict anymore. Eh, as long as I make it through with a passing grade -- I'm to old to be obsessing with all of this!

Had a major blowout with Offspring over her cell phone. I had to confiscate it, and threaten to KEEP it if she didn't start following our rules for use of the phone. She's been texting and making calls waaaay past her bedtime, and I caught her. She was planning to do whatever the hell she wanted, or at least until she was until she got caught. But, caught she was, and we had to have one of those talks where she cries and looks gravely injured and put upon. And, this being our family, of course we find this out in the middle of Chili's, so the whole drama plays out in public. She stomps off to the bathroom to cry and text her friends about what an utter witch I am while her father and I wait FOR 25 MINUTES! That brought on another blowup and the aforementioned confiscation of the phone. Ah, the joys of teenager-hood. I'm about to throw the fricking phone into the river.

Madeleine said...

Wow, the suckitude is starting early this week.

kathy a., I'm so terrible sorry to hear all the bad news. And the clueless replier is a drip of wax on the cake.

KLee, my goodness. That sounds like a truly miserable night out. Wishing you fortitude. And no more migraines.

Liz, I hope your feet are feeling better by now. I'm trying to imagine blisters on the top of your foot -- that must be the one place I've never had one. Good shoes are so, so important.

kathy a. said...

oh, klee -- nominate you for the trifecta of bad stuff award. it's not much consolation, ducking the oral surgery because you are in the throes of the migraine. i don't suppose chili's would have consented to locking offspring in the rest room until her battery ran out...

practical tips: if you don't happen to have a family safe, the trunk of the car can work -- particularly the place under the mat where the spare tire and tools are stored. also, hiding the cell phone and the battery in separate secret locations can frustrate the most determined of texters. don't even ask me why i'm so devious; it's all water under the bridge now. ;)

esperanza said...

I dunno, Liz, barf pretty much tops most everything. Especially in the car. And KLee, the cell phone drama...sheesh.

Let's see, I have whines aplenty. To catch you up from last week. Thursday morning: more bleeding. Doc-on-call says butt-on-couch. Then there was a clot, like a big scary one. My doctor is out of town, but the nurse sends me for an ultrasound, where the tech will not tell me anything. After using my most persusive "I'm not taking no for an answer" preacher persona, I FINALLY got, "I saw the baby and it had a strong heartbeat." Thank you. Thursday evening, nurse calls back with prescription from my doctor: complete bed rest. Panic ensues at the esperanza household. Grandma to the rescue Friday morning. I finally got to talk to my doctor Monday morning when she got back to the office. (Thank goodness for a doctor who will talk over the phone and not make me drive 1.5 hours each way). There is a hematoma "behind" the ill-placed placenta that seems to be causing the bleeding. Thank goodness, it doesn't seem to have been the placenta itself. I'm released from "complete" bed rest but still am supposed to take it easy, and most importantly, not "strain." "Straining" includes lifting the Sweet Baboo to the bathroom. There was a prescription for the latter. For the former, grandma is helping teach her how to climb in and out of bed/high chair/car seat with just a hand-hold from a grownup. Seems nuts, but that's the way it's going to be around here for the forseeable future. I will take all creative pixie ideas, however.

The whine in all of that is I'm not going to be surprised if I end up on complete bed rest again, and OH CRAP was it ever boring. And my back started hurting from laying around. Ugh.

The antiwhine is that Sweet Baboo is thisclose to walking, finally. She will take about a dozen steps on her own and just needs to figure out how to get back up. And she really likes to climb (you know,that would be the developmental stage *after* walking. Whatever).

I hope to have no more drama this week.

Sue said...

So sorry kathy a. The cancer diagnoses are so sad. Be sure to take care of yourself too. Sign me up for the pickle brigade.

Klee - uber bleh - boo to migraines!

kathy a. said...

((((((( esperanza )))))))
omg, how scary. yay, grandma! yay, baboo! i think the work-arounds are GREAT, and sweet baboo is ready for them. [for what it's worth, my daughter was a climber before she was really a walker, too.] xoxo

Sue said...

Oh esperanza - I'm so sorry to hear about all of it. Please take good care of you!


Barfeh Kitteh.

That is all.

esperanza said...

I would like to say that I think Sue is having a pretty good week, compared to last, if a barfing cat is all she has to whine about. Yeah Sue!

And has anyone heard from margalit? She hasn't been around here for several weeks, if I'm remembering correctly.

amy said...

i'm tired. like, chronically tired. srsly.

Sarah at ratatat said...

((Experanza)) Oh my. I hope the hand holding works. As your tied to the couch, I can't suggest my all purpose toddler in stroller means tired pregnant momma doesn't have to chase her.

Klee - that sounds so exhausting. I wonder if in 20 years they'll sell a device to block incoming and outgoing text traffic, for parents' sake.

Kathy - That's too sad. What dire news. The quilt sounds lovely. And boo on the person who refused.

Liz - blisters are the worst. Moleskin for the offending shoe?

My whine is that I'm feeling whiny. Nothing specific. Kids who never stop talking, bank account that never seems full enough, books to be read for book club.

Anti-whine: I love reading. And one of the books is marvelous. I am chafing a bit under the assigned nature...

Sue said...

Yup, definitely a better week esperanza. Holidays definitely help. Definitely. Yay holidays!!!

Liz - Bandaid brand makes these HUGE blister-buster bandages that are almost as big as my foot. I've found them to be fairly good when the blisters are at their worst.

Sue said...

Oooops Whine: forgot my friend's birthday. It was this past Sunday. I was so determined to start my holidays and stay away from my day planner that I missed the little part in the corner of last Sunday's block that said "Jane's birthday."

Argh. I'll call her tonight. I totally owe her lunch and flowers.

liz said...

The blisters are, very fortunately, in places that my other walkingwalkingwalking shoes don't rub, so walking last night was good. I'm definitely going to get me some moleskin for the next time I wear those shoes.

Esperanza, sit your butt down and take it easy. Also, get a piece of backer board to put under the sofa cushions just in case.

Sarah at Ratatat, pretend they're not assigned.

Amy, I'm sending you virtual coffee candies.

KLee, what Kathy A. said.

Sue, I feel your barfeh pain.

liz said...

Tomorrow's awards may be somewhat delayed.

kathy a. said...

the quilt, she is pieced! now i just need to attach front to back and add batting.

my cats adore sewing projects, and are disappointed that i keep shooing them off. they are serious about quality control testing.

Sue said...

kathy a. - you are so good to make this quilt for your friend. And the kittehs, they do like their quality control projects, don't they?

Whine: we finished watching season 7 of "24" - now there won't be a new season to watch for a loooooong time. We don't watch the show weekly when it's on tv - we wait for the DVD release, so it's going to be awhile. Season 7 was excellent, but really, it must suck to be Kim Bauer (Jack's daughter). Every time she appears on the show she gets kidnapped or held at knifepoint. That's harsh, yes?

liz said...

It's been a rough week for her.

margalit said...

This has been a really tough summer. Both kids home, son not taking his meds, I'm not well, and money is tighter than ever.

Yesterday I took daughter and boyfriend to maine. Our car got pulled over because my inspection sticker was 4 days overdue, which meant I was driving with a suspended registration. They took the car and left us stranded at York Beach. We had to find a ride home. Boyfriend's father drove 1.5 hours north to get us. My car remains in Maine, where they are charging me $90/day. I have no money, I have no way of rescuing the car. I'm totally screwed and I just cannot deal any more. It's enough.

My landlady wants us to get rid of the cats (permission on lease) so I have to get son's therapists to write her a letter that he needs the cats for mental health. It isn't bull, he really DOES need the cats.)

Laura Ling and Euna Lee. Welcome Home!

Serious depression. I'm down about as far as I can get.

amy said...

i was thinking about you lately, wondering how things were since you were quiet here. i hope you get some relief from all the suckiness soon.

amy said...

the tater has not been sleeping well, which while it sucks is not so bad that i can't take it, but it's hard. he went on a nap strike, where the only place he'd nap was on me. this has lasted about two and a half weeks. (i blame growing, four incoming teeth, and a mild cold.)

on the way home from work today, i just knew that we'd come in through the door and he'd want to nurse. then he'd fall asleep in my lap, and doggone it, i just have so much other stuff to do. so i began to daydream about an invention to solve the problem of containing a sleeping baby.

it would be safe and comfortable, probably slightly smooshy; it would be flat, so he could lie on his side, just like he likes; it would be nearby, so i could help him if he needed me; and it would have to be safe - like, maybe it would have some sides to hold him in so he didn't roll out, you know?

and then i realized i had just invented the crib.

if you are wondering where he napped, i'll tell you that it was my lap again, in spite of my genius invention in the other room.

Elizabeth said...

((amy)) that's hysterical. we need to figure out a name for the award that deserves. Maybe the "And we shall call it... the WHEEL..." award.

My whine is that I volunteered to do the bookkeeping for my synagogue, and I am discovering just how badly the well-intentioned people who came before have kept the books. And every time I ask them something, they only give me 1/2 the answer, and seem surprised when I come back with more questions.

KLee said...

I'm now scheduled for oral surgery on Monday. The original plan was to take the tooth on Friday. As in THIS FRIDAY. As in, less than 48 hours from right now, Friday. I have a Girl Scout Training that has been on the books for months, and really can't skip it. So, I shot for Monday instead, which means that I might be out of the drug-induced fog and general malaise that surrounds dental surgery in time for my main "big deal" part of my class next week.

Oh, well. At least with this surgery, that means I only have 1 wisdom tooth left to be cut out of my head AND I'll get a killer nap, thanks to general anesthesia.

Still dealing with major histrionics over the cell phone, and have now been told that "all these punishments" as contributing greatly to her stress level. WTF?! All we told her was that she had to leave her phone in the living room when she went to be because we discovered that she was talking and texting at 2am. (Oh, and if we caught her lying and using the phone in the middle of the night again,she'd lose it.) Yeah, *I'm* the bad guy.

Oy. Deliver me from all the drama.

KLee said...

uh...that should be "when she went to BED..."

kathy a. said...

amy -- one of my sisters was telling us about this wonderful breakfast sandwich she had on vacation in canada, maybe she could make it at home, it was soooo delicious -- and she couldn't understand why the other sister and i collapsed into hysterical laughter. "that's an egg mcmuffin," we said.

nominate klee's offspring for the "you are so busted" award.

Madeleine said...

KLee, I'm guessing that the lack of sleep from being up texting at 2 am is not helping her stress levels much. Maybe she'll be more reasonable when she's caught up on her beauty sleep? Or in 10 years, which ever comes first.

liz said...

Whine: Having problems connecting to Twitter from work today. Is the office blocking it (major whine), or is it a Twitter problem (minor whine)?

amy said...

i nominate madeleine for mullet!

liz said...

Yay! The problem's on the Twitter end!

kathy a. said...

smashed toe this morning. it is developing some interesting colors. :( AW: danskos are toe-friendly.

second the nomination of madeleine.

Madeleine said...

kathy! Smashed toe not good! Take care.

My current whine: house across the street being re-roofed. Someone is hammering in my head. Too lovely to shut windows, but I might anyway.

Sue said...


Definite Mullet award for Amy as well as the ingenuity and inventiveness award (commonly known as the WHEEL award). Well done amy!

Elizabeth - good for you for taking on such a huge task as the synagogue's book-keeping. Just think - one day a new person will step in and be SO thankful that you set it all to right.

kathy a. - I'm wondering if your friend had the Canadian - Tim Horton's - version of the egg mcmuffin. It has basically the same ingredients but it's served on a freshly made biscuit and is waaaay more yummy than the McD version.

KLee - definite vote for "you're so busted" and best of luck with the ~shudder~ dental surgery on Monday. I'll be thinking of you.

Bra whine: Between a C and a D and nowhere to go. The C leaves me pouring out the top, the D leaves me with enough room for the girls to fold up origami-style. Yeah I know, some people have REAL problems, but still....

amy said...

bra whine => old skool nomination!

kathy a. said...

oooh, classic bra whine! brava!

esperanza said...

Sue, I have the exact same bra whine, though mine is Mini-Baboo related and is likely to fill up a D soon. Have you noticed that they make cute "almost A," and B, and C, but not "almost D?" Why, bra people, why?

Sue said...

I had never noticed that before, but you're right - all of those "made just for you" bras are teeny weeny ones.

I remember "A" - I think I was eleven.

kathy a. said...

beauty hint: think about toenail maintenance *before* a toe turns into a purple grape-like object.

on the subject of bras, daughter is an A, and she has a deep grudge against bra manufacturers, all of whom think she needs underwire. we could probably do an entire whining edition on bra complaints.

esperanza said...

I guess if we ever run out of whines *snort* we could do a bra edition.

Sue said...

esperanza - that's a good one. Running out of're funny.

redzils said...

Hi guys - I'm here, wincing in sympathy and laughing over Amy's clever invention.

As for news from The North: being 4000 miles from The Boyfriend is ...hard. Really, really hard. And training for a marathon means I am always hungry and always tired (even though I chose it).

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

liz said...

Awards coming soon. I had to post the tweets from the Obama/Deeds event that disappeared.

Sue said...

((redzils)) I've done the long distance thing - it is really rough.

I'm always hungry too, and tired.....and yet, I'm not training for anything. How puzzling.... :)

Good for you for taking care of your body and working at your training!

liz said...

....and never actually wrote up the awards. HOST FAIL.

Will get 'em up before bed tonite if it KILLS ME.

Meanwhile, keep whining!

kathy a. said...

for some reason, the comments doodad is not showing up for me on the awards post.

but lovely awards, liz!