Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fall Madness Edition

Pixies, you are gems for putting up with an excessively whiney host this week! Other weeks, too, but my fretting knew no bounds whilst our girl was off to the other side of the entire fireplacing planet.

Frozen chocolate drinks for everyone! [h/t Madeleine.] If it's not the heat, it's the humility this week -- lots of transitions going on in Pixie-land.

Liz, of course, sweeps the Mullets with her campaigning whine: "The bottoms of my feet resemble, in color, the hind quarters of a baboon and they feel like someone rubbed them vigorously with coarse grit sandpaper." She retains her sterling reputation as the Doorbell Queen. We are sending soothing virtual footbaths and cool insoles.

Style Award to Madeleine, for her Whine/anti-whine, nine year old style:
SG: I'm bored!
Me: Are you bored enough to come try on some clothes your grandma sent?
SG: Yes!

Old Skool Award to Sue, for the whine of too many emails on vacation. Kudos to Liz for suggesting the solution. And the runner up is also Sue, for her hotel not having the channel of her guilty pleasure. Second runner up is Liz, for bad cafeteria food.

New School / Budget Cuts Award to KLee, who (like most teachers) is already woefully underpaid, but must take a pay cut for the privilege of herding and instructing her charges. Boo. Cluesticks to whomever decided to add to the fun by stuffing her classroom with excess furniture.

A+ Award to Esperanza, for good news from the OB! We are glad you retain a close relationship with the couch, anyway.

Spa Party Survivor Award to Sarah at ratatat, who bravely hosted a gaggle of 8-year-olds for an exciting birthday party! Which was only 6.5 hours but felt like it lasted days, possibly weeks!

Junior Whiner in Training Award to Esperanza's Sweet Baboo, who somehow deduced that it was Wednesday.

Brilliant Idea Award to Liz, who complains: "My whine is I had a brilliant idea. It was brilliant, I tell you. And I handed this brilliant idea off to the people who could make it happen, who also think it's brilliant. And they told other people who could really make the brilliant idea shine and sparkle brilliantly and they think the idea is brilliant too. And it will happen...but not for another couple of weeks."

Best to all until next time!


liz said...

Thank you! Thank you! I feel so vindicated by my myriad awards! Thank you!

Elizabeth said...

my whine is that I missed Wednesday whining. And on the week that I had my first every squashage of teh boob, too!

liz said...

That's award-worthy on its own.

kathy a. said...

ok, i'm a little freaked out. my friend with cancer died yesterday -- the one i made a quilt for a little while back. her daughter just posted photos of her, dead, on facebook. the daughter mentioned how peaceful she looked, so i guess this is her way of coping. but speechless, i am. think i'll stick with teh condolence card.