Thursday, August 13, 2009

About Esperanza

There are some weeks when all of the commenting Pixies achieve overwhelming consensus on something, and this is one of those weeks. It is official: Esperanza is not a weenie! We are also impressed with the Care Posse's willingness to do what needs doing. [They don't call themselves that, do they? We mean it in the most complimentary way.]
In addition, Esperanza wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award, for elaborating that she feels like a strong woman, but "My uterus, apparently, has a different self-image."
Liz takes home the Old Skool Award with her classic: "I hate being grumpy. I hate that it makes me resentful and ungenerous." Runner Up is Elizabeth, whose hands got all swollen and achy with the heat.
KLee wins the Tooth of Wisdom Award for Dental Bravery. Sending virtual icepacks, painkillers, and ice cream, as needed.
Redzils brings the fluids this week, in the form of flooding. Because the flood consumed her delicates, we award her the Ark of the Unmentionables Award.
Madeleine wins, hands down, the Intrepid Flyswatter Award for continuing local efforts to eradicate the fruit fly. We are torn between admiring the engineering genius, and thanking our stars that the flies are in your kitchen, not ours.
Sue has earned the Sloth Life Award, for enjoying her vacation. And, thanks for the Pixie Dust!
Hugs and condolences to JenR, whose family lost a cousin way too soon. JenR also wins the "Whining Works" Ribbon, as her mom is coming to the rescue on the child care front.
NUD wins a valuable Visit From The Class Prep Fairy, since that stuff didn't get done during her relaxing visit to MIL's cottage. We can hardly wait to hear what prizes she wins on the work-related trip!
Domestic Tranquility Award to Amy. We aren't reckless enough to offer specific advice, but rest assured that there were nods of recognition all around the Pixie Campfire. At Madeleine's excellent suggestion, we are sending virtual fudge.
Sorry for the lateness of the awards! My glam work life took me 500 miles away, so I could spend several hours looking at stuff in a basement and then fly back.
Have a good week!


liz said...

I do have specific advice for amy, which is: in our house this tends to happen when we get so busy that all we ever talk to each other about is scheduling and tasks. When we take time to play cards or watch a movie together, the irritable feelings go away.

kathy a. said...

That there is why we love Liz. She might feel grumpy sometimes, but she has really good thoughts. Like, always.

[The mullet was for how you expressed your feelings. NOT for actual grumpy behavior.]

Miranda said...

Add me to the Liz Love and Appreciation Society! I'm hoping Liz's advice works for grumpy teens as well.

esperanza said...

wow, I get the headlines this week, thank you.

The Care Posse (no they aren't called that, but it works for me) are currently grocery shopping and Baboo entertaining. Yippee!

liz said...

(blushing) I had thought I might get it for "Being grumpy makes me grumpy" But I'm always happy to get Mullet!

Esperanza, I wish I lived near enough to be on your care posse.

I can send bookz?

kathy a. said...

Ack! Liz, my mistake in commenting that you won a Mullet, when actually you won Old Skool for explaining so well the grumpies. Although the quote you just mentioned was in serious competition for Mullet. I blame a dead brain after a long day.

amy said...

Liz - I agree. That has definitely happened to us. We're having a lot of growing pains, learning to go from having one child to two. It's a shame that in the last 5 years, our hobbies have diverged. I'll have to think of something to do...

liz said...

Dinner out, going to see a grown-up movie, meeting for lunch?

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