Thursday, August 20, 2009


Perks of Pregnancy Award to Debangel, who says: "Anti-whine: Am eating Pop-Tarts for dinner and am mature grownup so nobody can stop me. Neener, neener boo boo."

Ain't That the Truth Award to Amy, for her response to breaking news that Debangel's cat was eating her Pop Tart: "I'd like to call for a cluestick posse to visit debangel's cat (she's pregnant! she should get to eat what she wants!), but it's a cat. cats don't care about clues. I know -I've tried."

Elevated Risk of Mullet Award to Sue, who complains: "I spent ten hours in two different airports yesterday because of "delays" (shakes fist at fireplacing Air Canada, whose motto should be 'We Don't Care Because We Don't Have To.'"

Brown Wrapper Book Drop Award to Esperanza, who laments: "since I am (doctor's orders) a lazy bum, I have been reading more than usual. My favorite escape reading is the trashy novel. But when one is the preacher's wife, one should not check out trashy novels from the small town library, nor purchase them from the small town stores. So, I'm reading a *slightly* higher quality of book."

Just Like a Junior High Group Project Award to JenR, who has unwittingly become the "go to" problem-solver, leaving no time for her own darned work. Hat tips to Esperanza and Sue.

Water Follies Award to Sarah at ratatat, who reports: "My whine/anti-whine is that we almost drowned the older kids last week. But we didn't." Pixie Central agrees that the only possible reaction was to crack jokes the rest of the week!

Fuzzy Bunny Award to Klee, who has a new member of the family!

Cluestick Posse is hereby dispatched to deal with Purple Kangaroo's neighbor, the one whose fireplacing hobby is calling animal control on various families in the vicinity.

Oooh, Shiney! Award to Elizabeth, who is pleased with her new (and cheap) laser printer.

Many hugs to Pixies struggling with life-threatening issues. Condolences to Pixies who have this week dealt with: police response to a false alarm; ouchy broken bones; kids who don't want meds; transportation woes; heat; broken hearts; family and personal sicknesses; the aftermath of oral surgery; deadlines; travel; awkwardness; and other complaints of the season.

Thanks for playing!


kathy a. said...

p.s. -- Thanks for the good wishes for my daughter! Maybe she'll start packing soon....

purple_kangaroo said...

I totally meant to come back and vote and send hugs to everyone, especially Margalit. But I ended up having a flare-up/"crash" and having to be driven home and to bed forthwith. So sending big hugs to everyone now.

And, Klee, I sympathize with the TMJ and highly approve of bunnies as pets. :)

liz said...

Just got back to work after campaign photo shoot. Pictures of me as DBQ coming soon!

kathy a. said...

yay, liz!