Friday, August 7, 2009

Awards - FIRED UP edition

This is where I was yesterday.

Pretty cool, no?

Kathy A. gets the Get 'Er Done Award for organizing and completing a loving quilt in less than a week. We are all thinking of your friend and your step-father and you in this hard time. And sending out a pickle posse for a hard-hearted Hannah (or Herbert) who said, "no, i think i'll pass." What a douche-bag.

KLee gets the time-honored Trouble With Telephones and Teen-agers award for her daughter's texting WHILE BEING YELLED AT FOR TEXTING! I work for a phone company and even I say, hide the fireplacing thing in the back of the cleaning cupboard. She'll never look there. Bright side? Not "sexting", yes?

Madeleine gets Elevated Risk of Mullet for "Wow, the suckitude is starting early this week." and for "KLee, I'm guessing that the lack of sleep from being up texting at 2 am is not helping her stress levels much. Maybe she'll be more reasonable when she's caught up on her beauty sleep? Or in 10 years, which ever comes first."

Esperanza wins Whine of Substance this week for being told not to lift her not-yet-walking Sweet Baboo for fear of "straining". Sending step-stools and stool softeners.

Sue wins Style for her two-word whine: "Barfeh Kitteh"

Sarah at Ratatat wins the Yes! That! Award for "My whine is that I'm feeling whiny."

Amy wins the "And we shall call it... the WHEEL..." award (ht to Elizabeth) for her marvelous invention.

Hugs and love to all you with kid whines, tooth whines, toe whines, money whines, bra whines (go up a bra band and down a cup or up a cup and down a bra band! And go to a good bra store), and too-far-away-from-loved-ones whines.

Night all!


Sue said...

Thanks Liz!! What an exceptionally cool day you have had!!!

kathy a. said...

thank you! great awards. and what sue said.

Madeleine said...

Good thing I'm scheduled for a trim next, what with all this elevated risk of mullet!

Keep those fires burning, Liz! It's a marathon you all are running.

amy said...

As it turns out, my husband is also vying for the "Wheel!" award. Today, he "invented" the inflatable raft. I didn't have the heart to tell him that's what he did, so I just played along. I hope that doesn't make me a bad wife.

kathy a. said...

amy, that sounds like a wise decision. if you want to see some really entertaining inventions, check out: