Monday, August 10, 2009

All Wired Up Edition

Do you ever do something different and stay out late, and then you are too wired to sleep for a good three hours or so? Well, we went to a local production of Singin' In the Rain at an outdoor theater, and it was fun, but we were with this crowd from my beloved's work for close to 6 hours, including the potluck, and the guy next to me arranged it all so everyone could see his daughter in the play, and it was fun, but here I am at nearly 1:00 a.m., feeling like I had coffee even though I didn't.

So, breaking out the whines early. Awards are likely to be late, too, because I'll be on the road [so to speak] most of Thursday. The trip is an unspeakable work whine, but I heard rumors about free wireless at the destination airport, and possibly also on flights to/from that destination, so that would be an antiwhine.

In real anti-whines, the quilt got where it was going, and in time to be enjoyed. One of the formerly feral cats has been asking for loving, and he even purred!; and the other finally let me pet her! It's all about the love.

How's by you?


Elizabeth said...

Anti-whine: had a nice time at my friend's wedding yesterday

Whine: got back from NY at nearly midnight last night and am back at work today. Hands swollen and achy from the heat.

liz said...

Irritated by something that happened this morning which I'm probably blowing out of proportion, but - in conjunction with something that occurred last night - has been making me a grumpy Gertrude all day.


I hate being grumpy. I hate that it makes me resentful and ungenerous.

liz said...

Being grumpy makes me grumpy.

kathy a. said...

liz, i hate when that happens.

KLee said...

Whine: oral surgery on impacted wisdom tooth.

Antiwhine: percocet! Yay for lovely numbing drugs.

Whine: not being able to eat solid food for a few days.

Antiwhine: maybe I'll drop some pounds!

Whine: addicted to Facebook again.

Antiwhine: I'm enjoying being addicted to Facebook.

Kathy - hope your trip isn't too much of a cluster event, and that you get promised wi-fi in all areas. Maybe your hotel/meeting place will have it as well! Here's hoping!

Liz, sorry about the grumpies. i know form whence you speak. Had them myself, a few days in a row over the Cell Phone Drama with Offspring. I dislike being the bad guy, but the only other choice is let her turn into one of those spoiled, entitled sorts of kids, and that AIN'T HAPPENIN'. Not if *I* have anything to say about it.

Elizabeth, sorry about the achies and the swollen appendages, but glad you had fun at the wedding!

Sue said...

Sorry about all the grumpies and achies out there pixies.

KLee, perhaps you could share some of the anti-whineable percocet - surely there is enough for all. A few of those, some chocolate and a bottle of good red wine and we would have ourselves a fine Pixie Pajama Party!

Elizabeth, we promise there will be no dancing in light of your post-wedding aches. A possible pillow fight, but ixnay on teh anceday - 'kay?

No whines here. I'm on the last few days of Sloth life here. Next week I head to Kingston for a check up with Miracle Doc who did my trigger point injections last summer. He may or may not need to re-inject. I'll find out when I get there.

A quick one-day stop at home next Wednesday and then I'm off to conduct my nephew's wedding in Halifax!

No whineage from this corner of the world. Just lots of good pixie dust to sprinkle wherever you all might be.

esperanza said...

Sorry for the grumps and insomniacs and need for percocet.

So far, mostly so good this week. Whine: My mommy left this morning. My silly brother is moving and needs help. He does. He has a fourteen year old and a fourteen month old. Boy, does he need help.
Antiwhine: Oh my goodness, are we overwhelmed by people wanting to help us. Hubby's church has a very elaborate internet system set up. They're bringing us food and helping watch the Sweet Baboo and running errands and cleaning our house. Seriously. If you know anyone who is sick or has a need for help, check out Care Calendar (I assume it googles).
Whine: even with all this help, it absolutely takes every bit of energy (and a 1.5 hour nap) to make it through till Baboo's bedtime. I am a weenie.

kathy a. said...

klee, wishing you good healing, soothing coldness as needed, and a full complement of home helpers. well, at least a half measure from phone-grrrl.

some of that soothing coolness for elizabeth, too.

sue, yay for no whines, a possible tune-up, and a wedding!

kathy a. said...

((( esperanza ))) you are in no way a weenie!

Sue said...

esperanza - you are no weenie (and I've known a few weenies in my time, believe me). You are simply following doctor's - and more importantly, pixies - orders to paste thou buttocks upon thy couch.

Please do take care and let the Care Calendar people do their thing. You and the New Baboo will be glad for it.

JenR said...

esperanza - you are not a weenie.

I have many whines this week, not the least of which is this: hubby's 24 year old cousin died yesterday after a 5 WEEK battle with cancer. Or rather a 4 week battle followed by a week of hospice. Who knew it could go that fast? We were not close to that particular branch of the family, but it is still hard.

Also, the funeral this weekend makes it difficult/impossible to go retrieve my mom from the lake cottage - and I need her home to watch the boy next week since he's not scheduled back full time at day care for another month. The price of a short-notice schedule change is so high that I will probably take vacation time instead and go retrieve my mom during the week.

liz said...


JenR said...

update - maybe whining fixes things sometimes? - my mom just called and Dad has agreed to give up a few days of fishing to bring her home for us. Surprise! Yay - at least that isn't a problem anymore. (She would have driven herself except she doesn't have a car up there.)

Sue said...

Oh JenR, how awful. My thoughts are with you and your family. I'm glad your Dad could work out the child care issue for you too. Hopefully that takes some of the burden off.

kathy a. said...

JenR, that is so sad about your husband's cousin. and oh, my -- so young. glad your dad is able to bring mom home to help out.

Elizabeth said...


KLee said...

So sorry, JenR. Even if they weren't close, that's still family, and it's hard to deal with. Pixie prayers go out to him, and to all of his family.

Madeleine said...

JenR, so sorry for the sad news.

Here's my whine:

Disgusting: cloud of fruit flies rising from bowl of apricots.

Only slightly less disgusting: 5 fruit files circling inside the trap I made.

Delicious: summer fruit.

Bonus whine: It took three tries to get a working trap. First one (last week when the flies were not too bad) had honey and water in the bottom, and the classic paper cone. Second try was plastic wrap over bad parts trimmed off of fruit. Holes were too small. My Love enlarged the holes early this morning when he saw a swarm of flies TRYING TO GET IN to the trap. Now it is working!

esperanza said...

ew, ew, ew, Madeleine. That is just creepy.

JenR, so sorry to hear the news.

OK, I'll take back the weenie. What i mean to whine is that I hate feeling like a delicate, fragile flower. In my head, I am the woman who plows the field, has a baby, and goes back to plow the next day. My uterus, apparently, has a different self-image.

My next whine: I convinced myself a couple of weeks ago that I was feeling baby kicks. Is it way too early to feel such a thing? In most cases, yes. But, according to the internets, women who have already had a baby should know what they're feeling. And thinner women feel baby kicks earlier. But then. A couple of days went by and I didn't feel anything. So, last night from approximately 1:30 am to 3:30 am, I had myself convinced that the baby was dead. Today, I'm feeling the same kicky things but am telling myself to get over it, it's just large intestine or something. I am driving myself batty.

kathy a. said...

((( esperanza ))) we gotta keep you breathing! mini-baboo is still very tiny, so it's not surprising you might feel a little something and then nothing for a while. keeping fingers crossed, anyway. xoxoxo

Name Under Development said...

You’re definitely not a weenie, Esperanza. And your remark that your uterus has a different self-image than you do is priceless. Personally, I gave up plowing the fields a long time ago (before my uterus retired after a long career) because I discovered that Purina Bunny Chow is easier and cheaper than trying to grow veggies that Bert won’t touch with a 10-foot pole, but once Mini-Baboo is here and safe you may plow away with my blessing.

Anti-whine—Went on lovely, relaxing vacation at MIL’s cottage last week. Warm days, cool nights, few responsibilities. Just peaceful days sitting in a lawn chair with the beverage of choice and a book with no educational value whatsoever & listening to the sound of loons in the evening.

Whine—Vacation is over, and there are no cool nights back home. While our weather has been better than average lately, typical August weather here in flyover country is hot and humid. So current weather conditions are slightly less hot and humid. Very slightly. Rah.

Further whine—all that relaxing did not get my classes prepped. Classes start August 25—as in 2 weeks from today. We changed textbooks in one of the classes, too, so that class needs significant revamping.

Whine the 3rd- I spend 3 days next week on a work-related trip that will prevent any class prep.
The first day of that trip is my birthday. Moreover, our whole department is going on this trip (department retreat). We just played major practical jokes on my boss and on the lead counselor the week before my vacation, so I have a feeling it’s my turn.

I’m done now. Hopefully, I will get back to my syllabus and NOT to Facebook.


Name Under Development said...

I just had an additional thought--you could say that my uterus has been put out to pasture.

Hugs and sympathy to Jen R.


Sue said...


Anti-whine: Wonderful night out with some friends to see Julie & Julia. A good time was had by all. For some reason I'm craving butter....on pretty much anything.

redzils said...

NUD, good luck on the prep!

Esperanza, I love the image and hope typing it out amused you too.


Here we have flooding... The male parent in the family I am staying with plugged the utility sink to soak some laundry, then got distracted. By the time he got back to it, the laundry room floor was awash and water was cascading into the basement.

I live in the basement. I was gone for three days. And when I got home, we realized the damage was confined to my shoes and the basket of my lingerie, all on the floor.


KLee said...

Ouch on the flood all over your unmentionables, redzils! Well, the upside is that the landlord can't say it's YOUR fault, right?!

My jaw is HURTING. Now that all the lovely medicine they gave me in the office has totally worn off, it hurts. Now, I never take anything stronger than Ibuprofen and Excedrin Migraine, and I'm popping Percocet like freaking Pez. And, they're beginning not to do the trick. Had to go out for ice cream to help soothe the hurt, and now I'm contemplating taking another Percocet, even thought I'm not supposed to have another until 4am. Maybe I'll just go to bed to avoid temptation. Hell, if I start down that slippery slope, I may end up homeless and selling myself for crack before too long. Must not risk it.

liz said...

Yipes, KLee. Sending you love and ice packs.

Redzils, I'm sorry about your shoes and dainties.

((Esperanza)). And nominating you for mullet for "My uterus, apparently, has a different self-image"

NUD, I hope class prep went well!

kathy a. said...

klee -- the oral surgeon said daughter could alternate advil and the strong stuff -- why don't you see if your oral surgeon says the same?

Sue said...

Sorry about the flood redzils. The upside is that now you have to get new lingerie! Possible anti-whine there?

KLee - when I hit the ER for my head pain, the nurses always asked if I had tried taking two extra-strength Tylenol AND two extra-strength Advil together. They said this is the best combination for fighting pain that they've seen. In my case I had usually done that and it hadn't worked, which was the reason for the ER visit - but it might be worth a try.

NUD - good luck with the workage.

kathy a. said...

flooded lingerie, fruit flies, and bunny chow, oh my! i suggest we all repair to NUD's MIL's cottage for a few restful days on the porch. she won't mind, will she?

tomorrow is daughter's last day of her summer class at BigLocalU. she should be leaving right now, but she just ducked into the bathroom, and will want to eat something before she goes. my no-nag plan has degenerated into ritual nagging about getting out the door on time, and i am so ready for this class to be over. nobody should have trouble getting up in time for a 2 p.m. class, should they?

Sue said...

kathy a. - I would tend to agree re: the 2:00 pm class, but then, I'm 50. My 25 year old son has made it very clear that it's not good to phone him before 3:00 pm during his summer vacay time.

3:00 pm!!!

Madeleine said...

I miss the days when I slept until 9:30 am every Saturday and Sunday. Sigh. Weep.

liz said...

Anti-whine: good things are happening. I am less grumpy.

amy said...

My husband and I are caught in a cycle of irritation -- we are chronically ticked off at each other, and never over the same thing or at the same time. So, right when I think I'm over something, his irritation is rising and he vents to me about it. Then he starts to feel better, but I feel b!tchy. We are not typical "fighters", but I feel like if we just had a big fight, we'd feel better afterward. Kind of like when you know you need to throw up. You don't want to, but you know there will be relief once it's done.


kathy a. said...

keep whining! awards later.

Sue said...


esperanza said...

(amy) sounds like the morning sickness of fighting (to continue the throw-up analogy). And almost as yucky. I hope you can get the air clear from all directions soon.

Madeleine said...

For the morning sickness of marital discord, I recommend fudge.

(Any other Mad About You fans out there? They started rerunning it on some channel we get and My Love and I are both riveted. The hair looks so dated, but the emotions are still true.)