Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Oh good lord, is it ANOTHER year, already?

Correct me if I'm mistaken, but didn't we just last night finally get rid of that old one that was still hanging around?

Ah, well. I guess it's better than the alternative.

Me, whines: the cold that won't go away, itching in the nether regions (yeah, yeah, like you don't come to the whine for the TMI factor), a daughter who's heading into the home stretch of her third year, and a dog that barks at 5:20 whether or not the spousal alarm is set for that hour.

Me, antiwhines: a new computer! a new computer! a new computer! a new computer! a new computer! (Yes, that was five antiwhines off of one object. I really like this machine.) And tomorrow the spouse and child return to their respective schools while I am still sorta-kinda on vacation. Yeah, baby.

You? Your turn.

Whine away, pixies! The comment fields are yours.


KLee said...

Woo-hoo! First!

KLee said...

No real whines here, except that yet another section of the family is here in HumidityLikeABrickWall, visiting for the holidays.

My husband, who is not the most social of people, does not like all the "family togetherness." And, with some of our family members, I heartily concur.

What's new by you, pixies?

kathy a. said...

all anti-whines here! the antiwhine of joy: we got to see daughter and her marching band performing at a bowl game, and they were great! even though only 1/3 of them could attend!

and the antiwhine of great relief: the enormous albatross brief is done! written, edited, and sent to a brave soul who will put all the pieces together, hidden computer code be damned.

happy new year to all the pixies!

kathy a. said...

sheila, waving a magic wand in the general direction of the nethers, 'cause that's no fun. doing a "bye, now!" spell for your relatives, too, klee.

liz said...

Whine: back to work tomorrow am, necessitating a 5:20 wake up.

Anti-whine: Getting PAID!!!

Big Anti-whine: Cheese-cake Brownies!!! WOOT!

kathy a. said...

* by "general direction" i mean, of course, easterly. all you right-coasters can consider yourselves protected. dang, i need some sleep.

margalit said...

Migraine, more migraine, and still more migraine. Joins the cough from hell, the phlegm factory known as my 'lungs' and the prodigious amount of green snot stuck in the nether regions of my nostril cavity. I hab a coud.

Antiwhine: SCHOOL tomorrow. Thank God. Made it through the entire holiday without crisis. D

Whine: Dishes have been sitting in sick for days waiting for my son do wash his. I did them last, daughter refuses to wash his dishes, and so they sit.

Whine: We have fruit flies. Every box of clementines we bring into the house has fruit flies. Even from Russos and Whole Paycheck.

Whine: revenue from Blogher ads way way down the past two months despite the fact that my hit count has risen. What the Fireplace?

Antiwhine: Did I mention SCHOOL is starting tomorrow morning?

Whine: Snow, weather cold, gray skies. Blech!

trillwing said...

Whines: Back to the office today, to put finishing details on a big, daylong event for Friday.

And I still have this nasty hacking cough left over from before Christmas. It will, I imagine, please my coworkers to no end.

Antiwhine: I actually like my job. I'll just miss vacation. :)

Sue said...

Ugh. Early votes for margalit. Votes also for hacking coughs and relatives who need to leave, like soon.

Whine: Back in mid-December I had to wean off of one anti-depressant and start another. The detox was the Worst, even with a slow weaning.

Well, it turns out that said anti-depressant is often used to treat menopause symptoms. When I no longer had the drug in my system, you got it - hot flashes. Plus my regularly scheduled torture by headache pain. Delightful.

So, doc suggested a short trial of HRT, just in case the headaches are hormonally triggered. They aren't. Two weeks of HRT and the head pain is as bad as ever. And I still wake up at least twice every night sweating.


Whine 2 (the Sequel): Petty church conflicts. Our organist retired and just could not leave without giving us a good kicking first. She's a sad nasty woman. I'll be very happy when she flies off to Florida for the winter.

Anti-whine: I have a referral to a headache clinic. That only took 2 years, 3 months. *heavy sigh*

That Mommy said...

Migraines and headaches pretty much take the cake in my book. I feel your pain.

We killed the element in the oven the day after the warranty expired. Much exasperation and hilariousity(is that even a word?) shall ensue as Spouse attempts to change it today, while ignoring all helpfully googled suggestions.

In the anti-whine category, school and therapy start again in 5 days! And I am subtly doing some online shopping for a new oven that will match my colour scheme.

Lisa V said...

Whine: Santa brought Mason the coolest robot. Apparently it was THE toy to have a couple of years ago, but we'd never heard of it.

Well, after everyone in the family delighted playing with it (how can you not love something that reenacts scenes from Citizen Kane?)it broke. The robot itself is fine, but the remote that makes it do all the cool stunts is dead. We've done all the common sense things.

The receipt is gone - we opened it and it was fine so it was tossed in holiday trash. So we are figuring out the next move. So far we don't seem to be able to buy a replacement remote.

Anti-whine:Even though there are bigger things going on (Bert is still unemployed, my former BIL is still a son of a bitch) a robot is all I feel I really have to whine about. I feel lucky.

Uccellina said...

anti-whine: 27 weeks pregnant with Ze Twinz and still goin' strong.

Stacked against the above, all whines are minor - whinelets, really:

1) crotchal pain from Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction makes it hard to walk, sit, sleep (yegodsiamsotired), or otherwise function in the world.

2) entering last month of full-time work for a while, and Husband is still unemployed. I'm not quite sure how we're supposed to make rent while I'm on maternity leave, but I guess we'll figure it out.

3) On top of trying to get all my regular work done, I am responsible for advertising for, interviewing, and hiring my maternity-leave coverage. Oh, and a file clerk, too, because our old one quit a couple of months ago and the filing is stacking up something awful.

That's all I got! Well, that and a slight cold. I'd hug you all, but I don't want to get you sick.

kathy a. said...

hugs to the margalit for ze head pain, and sue for hot flashes rounding out the headache/withdrawal extravaganza.

yay, uccellina! don't lose any sleep over hiring your temp replacement; they will just have to learn to cope. seriously, do they think this is a good time to *add* responsibilities?

esperanza said...

Hello, all. I've been absent for a while, but I've been saving whines, most notably a simultaneous puking and breast-pumping moment that is surely good for some sort of award. But that was a month ago, and is eclipsed entirely by the fact that the sweet baboo is home as of two Wednesdays ago! Teeny tiny whines of sleep deprivation and complicated baby equipment of oxygen and monitor, but she's home!

Uccellina--keep ze twins in there where they belong for a while longer.

And I'll add some votes to the headache sufferers category

kathy a. said...

woo hoo! doing the happy dance for esparanza and the sweet baboo!!

[also, esparanza is clearly sweeping the field in the fluids category.]

KLee said...

I work with some great people, and then I work with some petty, crummy-ass people.

We went back to school today, and there was a welcome back breakfast. I took my daughter with me to work, since the kids don't come back until tomorrow. Took Offspring along to the breakfast. No one has ever had a problem with that before. Apparently, they did today. Administration got a "couple of complaints" that she attended, the supposed main reason being that they "couldn't talk freely in front of her." It's total bullshit, since they do whatever the hell they want any damn way. We sat in the corner, she bothered no one. It was FREEZING outside, and she didn't want to walk completely across campus in the cold. I don't blame her! And, it's not like she was taking food out of someone else's mouth -- there was enough there to feed an entire army. It seriously pisses me off that people can be so petty.

Jenny F. Scientist said...

Hugs to esperanza and margalit and everyone else.

Whine: I just spent 6 days with the nutter relatives.

Antiwhine: It could have been worse.

Julia said...

Whine: no cards for the new insurance yet. Hence, no beta today.

Whine: Hence, high anxiety, ongoing.

Antiwhine: we are home.

Whine: unpacking, laundry, and general clean-up to follow. But I am too anxious (see above) to be able to concentrate on getting anything done.

amy said...

While I am sure I have antiwhines in me somewhar, I'm just not feeling them. I suppose my antiwhine is that I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.

For 5 weeks now, I've been living the hypothyroid blues. Two days before Turkey Day, I called my doc (fairly new) because my pharmacy said my prescription for thyroid drugs had run out. (It should have been good until June.) Who cares? I thought. At least I'm getting the call in before the long holiday weekend.

Yeah. Except the nurse called in a dosage lower than what I've been on for three years. I was furious, but because I have, a couple of years ago, tested right on the border, I thought I'd give the nurse the benefit of the doubt and take the lower dose.

Bad choice.

For five weeks now, I've been a spiral of low thyroid symptoms: tired all the time; nails and hair barely growing; nails separating from the nail beds; tired, tired, tired; constipated; skin so dry it puckers or cracks or both; unreasonable weight gain; and, oh joy of joys, the depression. Oh wait! Lest I forget! No ovulation, no period. My whole body has stopped.

I know, I know. I should have called sooner than today. But I did. And the office was NEVER open. The doc, who is usually only open four days a week, is selling her practice to take a teaching position and gave her people a bunch of holiday hours, I guess. Every time I called I got the answering machine telling me they'd "open again at 9 a.m. on the next business day," but it never said when that'd be.

I think the worst parts of this situation are that I've now got a completely fireplaced menstrual cycle when we're trying to get pregnant, I'm so depressed that I can't envision what it's like to be any emotion but sad or mad anymore, and I'm so depressed that it's affecting my overall disposition. The tot (3.5 yo) has learned how to draw faces, and the only expression she draws me with is some variation of mad/sad. "Look, mommy is sad on this page." It's breaking my heart.

Fantastic. I'm crying now. I'm going to go get some cocoa. Or beer.

Uccellina said...

Oh, hugs to Amy. That sucks.

Sara said...

Well, my sick uncle is hanging in there. If he were a cat, he would have exhausted all nine lives a decade ago.

Whine: 11 days off work and it wasn't enough. Wasnt' ready to go back, wasn't ready to face the Uncomfortable Work Situation. Really not ready to find out that several of my theories as to what happened were, in fact, true - and I can't share that with anyone else at work. And what it means is difficult times ahead for our program, financially. Because a Think Tank has picked our brains, participated in planning meetings, raided our personnel roster, and is now going to try to get our two major grants when they're recompeted next year. Yeah, grants do need to be recompeted. I totally agree. But y'know what, Government? They can't pay people as much as they do and be more fiscally responsible with the Taxpayers Money. Trust me on that one.

Sue said...

(((Amy))) That sucks.

And KLee - your co-workers need a clue stick. A big one. Sheesh.

Whine: Don't you hate it when everyone you see just feels compelled to tell you how awful you look? A complete stranger at the grocery store (the cashier, but still...) said to me this afternoon, "You look tired today."

Ya. Thanks for that. I had no idea I felt like a bag of wet sand until you told me.

liz said...


Elizabeth said...


And huge congrats to esperanza and her little one.

I've got a good old school whine: My contacts are constantly clouding over. I must have washed them 4 times today in an attempt to see my monitor. Not to mention the road when I was driving.

amy said...

I realize it's Thursday now, but I thought I should come back and express my gratitude for all the love here yesterday. I'm feeling a bit better today, perhaps because the sun is out? Who knows.

Saw my doc today. The dosage they called in was correct (or the chart was doctored - doubtful). The change in dosage is a mistake perpetrated by the pharmacy. Would the doc please call and correct it? No, she wouldn't. She required me to give blood and I have to wait until Monday afternoon to find out if I get to have the good dosage again.

So, yay. I think.

Much love to all. Thanks again.

Snowy said...

People should read this.