Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Better Late Than Never Edition

Pixies -- where has the time gone? It seems to dribble through my hands like sand these days. My beloved Offspring, the fruit of my loins, turns 12 today. I was so caught up in her birthday (and the fact that I'm now older than them thar hills) that I am running late on posting the whine.

I'm fired, I know. But, better late than never.

So -- what's grinding your gears this week? Who in your life should have an unhappy meeting with the cluestick brigade? Who wants cheese to go with their whine? Fire when ready!


kathy a. said...

happy birthday to your baby, klee! my youngest turned 19 yesterday. so scoot over, we can be ancient together.

whine: daughter went back to college on saturday. she cried before she left. she cried that night. i think she has trouble with transitions.

antiwhine: she feels better now; and people on her dorm hall took her to dinner for her birthday!

whine: ants.
antiwhine: cat olympics. very amusing!

Madeleine said...

Hey, it must be pixie-birthday week! Happy birthday to all the great big babies!

Mine is tomorrow. I'm not old, I'm just, you know, not young. And I'm pretty much OK with that.

So, Anti-whine: Birthday

Whine: Terrible time of year for birthday. Spouse in worst part of teaching schedule. Vacation over, tons of work to do that I'm avoiding.

Anti-whine: Surprise Christmas gift in the mail yesterday with cute faux-shearling jacket for Snuggly Girl. Something I'd never have picked out, but really adorable on her. Perfect for the January thaw . . .

Whine: Which ended, as predicted, this morning. So she won't get a chance to wear the jacket for a while.

(Old Skool, that. Cute clothes that can't be worn right away, a true tragedy.)

Also, Whine: Snuggly Girl had her eyes checked yesterday. As it seemed, they are worse than mine. She had better than 20/20 a couple of years ago.

Anti-whine: the opthamologist says it is "an optical problem, not a visual problem" by which I think he means "sure, she needs glasses, but nothing weird is going on."

swissmiss said...

Whine: colic. Really, what more is there to say?

And the Boychen would like to whine about Tummy Time.

Anonymous said...

Madeleine-- I had an opthamologist say that about my eyes too once- I was a bit confused because I'm quite blind (something like -6.5 in both eyes is my prescription) but I have really great "vision." Since I was all weirded out from the dialation etc. I didn't follow up for an explanation. Clearly there's some distinction between optics and vision that I don't understand at all! :)

Whine: I have moving patches of hurty skin. This is hard to explain. But for the last several days I have had a small area - about 2-3 square inches - of skin that is sensitive, prickly, a little bit hurty. For a day it was on the inner side of my arm, then yesterday it was on my calf, up near my knee. It's not intensely painful, just kind of annoying.

Madeleine said...

Can I play peek-a-boo with the Boychen? Maybe that would make tummy time more fun.

Turtlebella, do you live somewhere with dry cold air? Sounds kinda like random skin irritation. Maybe slathering it with lotion repeatedly will help?

Diane said...

I once had this weird thing where it felt like someone was pouring warm water down my leg. Really - the first few times it happened I nearly jumped out of my seat. It turns out it was slight nerve damage and it would just heal it self. Okay, that's not really like random patches of hurting skin but I figured I would share anyway.
oh, and by the way - I'm pregnant!

margalit said...

Like the sands through an hourglass, these are the days of my life this week:

I completely and totally lost my shizzle yesterday at one of my daughter's SpED teachers, screaming at him for at least 15 minutes without him getting a word in edgewise, then pulled her out of his class. Ahem. Can you say "rude bitch who has had it up to here and more?" Yeah.

But that's not all. I also bitched at the head of special ed, the guidance counselor, and the principal's assistant. Because I'm awesome and apparently insane. Not that the jackass didn't deserve this dressing down, because he did, in spades. And I had already told him several times to straighten up, I had complained to all of the above about him right before Christmas, but he didn't take me seriously. I bet he does now. Ahem!

Son continues to improve and will be having a transition meeting next week to get him back to school. While I'm happy, I don't know how this is going to work.

I have the disease trifecta; sinus infection, bronchitis, and thrush. I'm on medication but I still feel like crapola.

We were down to ONE fork left before I got el-slobbo, aka my son, to dredge the pit called his room, to bring down dishes, glasses and silverware. Miraculously, we now have things to eat off of again. Now all I have to do is hire a tip to toss out all the garbage in his room. Teenagers are SO MUCH FUN!

In the amazingly lucky news section, while sadly my BFF's mother died this week (shiva tonight, tomorrow and sat) very unexpectedly (see blog post for more info) 3 days after her dad had bypass surgery, I made a deal with her dad to come down to DC for a few days next month to cook and help him out in exchange for the mom's car...for free! So, I'm getting a trip to da distric, and an old, but FREE (old) toyota tercel with working AC. Wahoo!

Weather is amazing. Cat is not taking weather well and is peeing in house...again. Males. Can't live with them, can't kill them.

Happy b'day to all, hope the hurty skin heals up fast, and colic? UGH.

Madeleine said...

Diane, I'll assume that's an anti-whine and say CONGRATS!

Margalit, I hope your various medications for the trifecta kick in soon. Ick. But good news on the car, along with condolences to your BFF and her dad.

Sue said...

Congrats Diane!!!

Anti-whine: Eldest son visiting from big city out west! It's so good to have him home again.

Whine: Finally saw the neurologist today for my chronic headaches (after a 9 month wait). Very discouraging. He prescribed topamax and then explained that it might make me forgetful and "fuzzy headed" - not so good in my line of work. Crap.

His most encouraging bit of news: "Sometimes these things just resolve themselves over time"

thanks. Fireplace. But thanks.

Diane said...

Sue - exactly what line of work would forgetful be a plus? I know there are funnier people out there than I am so, suggestions please?

and thanks!

Uccellina said...

Crotchal Pain Of Doom won't let me sleep. Waaaaaaaaaaah, I'm tired.

kathy a. said...

happy birthday, madeleine!

hugs to swissmiss, turtlebella, margalit, sue, and uccellina. xoxox

congrats to diane!

Gary Oxford said...

Even though I'm wincing in sympathy over here, I think "Crotchal Pain of Doom" is a worthy candidate for an Elevated Risk of Mullet award. Plus it would be a great Spinal Tap album title.

Happy Birthday to Offspring!

Miranda said...

I have many, many, many worthy whines this week;however, I shall not be sharing. Please pass the brie.

Anti-whine: My last semester at DU is going to very, very, very lovely. I love my classes and I love my professors.

That Mommy said...

Congratulations Diane!

Ongoing whines of cancer sucks, aging sucks, the weather sucks, the education system sucks, my kid says 'this sucks' far too often, and please God let my water heater be repaired or replaced in the immediate future.

liz said...

Hooray Diane!!!

Second votes to Uccellina for ERM.

Whine: MM is grounded from Webkinz tomorrow due to Kangaroo Syndrome (can't stop hopping out of bed).

He thinks I'm too harsh.

But now I'VE got to log on to that fireplacing site to feed the panda tomorrow.

How did I get talked into THAT?

amy said...

Uccellina for the ERM.

Today, I bring the bodily fluids.

This is a pointless whine, petty and small.

My daughter (3.5) has reached a milestone no one else in the world is excited for but me. She has learned to successfully pick her nose.

While this seems like something a mother would not want to share or celebrate, I am so happy for her (anti-whine) because now she can get the allergy-induced, hard, crusty bogies out of her nose on her own. She is more comfortable and she b!tches less about her nose hurting.

No one shares my joy here, though, so I share it with all you all. ;)

Congrats to Diane!

and by way of an update on my comment last week: my thyroid levels came back "within normal ranges" but the nurse wouldn't tell me the numbers. I effectively hung up on her. I'm going to find an endocrinologist now because something is definitely not right.

Much love to the pixies, especially those with teh pains.

Madeleine said...

Liz: Kangaroo Syndrome. Yes. I needed a name for that problem.

Also, if he puts his panda in bed before he logs out, you won't need to go in every day and feed it. Webkinz can survive weeks without feeding, as long as they are asleep. I guess they must hibernate. Though pandas aren't really bears, as we all know.

However, if he gets into the competitive world of Daily Care he might start asking you to go do that every time he loses privileges. BTDT.

kathy a. said...

i nominate amy for the "you can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose" award. passing a nice glass of what you like for the milestone.

uccellina is the runaway frontrunner for the mullet award!

hugs to that mommy and miranda, and another glass of whatever.

cluestick to amy's doc, and to that mommy's water heater.

passing the brie and some nice fresh sourdough.

debangel said...

Diane- congratulations!! As to your question,I don't know about forgetfulness, but being fuzzy-headed might work if you worked as a "before" hair model?!

Uccellina, owie! Too bad the Mullet award doesn't come in Boppy form. I know everyone must be telling you this, but REST. Even if you can't sleep, rest still helps.

Whine: poor Seph (29 mos) has her first ear infection! It's mild so that's not the entire whine. What's worse is, she didn't want to eat hardly anything today, so three minutes after her nightly dose of amoxicillin, while in my arms about to go into the crib, she blew CHUNKS all over me. Another first, yippy skippy! Also, I fear I may have contracted Ebola from the pediatrician's office "sick child" waiting area. I don't suppose there's a "Most Likely to Liquefy" award??

I'll take a wedge of that Brie and pass some homemade strawberry jam to spread on it (trust me, it's gooood!).