Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wednesday Whining: Muffin Man is gonna be six edition

How did this happen???? Just yesterday he was a wee tiny baby and now, oh heck! He's up to my neck! (actually, oh darn it! He's above my armpit!)

And did you know that an adult tooth can grow in behind a baby tooth? And does anyone have any ideas on how to floss that bad boy?

How's by you? Any tales of woe?


KLee said...

Argh. Started exercising with the girls at work today. Not a stellar performance from me -- I was sucking wind about a half-mile into the 2 mile workout tape.

The sadistic woman on the workout tape kept asking "Doesn't that feel good?" Hell, no. It felt nothing remotely like good.

I suppose I have to suck it up and just do the blasted tape, though.

Happy Birthday wishes to Muffin Man! :)

kathy a. said...

happy birthday, muffin man! oh, yeah -- we did the tooth behind the tooth. good luck on flossing.

antiwhine: i went to visit my sweet little baby at college last weekend! it was really fun, even though my sister couldn't come along due to migraine. daughter and i hung out, ran errands, saw a movie [Juno], visited fabric and craft stores. she stayed over at the hotel with me, enjoying the cable TV and luxury of non-dorm living. we ate well, talked a lot. and it snowed!

don't have much in the way of whines. best to klee, who is doing what i should be doing!

turtlebella said...

whine: it's too wiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddyyyyyyyy

And because the temp outside is already -11 degrees (F) this means there's a reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaallllllyyyyy bad windchill.

Remind me, why exactly did I *choose* - freely! - to move to Minnesota?

And further, it was supposed to snow today, making the extreme dastardly temperature worthwhile in my opinion, but nothing. Nothing!

bah humbug

kathy a. said...

oh, turtlebella! sending toasty everything, virtually.

we had a friend to thanksgiving, someone who had worked in alaska for years. he was recently visited by an eager young man applying to law schools in the lower 48, the son of someone he had worked with long ago. the lad chose minnesota over berkeley, "because of the weather."

margalit said...

turtabella, buy stock in polar fleece. Lots of stock. It's been on cold windy winter.

Went to my daughter's intake mtg on Friday. She barfed in elevator 3 times, on either side of door, and in bushes. Then we went home and she continued to barf non stop for 2 days.

Weekend filled with grounded kids, sick kid, sick mom. Depressing.

Monday went to cardio rehab and when they were doing my vitals the nurse diagnosed pneumonia. I'm waiting on my PCP who is a resident and unreliable, so I can get mets. I am barely breathing.

Missed tonight's Junior Parents night because I was just too sick to go.

Took son to his shrink today who FINALLY, after 2 years of my begging, decided to look at son's eating as a disorder. THANK GOD. Kid at $250 of food in less than 3 days, leaving nothing for sister or me. He just plowed through it like the very hungry catapillar. So we're doing tests to rule out physical stuff and then we're going to start dealing with his emotional eating binges. FUN!

My breath is so disgusting that I feel like the paragraph in Lucky Jim when he describes his mouth as being a temporary home for drunk soldiers. And oh, coughing up blood. Just call me consumptive.

Andy said...

So, for about the past week, I've been having some serious digestive issues, with the end result being that I've barely eaten for a week and anything I did manage to eat I couldn't keep in my system for more than half an hour, as it made a quick and unpleasant exit through whichever means I didn't take medication to stop.

Well, today, I had to weigh a client, and just for kicks, weighed myself, and found that I've dropped from my normal, crazy-skinny weight of 175 to a most definitely unhealthy 163 in one week. Bear in mind that I'm somewhere in the vicinity of 6'4".

On the plus side, all I have to do is look in the mirror for a quick visual confirmation that my heart is still beating.

Madeleine said...

Plenty of bodily fluids this week! My heart goes out to Margalit, Margalit's daughter, and Andy. May intestinal and lung health arrive swiftly.

We've got the roaring winds and plummeting temperatures at my place, too.

Madeleine said...

Happy, happy birthday to Muffin Man. Six is the year of massive teeth reconfiguration.

If you can, try to get the baby tooth in front of the adult tooth out, pronto, so the adult tooth can move forward. If it isn't wiggly, the adult tooth may have missed the root on the way down, and you may want professional assistance. Gulp.

JenR said...

Another Wednesday, still no baby. But today, with my husband driving all over the city for meetings until late and the windchill apparently hovering around -40 F, I think I can handle this baby staying inside for one more day.

I hope all the sick pixies and pixie-kids get better fast!

ccw said...

Happy Birthday, MM!

liz said...

MM thanks you all and the baby tooth came out this morning!

Still, MM has asked me to post the following whine:

My mommy's so meeeeeean. She said I couldn't plaaaaay on the compuuuuuter until I got dressed and then when I took too long getting dressed she said I couldn't plaaaaaay on the compuuuuuter at aaaaaalllll because we had no time. It's not FAIR!!!

Mean old Mommy. I'm not going to be your friend anymore.

Madeleine said...

Hooray for the baby tooth!

Life isn't faaaaaaaiiiir at our house either. Snuggly Girl has progressed from whining to snarling and growling. When I give her a consequence for it, she gets all devastated. Sigh. Yesterday I actually said "No, I don't think you *are* sorry." Mean mommy.

Sue said...

Happy Birthday to MM!

Warmth and hugs to all the freezing people. That would include all of us here up North.

Temp outside right now with the windchill is -43 C.


Road closed east of us due to blizzard/blowing conditions.

Whine: I made a pastoral call yesterday morning to someone who seemed a bit low on Sunday. She ripped about four layers of skin off of me about a stooopid wall hanging that was recently removed from the sanctuary (by Board approval - and it happened while I was freakin' holidays - had NOTHING to do with me).

She bitched me out and verbally abused me until she decided to hang up on me. Bitch.

They definitely do not pay me enough money to put up with this shit.

Today?? I hate my job. Everything about it. I can't get excited about any of it. Not just because of her, but because I feel like I've been told one thing "We want to move forward" but the first change that happened resulted in a complete freak out all over the minister.

What the fireplace am I doing here?

K said...

schools are closed today because of the cold weather. (-35F windchill)

there is ice on the inside of our windows.

I'm cold.

Do I happen to live in the only part of the world where global climate change is making things COLDER?

Turtlebella, I'm one state over to the right. When it is perfectly beautiful in June, we can gloat about our great weather. For now, I'll join you in whining. We keep reminding ourselves that our lovely city would have 2 million people in it if it weren't for days like today.

whine, whine, whine.

liz said...

((Margalit)), ((Sue))

{{{shiver}}} for all the folks with cooooooooooold temps.
I'm sending you all virtual knitted woolen long johns.

kathy a. said...

sending healthiness vibes and gallons of warm beverages to the afflicted and the shivering.

wow, sue. just what you need: a weapons-grade church lady.

esperanza said...

So. Tired. Baby likes to play all night. It's a good thing she's cute. Minor baby whine is that she's still on oxygen. Still needs it, but it's a pain in the butt.

An "amen" for Sue this week, as well as a vote for the headache that I'm pretty sure she has but didn't mention.

And a gloat for the rest of you. 80 degrees here yesterday, walked to mailbox in bare feet. You can rub this in my face around July.

And, did I mention...nipples are no longer sore, because the baboo and I decided to throw in the towel on the breastfeeding. It's back to bonding with my friend the breastpump and back to her best friend the bottle. Ah, well. Frustration was heavily outweighing any emotional benefits either one of us were receiving. Four weeks was long enough to be, persistent.

So. Tired. Still.

ccw said...

Ouch, Sue! I am so sorry that you are having to deal with such things.

Yankee, Transferred said...

Sung to the tune of The Beatles' "Hard Day's Night":

It's been a hard tooth cracked, and I've be grinding like a dog
It's been a hard tooth cracked,
While I've been sleeping like a log,
But when the dentist sees me
He'll fix it up 1-2-3
And mak me feel alright.

You know I clench all day,
Because of stress I can't ignore
But it's worth it just to hear him say,
He'll just crown it, and no more
So why on earth should I moan,
'cause I won't have to take a loan,
you know I feel ok

When I floss, everything seems to be right,
When I floss, just before bed every night, night.

It's been a hard tooth cracked,
and I've been grinding like a dog,
It's been a hard tooth cracked,
While I've been sleeping like a log,
But when the dentist sees me,
He'll fix it up 1-2-3,
You know I feel alright,
You know I feel alright.

Yankee, Transferred said...

(sorry about the typo-that should be "make" not "mak")

Sue said...

Yankee - I had a cracked filling repaired yesterday, right after I got verbally pummelled by my bitchy parishioner. Lovely.

And yes, teh Headache, she's gruesome.

Rev Dr Mom said...

The Kid's front teeth came in while his baby teeth were still there--the dentist had to pull the baby teeth.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Style points to YT. And hugs to the sick pixies, especially when the kids are sick too and you can't slow down enough to recover.

It is so so cold today. And school was canceled. And the day with the two children, with no plans and little ambition on my part, it reminded me why I am not taking them to Chicago for three days while my husband is at a conference. I am simply not interesting enough to keep them both engaged and non-whiny all day for three days.

And as an anti-whine, wise financial decision or not, we're going on a short trip to my favorite city this spring. The air fare sale is awesome...I hope I don't regret even spending that reduced amount of money.

kabbage said...

this is more rant than whine.

Yesterday morning I took my dogs for a walk and got home about 7:45a.m. I left the dogs on leash as I proceeded across my grass toward the house because the 13.75yo is pretty deaf and never was smart about cars anyway. This car pulls over to the side of the road, and the woman inside asks me something inaudible. I went over to see what she was asking and had to have her repeat it two more times. "Did you ever wonder how people feel about you walking your dogs across their yard?" Excuse me? Unfortunately I was too stunned to rip her a new one then and there about the stupidity of people who make bad ASSumptions and then share them with total strangers. I did point out that 1) it's MY yard I'm walking across, and 2) I'm carrying a used poop bag so I'm probably not one of the evil dog owners anyway.

turtlebella said...

Yes!! Layers and layers of wind-keep-out polar fleece for everyone who is cold where the windchill is crazy low. I don't think they canceled school here - although since I don't have kidlets I wouldn't really know - but I do remember one time when I was a kid (the first time I lived in MN, that time NOT by choice) that they canceled school because the windchill was -70! What did my brother and I do? We went outside to play. Go figure.

Heavy clue stick to perfect strangers who are rude for no good reason. Sorry about that woman, Kabbage.

kathy a. said...

YT for style. and kabbage has an absolutely CLASSIC buttinsky tale!

amy said...

as a fellow (former) pumper, i just want to hug you. and i want to tell you that you are one stubborn lady - i gave up trying to get my preemie tot to breastfeed much sooner. you are amazing.

and i hope you get some decent sleep soon. also? that she stops this midnight insanity. that's just crazy and mean.

liz said...

Pumpers of the world, UNITE!!! Esperanza, I'm sending you big hugs and, if you don't already have one, go get the Medela bra and hands-free kit. It seriously saved my sanity during my nine months of pumping for MM.

esperanza said...

Are yall serious? There's a hands free kit? For real? I can't even picture it in my mind. You've made my Wednesday.

Thanks for the love. And, Amy, I prefer to think of it as "persistent." Detractors might call it stubborn. Apparently baboo has this streak as well, stronger than mine, because she clearly won this one.

amy said...

Any time, Esperanza. I also pumped for, I don't know, a billion months or something. I didn't learn about the handsfree bra until after I had quit. Would have made my life easier, I think, or more fashionable. Have you seen the pictures of that thing? :D

Here's my whine:
I hate potty training. I am tired of "accidents." I am tired of cleaning up poop. From the underpants. Someone else's poop from underpants. Two poops today, and that had better be the last of it because I am putting her to bed. Right. Now.

We started potty awareness/potty training almost two years ago. WTF? Will this ever end? And don't say "You never see kindergartners in Pull Ups" because that will totally be me. I'll give up and just go back to Pull Ups, and I'll try to send her to school in them, but the school won't let her in so I'll have to find a real out-there charter school that asks the kids how they think their poop feels when it's being flushed. And then she'll grow up kind of not really fitting in with the neighbor kids, and that will really be awkward for me when I go garage saling in my subdivision. And we CANNOT have that.

Stoopid potty training.

Redzils said...

I cant whine - no energy, but I am reading and thinking of you all.

Miranda said...

I am printing this journal article out right now. The alert says my ink is low. I forgot to use the "draft quality feature" and my printer prints the last page first.

How much you want to bet that I won't be able to read the abstract yet the references will all be beautiful?

(I know this is very Old Skewl of me. It's all I have time for this week after surviving the plagues of strep, pinkeye, and the flu last week.)

OneTiredEma said...

Antiwhine: AM's gotten into a university speech clinic! That's only 10 minutes away! So what that his slot is during prime napping hours!

Of course he is hating it so far--because he has his own damn ideas about what to play with and those lip and mouth exercises? No thanks.

Whine: Preschool teachers are after us to have Miss M "evaluated" for what I think is some pretty ordinary 3.5 yo behavior. Of course, it wouldn't be very nice to say "Maybe the reason she's so antsy is because she's bored with your curriculum," now would it?

liz said...

Esperanza: you need one of these and one of these kits.

That Mommy said...

Too tired to whine. I know that the media says last week was the most depressing of the year, but I un-respectfully disagree.

I want some warmer weather, a solid night's sleep and no. more. seizures. and also potty training, like Amy.

All minor whines. Major hugs to all the pixies this week.

debangel said...

Esperanza, I totally feel your pain, my Medela was my "breast" friend when my DD was born, because the BFing, it was not happening. Ginormous breasts + flat nipples + shields that wouldn't stay on + tiny screaming hungry infant= white flag of surrender. I didn't have a hands-free kit, but what I did have was the Calvin and Hobbes complete collection. That sounds unrelated, except that the volumes were SO heavy, they stayed open by themselves, which was good since my hands were holding the pump thingies on. I still had to turn the pages with my tongue, though.

Whine: My yearly bout with bronchitis has sidelined me for a week with my running. Which is for lung cancer research, which is in honor of my mom, who died with a cough remarkably similar to mine. So am v. squicked out. Spent last Saturday evening at Urgent Care and now have codeine to help me sleep. However, now having odd dreams about All My Children. Except, I watch Days of Our Lives. Weird.

And I miss my dog =( My Italian greyhound, Raffles, who was supposed to die peacefully of his hemangiosarcoma in his sleep, had a blood clot go to his spine instead and we had to put him down on Thursday. He was in horrible pain. And now Seph (2.5 DD) won't stop asking for her "Wafoos". And the rescues either don't want to adopt to families with kids under 10, or they have a huge waiting list/want to inspect your home and do followups/charge a rehoming fee of $300-dollars. I get why they want their rescues in a great home, I am just private about where I live and I don't want to give anyone the right to just walk in and take my dog back. Is that strange?

Squooshy hugs to all the pixies this week...hey Margalit, you want to take a hit off my inhaler??

debangel said...

aack! One more whine...I forgot to wish the Muffin Man a happy birthday! Extra squooshings to him, K, Liz?

liz said...

Extra squooshings to you, too, Debangel.