Thursday, January 24, 2008


In case you were wondering, the reason the media has declared this the most depressing week of the year is that the weather is dreary, holiday credit card bills are due, and we’ve abandoned the optimism of our New Year’s resolutions.

But the pixies have come up with much better reasons! We’ve got worries of all kinds this week.

kathy a. has “flu. barf. clean-up.” Urgh. Thanks for sharing, with us and the cats.

Sue, we’re thinking of you today and hoping your time in the MRI tube yields actionable cause for your fireplacing headache.

Sending “get the baby out of my uterus” vibes to JenR and “get the teenager out of my bed” vibes to Margalit.

Cluesticks for crabby kids (including mine) and endless patience for the caring adults in their lives . . . us! Valium in the meantime, and some “sleepy baby” dust for That Mommy’s Kid2.

We welcome esperanza to the world of juggling work and family. Here are your crazy juggler’s hat and some flaming swords.

Miranda, we’d be happy to talk you out of starting a Ph.D. program, or into it. You know, whichever. We’ll stay tuned for updates.

I can’t help laughing about Redzils' landladies who imagine pestilence in every corner of the kitchen. I’m sorry, Redzils. I hope whining about it is helping you laugh, too! It should be harder for them to conjure invisible vermin if you are there to say, “No, that’s just poppy seeds on the counter.”

A virtual copy of Micro$oft Project is on the way to Sarah because her renovation plans require a flowchart. Eeeep! Good luck. I’m guessing there are plenty more good whines left in this little adventure.

I am sniffling my way through my second cold since Christmas, so I am staying far, far away from Camera Obscura who definitely doesn’t need any more viral exposure just now.

Especially big hugs to Amy as you struggle to tell your daughter her pony is ill. We promise not to tease you about owning a pony in the first place if you need to whine some more next week.

And finally, last and most, hugs, chocolate, free child care, and imaginary perfect medications to Anonymous. The medication is for your husband (cures depression, no side effects, kicks in immediately) but I’ll throw in an extra dose of comfort for you, too. I think the pixies had some good suggestions. I hope you find a path through this maze.


kathy a. said...

hugs to all the pixies.

very lovely and heartfelt awards, madeleine.

purple_kangaroo said...

Hugs to all.