Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nothin' But Good Times Ahead

... or so I hope. Credit to Molly Ivins, whose book of that name currently graces the reading chair.

Meanwhile, it still appears to be January. My recent cold led to an unfortunate addiction to several seasons of a TV show that I missed because [a] I don't watch TV, and [b] I don't have cable. My hands feel like sandpaper, and are prone to cracking in a very attractive manner. A fingernail snapped off painfully. The new coffeemaker went wild and flooded the counter instead of filling the pot. My hair looks like it was styled by rodents.

On the antiwhine side, we adopted the kittens we have been fostering, as they seem to like it here but have not quite gotten around to trusting humans. They are very goofy adolescent furballs.

So, how're things at your end, Pixies? Passing the chips and dip.

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liz said...

I'm stressed and I'm not getting enough sleep and the polar ice caps are melting.

liz said...

And Oh! Did I mention that I'm not getting enough sleep because I'm stupid and stay up past midnight when I have to get up at 0530? WTF is wrong with me?

Gary Oxford said...

...I'm not getting enough sleep and the polar ice caps are melting.

You mean if you get more sleep, the polar ice caps stop melting? Dammit, your bedtime is now 8:30. Don't make me send Al Gore over there to read Goodnight, Moon.

Diane said...

That was hysterical Gary!
So funny that I forgot all my whines!

ccw said...

I love Gary!

My whines in no particular order:

- stepfather is still in ICU but doing better. Feel like an ass because I didn't attempt to rent a team of sled dogs to drag me to Cleveland to be with my mom.

- one of my cats has decided to shit every.single.morning in NSBH's room. I think I know which cat it is and have it on the short list of cats who are going half-way to work. However, if I'm wrong I'm out a good cat and stuck with a bad one.

- Girl Scouts. Ok, not the kids but one of my other leaders. I should have known that if someone as lovely and kind as KLee can't handle leading a troop that I didn't stand a chance. Does it send the wrong message to the troop if I strangle one of the leaders?

- I'm still crazy. My insurance still sucks. I have no psych. and no therapist. What I do have our applications from drug companies that don't really want to give me free medicine because I haven't chosen to apply for disability.

I feel better now. Thank you!

kathy a. said...

Gary, you slay me!

CCW, that is too.damned.much going on at once. can we fix the GS lady up with the suspect cat? nevermind, that probably wouldn't be fair to the cat.

amy said...

Amen, kathy a. Also - happy kitties to you kathy. I hope they don't take to pooping where they shouldn't. That's just rude.

Gary is right. Liz's bedtime is now 8:30 on school nights, but I think it would be fair to consider letting her stay up until 8:45 on weekends.

debangel said...

Gary, I think we need to break out the big guns and threaten to send MH over to Liz's house instead!!

:::running away before Liz catches me:::

Sue said...

I heart you Gary.

Liz I hope you get some sleep and do your part to stop the melting of teh polar ice caps. I had no idea...

Whine: Still haven't seen family doc to help me determine what to do with neuro doc's recommendation re: headache.

Neuro doc suggested topamax which will make me even more stoopid than I already am - lovely side effects like aphasia and memory loss don't work so well in my job. Also it has bonus kidney stones and eye damage.


Family doc appointment is today so we'll see what happens. Mostly what I need is pain relief.

I fireplacing hurt today. I'm at the office, but not doing much besides icing my head and crying a lot.

Fireplace. When does it stop?

kathy a. said...

oh, sue. that's awful. hope you get some good advice from the family doc, and mostly that you get some pain relief already.

esperanza said...

oh, Sue--I'm tired voting for you, you poor dear. I hope you get some reassurances or something at your appt today.

My whines: Sweet preemie baboo thinks our house is the NICU, open and awake 24/7. And, the real whine is that the transition to breastfeeding is not progressing near fast enough for Mama. And the sore nipples. Again.

But, she's home, and didn't get Daddy's cold, so we're feeling quite self-congratulatory. Not to mention obsessive on the hand-washing.

Madeleine said...

Sue, I am laying my cold, cold hands on your forehead. Gently.

Kathy A., congrats on the adorable kittens! And on figuring out how to put links in the posts. (I've done it in some of mine, but it always seems to be 50/50 whether blogger will add some nonsense code.)

CCW, ouch. All of it, just ouch. And glad we could help.

My whine is that I'm feeling just slightly ill. Not quite sick enough to take to my bed, considering the big piles of work I've been procrastinating for a week. And not quite sick enough to be sure if I'm not just psyching myself into being sick to avoid the work. But nevertheless not entirely well, either. Sigh.

I should go to bed at 8:30 with Liz, but I probably won't.

Madeleine said...

Esperanza, congrats on bringing your sweet baboo home! Use the mildest soap you can find, because this obsessive hand-washing stage is really hard on the skin.

Yankee T said...

Dr. Dog!!! You kill me!
Here's my answer to the question posed ysterday about the WW future, in song format:
My answer, in song format:

Somewhere, over the int'net,
There's a blog,
Where I can vent all my whining
And not be called a dog.

Somewheeeeeeeeeere, over the int'net,
Skies are grey,
And we can all kvetch and belly-ache,
Every single "Wensday"

Some day I'll wish upon a star
And wake up where the whines are far behind me
But til I do that, god knows when
I need a place to whine and then
Here's where you'll find me

Somewhere, over the int'net,
Whiners cry
Whiners cry over the int'net
Why then, oh why can't I?


redzils said...

Anti-whine: It turns out drugs - ya know, the good ones, prescribed by a real doctor - make this whole PhD candidacy thing much more bearable. Not good, but bearable.

Whine: My grad student insurance has no prescription coverage. And these lovely drugs would cost 44% of my grad student income, per month, if I could afford them.

The rest remains rollercoastery as usual.

I am thinking of Sue gently, and wish esperanza and Liz more sleep.

DevilMacDawg said...

Congrats to you Esperanza. Such great news.

My whine is that I have no time to whine. Sigh.

Genevieve said...

Mazel tov, Esperanza! (Oh, and when you're washing your hands that frequently, try to lotion them every.single.time you wash. It will help stop skin cracking. My lovely dermatologist prescribed this and it absolutely worked. If you get lotion with a pump, you can do it one-handed if you forget until you're holding the baby.)

Sue, I didn't take the Topamax, for the same reason. SO SO sorry to hear this is still going on so badly. Question: have you tried seeing a TMJ specialist? Neurologists and headache docs don't necessary recognize the TMJ interplay with migraines. My TMJ treatment lessened my migraines very significantly. Obviously, not all migraines have a TMJ factor, but it could be worth a try . . . especially if you notice that your jaw is tight when you have a migraine (if it hurts to yawn, or you crave soft food, for example).

Genevieve said...

Oh, and please please give a Mullet award, or some kind of award (the Spit-Take Award?) to Gary. Funniest thing I've read all day.

Liz, I'm with ya on the foolishly staying up late. Why do I still pull all-nighters? What, do I think I'm still in school?

Minor whine: we're going to Florida for the long weekend to visit a relative, but it's supposed to be rainy and chilly. Too bad, I was looking forward to the beach.

Anti-whine: beloved cousin (almost like a sister) is pregnant. YAY!!!

KLee said...

I hear you, CCW. You get my votes because I have been in the Girl Scout Hell situation. Now, I could deal with the girls quite well (the one that didn't have attitudes the size of Montana, that is) but the parents were ungrateful snots, for the most part. Wanting me to bring cases of cookies to their houses at eleven-thirty at night, and getting mad when I'm SLEEPING; only want their girls to attend because it's free babysitting, and don't believe in the tenets of the program; mad at me because I had to refuse field trips because I had no transportation for all those girls -- you want me to drive nine girls to another state all by myself?!? -- and of course, none of them wanted to volunteer.

Votes as always, to Sue for the fireplacing headaches. I'd be mental, I tell ya.

I also am still all in favor of printing up some "Corndog Groupie" t-shirts, but Dr. Dog thinks that the wife might not allow the adoring hordes of fans. Or the harem. And definitely not the wet t-shirt contest.

Anonymous said...

A Nonnie Mouse checking in here to whine that I've lost my sex drive, and don't know where to find it.

A long, long time ago (back even before Star Wars), my libido took a vacation and stayed gone.

My partner is great, and doesn't complain too much, but I know it has to be frustrating to bear.

It's not that I don't love my partner, but I've lost all the passion in my life. I love to hold hands, kiss, and other romantic-type things, but I can't seem to summon up enough energy for the full court press. It's not due to lack of desire for Partner, though. It's more to do with what's missing in me.

So, if any of you find a shriveled little raisin on the floor, that's probably my sex drive. If you could just put it aside and save it for me, I'd be grateful. Hopefully I'll need it again someday.

margalit said...

Kudos for Yankee T for putting that damn ear worm into my empty head. Loved it!

Gary deserves any Mullet award we can find.

Sue, you have more headaches than I do. You win my martyr with a heart award. And hugs.

A Nonnie Mouse. I assume your sex drive is hiding out with my sex drive in some romantic hideaway where they're getting it on day and night and laughing at us libidoless morons. Sucks, doesn't it?

And now it's time for my week in review.

Things continue to improve on the son front, so much so that he's GOING BACK TO SCHOOL next week. Yahoo. He's been really great recently. I mean, still a teenager and all, but workable. And somewhat pleasant.

However, he broke my french press causing two full coffeeless days. If you think my lost sex drive is bad, you really do not want to see me sans coffee. I replaced it with an unbreakable model.

Daughter continues with the permanent PMS behavior. She and her 'boyfriend' broke up via TEXTING! I mean, is that worse than post-it notes or what? Sobbing over the cell phone is something I'd rather never see again. Plus, she still does not have a program to go into, and what WE want and what the SCHOOL wants are two very different things. Meeting is tomorrow, and I assume I'll be battle scarred but victorious.

The snow, while beautiful, is driving me bananas. I can't walk anywhere because I'm not that steady on my feet and nobody shovels their damn walkways.

I fought the bank and I won! Yes indeedy, they gave me back the $350 in false charges on my visa debitcard, plus another $300 in bank charges for overdrafts caused by the damn charges. So we bought sushi for dinner! And life was good.

My only real whine is that I have this little spot on my back that itches constantly and is driving me insane.

Oh, and I'm STILL sick and my tongue is now a delightful green color from the sinus infection from hell.

Madeleine said...

I nominate Margalit for the Technicolor Tongue award.

And woo-hoo for recovering your lost money!

amy said...

My heart goes out to those really suffering this week. My whines, thankfully, are petty. (Antiwhine?)

I think I kind of hate living with a 3.5 year old. I hate the baby talk, the demanding "do it for me" attitude, the non-stop talking (and its ridiculous volume) and the CONSTANT need for attention. I am so. tired. of it all. Mostly the talking, though.

I mean, I love the kid - she's awesome - but for pete's sake, I have to work and I can't concentrate with all the distraction. And what is she doing right now? Yelling for me, sitting right by her father, who is oblivious to anything but his computer and the TV. How does he not hear her?

Sheesh. At this rate, I'm going through Tylenol 4x faster than vitamins and Hershey's Kisses.

amy said...

Oh, I forgot:
the whining,
the complaining,
the b!tching,
the tripping over everything,
the crying over tripping,
the crying in general,
the pushiness,
the bossiness,
the tantrums,
and did I mention the whiny?

If 3.5 is this bad, what on earth do the teen years hold?

Don't answer that. Especially you, Margalit.


Sue said...

Thanks all for your supporting whines. Oh, and I want one of those Gary groupie shirts.

Genevieve - I've been checked out for TMJ, and don't have any troubles there.

Family doc was exceptionally helpful, so I have given him back the name SuperDoc. He provided some much-needed pain relief for today. He took one look at me and took out his prescription pad - do you suppose that means I looked like hell warmed over?

He was very glad that I hadn't taken the topamax at the dose suggested by the neuro guy. He did suggest we try it though. He is going to work out an "algorythm" that takes into account my size, other meds, and other factors.

Then, he said, he wants me to check in with him EVERY DAY to see where the side-effects/positive effects are going with each day. As soon as the side effects becoming troubling, I'm off the stuff.

I'm feeling a wee bit better about taking it, but only because it will be well-supervised.

That Mommy said...

Kudos to Gary and YT. Much sympathy and kind thoughts towards the woeful pixies.

Cancer whine, school whine, insurance whine, work whine and family whine. Another week of suckiness somewhat alleviated by the fact that the kids seem excessively cute when I drag myself in the door at night.

liz said...

Oh, TM, I'm sorry about the bullying thing. And the cancer thing. And all the other things.

Sue, you always get my vote.

YT! I love it!

And Dr. CD, I'm on my way to bed right now. Don't want to have to bother the nice Nobelist. Or {shudder} MH.

liz said...




Whine. There is something (probably a UPS) beeping somewhere in my house.


Madeleine said...

Liz, smoke detector that needs a new battery?

susan said...

Gary rocks, as does YT.

Hugs to CCW, Sue, Esperanza....

I have a work whine. This fall, we hired a new colleague, who had a grant to run a Festival of Magical Mushrooms. We were all excited, hurray, to hear last February when we were interviewing, about the Festival that would come to our campus if we hired said colleague. Happy us. Then it turns out, in an aside in an e-mail exchange in late July, that the grant only covers the cost of the Mushrooms. All the magic and other festival expenses are extra.. New colleague has been, shall we say, unresponsive to attempts by me and the fundraising dept to get info about the festival to use in potential fundraising efforts. So we have no additional funds, and a budget--which I have drawn up, something clearly not my job for a grant I didn't write--which is somewhere between 9-12,000 in the red.

BUt there's a glimmer of antiwhine, b/c the fundraisers have two grant possibilities, to foundations who support Elf Rights. Which is great, because there are two days of the festival that are dedicated to Elves. It's free to Elves.

Except there's a whine: new colleague never invited any elves to attend. New colleague thought it was someone else's job to invite the elves. New colleague seems to think that just getting the grant is enough, and then staff and other people will spring into action and run the festival (when none of the rest of us are magic mushroom specialists).

This could play havoc with my dept's reputation and budget.

Real antiwhine: I am probably moving in a few months, to a job in a much better state. This won't be my problem much longer.

That Mommy said...

Congrats on the (probable) new job, Susan!
Post script whine: A new laptop might be in my future. The case holding the hinge that holds the screen on is now fatally cracked, giving me that impending sense of doom every time I adjust the screen. 3 years of masters level work is on this baby, and I love it like one of my own offspring.

liz said...

Susan, I hope new colleague gets all that they deserve. And is the move to the state we discussed several months ago?

Madeleine, you hit it on the nose. It was the guest-room smoke detector. MS just changed it. Now I really can go to bed.

Al Gore said...


In the great green room...

Elizabeth said...

that mommy -- but if it dies, maybe you could get one of those cool new macs? You've backed up your work, right?

Whine -- house is still drafty in spite of having put in fancy new windows. Overwhelmed by the thought of trying to figure out how to pump insulation into walls. Does anyone have suggestions for what to do with french doors that don't really close all the way?

Antiwhine -- making progress on decisions re the kitchen...

Whine -- need to get to bed.

debangel said...

Whiiiine: I have double the PMS-related acne at age 36 than I had at age 18.

Whiiiine Part Deux: but about 36 times the wrinkles. What gives?

Antiwhine: I couldn't run a mile when I was 18. (I have no idea why not, b/c I wasn't overweight. Guess I was just a wimp?!) Now I can run three. :::blows raspberry::: It's a darn good thing, too, because now I can move fast enough for nobody to get a good look at my zits.

Somebody pass the chocolate-covered pretzels, pretty please? And what the hell am I going to do without them next month during Lent??

margalit said...

Elizbeth, if the french doors aren't closing properly, they need to be rehung. When houses age, they tend to shift a bit on their foundations, thus moving the sills of doors and windows. If you look carefully at the door frames, they probably are out of plumb. You can do one of two things, adjust the hinges by putting shims behind them until the doors are plumb again (works, but isn't all that attractive) or have the door frames redone until the doors hang properly.

All this is experience from owning a house that was built in 1798 that didn't have a plumb door or window in the entire 21 room building!

OneTiredEma said...

To Amy,

I feel your pain. Every damn day.

Internet friends directed me to "Your Three Year Old: Friend or Enemy" by Ames & Ilg (they had me at the title)--should be at your library. The book was written in the '70s and a little dated in terms of the externals (more emphasis on mom being home, etc), but in terms of child behavior it is dead on. Like "how did these people see into my house?" accurate.

Three and a half is rough--but they swear four is better!

Sending you yummy hot cocoa!