Thursday, January 31, 2008


The "There's a hands free kit?" Award goes to Esperanza for Remembering What it's All About.

The Bringing the Bodily Fluids award goes to Andy, Esperanza (obviously), and Amy. Feel better soon, Andy! And Amy, the potty issues do end....eventually. But what do I know? I'm still wiping MM's tushy.

The Morton Salt (When it Rains it Pours) Award goes to DebAngel (I'm so sorry about your illness, your mom, and your dog).

The What Would We Have to Drink Award goes to Miranda! I hope you were able to get the whole thing printed!

The Jack Frost Award goes to Turtlebella, JenR (stay warm inside mommy, baby!), Sue, and especially K (ice INSIDE the windows!)

The coveted Style Award, with attendant Crown goes to Yankee T. for her brilliant new work, "It's a Hard Tooth Cracked".

And finally, the Whine of Substance Award goes to Sue: "Whine: I made a pastoral call yesterday morning to someone who seemed a bit low on Sunday. She ripped about four layers of skin off of me about a stooopid wall hanging that was recently removed from the sanctuary (by Board approval - and it happened while I was freakin' holidays - had NOTHING to do with me).She bitched me out and verbally abused me until she decided to hang up on me. Bitch. They definitely do not pay me enough money to put up with this shit. Today?? I hate my job. Everything about it. I can't get excited about any of it. Not just because of her, but because I feel like I've been told one thing "We want to move forward" but the first change that happened resulted in a complete freak out all over the minister. What the fireplace am I doing here?"

And that is not even including her headache. Hugs and kisses, Sue.

And that wraps it up for this week. Thanks again for your patience and your contributions!! See you next week when our host will be Kathy A.!


Sue said...

Thank you so much for the award. I decided this morning to be the Grown up in the situation. Here was my side of the conversation:

"BLANK, when I called you on Tuesday morning, it was with genuine pastoral concern. I called because I care about you. In response, you verbally abused me and hung up on me. I feel that as your minister, and as a part of our faith community, you owe me more respect than that."

Her response: "Too bad that respect wasn't given to blank blank (having to do with wall hanging issue)

Me: "We aren't talking about that. We're talking about Tuesday's conversation."

Her:"Well, then I think we're finished talking."

Me:"Okay. Goodbye then."

BITCH. (I said that part after I hung up.)

Pretty grown up huh?

debangel said...

Yippee, I won! I'd make a speech, but I'm too afraid Sean Young will show up drunk and interrupt me ;)

Instead, I think I will take all that lovely Morton salt and make salt caramels and margaritas. Who wants some??

liz said...

Sue, sometimes people just have no desire to face themselves. I hope you don't internalize her bitchiness and douchebagery.

liz said...

And I'll take some of that, DebAngel!

kathy a. said...

lovely ceremony, liz!

sue, she has some real problems, but you aren't one of them. that was a brave call to make, and the right thing to do. [i know not from the wall-hanging issue, but would it calm her down to be designated the "trusted caretaker" of the darned thing until it is needed again? make someone else make the next call, in any event.]

mmmm, sounds good, debangel!

Miranda said...

Great award ceremony, Liz.

(For the record, the article did print although the first page doesn't look so great, but it's good enough, kwim?)

If there's some margarita left in the bottom of pitcher going around, I'll take some, please. :)

turtlebella said...

wow-wee, sue, that woman there is a piece o' work. I can't imagine speaking that way to anyone (well aside from to my mother when I was 15 but that's different cos I wasn't a grown-up), much less one's minister.

I think you were totally a grown-up and she was the un-grown-up. I hope she internally combusts from her douchebagery (which, I have to say, is my new favorite word even though it takes me about three tries to spell it).

Finally, we are going to have a high of 27 degrees (F) today. YAY!!!!! This is how you know when you are winter-hardy: when you truly think it's warm in the 20s. I hope similar warming trends are in the books for everyone else too! Well, maybe not those of you where it's already in the 80s *cough*ahem* {wink} but everyone else who knows from windchill.

liz said...

I was unsure if it should have one g or two.

Anonymous said...

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