Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tardy Party

Apologies for the late awards.  There are no good excuses, either!  But refreshments include a lovely artisan pizza with sourdough crust, delicious mozarella and a bit of feta, and veggies including peppers and sweet potato.  And, for the non-gluten crowd, some of Debangel's tres cute stuffed peppers with little carved halloween faces.

Sue wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award, for "tomorrow my colleagues and I drive to Small Town for our Fall Meeting During Which One Sticks Pins in the Eye to Stay Awake. Travel time one way is 5.5 hours of vigilant moose-watching." 

The runner up for Mullet is Sarah, who wonders if the red dot in the cat's chart might result in banning from the vet, "Or is it just cat owner shame?"

Sue, Liz, and Debangel win the Electronic Salvation From Boring Meetings Prize, for a text party during the boring parts of the Fall Meeting, consisting of a framed commemorative detention slip.  :)

The Old Skool Award goes to Liz, who complains, "I need to get my act together."  Actually, the host has a bit of a question about this one; this is a totally classic whine, but Liz does not strike us as the most disorganized Pixie. 

Amy wins the Good Mama Award, for continued adventures in potty training.  As you can see, this is a topic that resonates with the Pixies!  We're rooting for Tater

Esperanza wins the Best Anti-Whine Award, reporting that  "one of the things on the list was take Sweet horseback riding again, for the first time since the giant cast arrived. Enormous smiles made that little trip worthwhile."

The Further Adventures of Super-Kitteh Award goes to Sue's cat, who managed to escape custody, run around, and bite the vet -- with an injured leg and while sedated.  Very impressive.

Sarah wins the Time With Grownups Award, for enjoying off-duty activities.  (But condolences about that date.  We have retroactively decided that he didn't deserve you.)

The Cluestick Posse has been dispatched to have a conversation with Debangel's ex, who remains a jerk.  We will let the lawyer be an honorary member of the Posse, and are wishing him well in delivering a dose of reality.

Much love to Esperanza's niece, who is in a scary place.  xoxoxo  And big congratulations to another niece, who got into the school of her choice!

Love also to Sarah's middle-schooler.  Fingers crossed that things swiftly improve.

The 60-day Month Award goes to Miranda, who will be our charming host next week!


Sue said...

Oooo, a detention slip! How exciting!!!

Thanks pixies for joining me on the Fall Meeting Extravaganza. (Clearly I don't get out much)

Great awards kathy a!

Sue said...

I should add that the meeting wasn't entirely painful. I was able to advocate for some good people and the ensuing discussion was helpful.

Also, the youth event was ah-mazing.

debangel said...

Great awards, Kathy!

And, I've got a great idea for virtual refreshments for our awards ceremonies: Mozzarella Cluesticks!!

Obviously, *I* don't get out much, either ;)