Monday, September 17, 2012

Household Annoyance Week

In this heated political season, and what with the weather, and in the midst of school / kids / work / etc., there is one thing that we know to be true universally:  stuff will go wrong in the household.
the useful oven
does not work, and who knows why.
someone should fix it.
 Do not get me started on the dishes.  This week, I'm not just complaining about the entire rest of the family being unable to rinse; this week, I am guilty, too.  And hello, we have this whole second sink that is meant to hold the rinsed dishes until someone gets around to loading the dishwasher, but does that keep certain people [not me, I am only guilty of a few rinsing offenses] from tossing dirty dishes, leftover food, recyclables, and dog alone knows what else into the rinsing sink -- causing spoons and worse to drop into the garbage disposal, which everybody knows needs to be run to clear the backed up water when I am trying to make coffee in the morning?  No, the wanton destruction of flatware continues, even though making coffee is clearly the priority first thing in the morning.   

The categories are wide open:  toilets; cat barf; laundry; derelictions of vacuum duty; spiders; poop of all sorts; trails of mess left behind as the herd moves through the household; and I'm not even getting to problems with the physical structure, or outside influences.  The list is endless.  Endless!

Please share! Antiwhines, too.  As always, prizes for Old Skool, Style, Mullet, and whatever else comes to mind.


esperanza said...

potty accident of the pook variety, messy subdivision + thigh high cast = well, you get the reason for the whine.

esperanza said...

AW: as of Tuesday, Sweet will be halfway through her tour of duty with the thigh high, now dirty, cast. Further AW, her BFF (13 yrs old) decorated it with fancy duct tape.

kathy a. said...

oy, esperanza! at least the cast won't last forever.

debangel said...

Oh, Esperanza!! I am not laughing at you, but near you, because I apparently did the same thing with my thigh-length clubfoot cast when I was little. I'd say to tell Sweet Baboo to "join the club", but I don't really care for the color scheme for our uniforms ;-)

esperanza said...

It was a complete accident (not all of her "accidents" are such). Brought on by too much hanging out with teenagers eating too much junk food. Sensitive tummy, I guess.

kathy a. said...

i think esperanza sounds ready for some of that time off...

my son broke his finger playing baseball this weekend. he thought it was sprained, and didn't go to the doctor until last night, at which point he went to the ER because of the pain. he has to go see the ortho, and may need surgery. now he cannot work, and cannot do his night classes, both rather physical. plus, he popped two tires today.

Sue said...

Oh my, poor Sweet. Poor esperanza!

debangel, good idea to skip the uniform, but very kind of you to invite Sweet to the club. :)

kathy a. - how awful for your son. I hope the rest of the week is better.

AW: Being back at work. I missed these folks!

W: Being back at work. How can my congregation be SO great and our regional governing body be SO obnoxious? Argh.

I am choosing to spend as little time as possible on regional (administrative) stuff this week so I can visit people and drink gallons of tea.

kathy a. said...

yay, sue! back with your people, and avoiding the dreaded obnoxiousness! and tea!

esperanza, your story of pook angst is haunting me.

deb -- team colors? bwaaah ha ha ha!

kathy a. said...

every single person in my family -- my 2 adult children, and my husband -- forgot their house keys today. all of them. my son does not live here, but he does not carry the key because "i don't want to lose it" and "you're always there, anyway." (which, i wasn't.) daughter thought her dad was carrying a key, and dad left his in the bicycle pack. i've never been so tempted to change the locks...

liz said...

You don't need to change the locks if they've forgotten their keys, you just need to not let them in.

kathy a. said...


Sue said...

Household Whinery:

One week ago we had a Humidex temperature of 36C (hot).

Today we have a Wind Chill of 0C (32F or freezing, arse-bitin' cold)

I do love the North. :)

The Whine: Now I have to take my pretty summer balcony Happiness Zone apart before the snow makes it way difficult.

AW: New Weekend Task - create a cozy indoor Happiness Zone.

kathy a. said...

oooh, happiness zones! sue, you and redzils and other pixies in the tundra zone have my deep admiration. that is some kind of wild change in temps!

the key thing hit my funny bone, which i guess is better than losing what's left of my mind. remember the dead car in my garage? son junked it recently, but left two extra wheels and tires in the garage, since they fit his current elderly car. so, after he popped the two tires on his current car (fortunately close to our house), he walked down here. i was in an appointment, and did not get the several phone calls.

his father, the love of my life, reminded our son of the time during his Really Bad Patch as a teenager when he broke into the house, and told him to do the same thing. and he told him where to find car keys, so he could drive the tires up to his disabled car. so, son changed the wheels -- yep, with a broken finger.

oy oy oy. part of the funny is that -- oh, things were so terrible during son's Bad Patch, and we took measures that we thought might mean he never spoke to us again -- and that burglary turned out to be useful a good number of years down the road. life is just weird.

Sue said...

kathy - I love it when Bad Patches are referred to in the past tense.

And yes, life is weird.

When it isn't, well that's weird.

debangel said...

Hi Pixies!

I posted this on Facebook a couple of days ago, but it still counts as a funny whine, right? Do we have a "Whines in Syndication" Awaard?

"I don't understand PMS, simply from an evolutionary perspective. You'd think that if a woman didn't manage to become impregnated on the last month's cycle, her waist would shrink, her bosoms would swell, and her skin would be glowing and radiant, in order to increase her chances the next month. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be swelling up and growling in order to scare predators away from my existing offspring. #nevermind #igetit"

Antiwhine: I had Parmesan garlic potato chips to soothe my inner beast.

Whine: Inner beast had to change into sweats after dinner. I've seen frogs during mating season that didn't swell up that much.

Whine: The Moose (my hubby James) is goooone for another two weeks! And we can only Skype together once a day.

Antiwhine: We ate together this afternoon over Skype, and he was eating..moose meat! He said "I wish you were here to taste some moose", to which I answered "I bet you do!!". Did you know, even retired old Navy salts can blush?

liz said...

Allergies. Oh my everloving God, allergies.






Please pass the tissues.

liz said...

On the plus side, this made me laugh out loud.

kathy a. said...

PMS is always whine-worthy -- and that is darned funny, debangel! skype is great for long-distance. and you made the navy guy blush!

many apologies -- i think i killed the thread. host is not supposed to whine so very much. son had finger surgery yesterday, and is recovering. the ortho booked him for surgery 15 minutes after seeing him. son didn't expect that, and his car got a ticket, adding to the joy.

thanks, sue, for understanding the glory of a bad patch stated in PAST tense!

since i already wrecked the thread, i may as well explain that i only locked my boy out of the house this one time, when he was losing it and tearing the place up. which killed me -- he was a brilliant, caring, wonderful, talented kid, and he is a brilliant, caring, hard-working young man who tries to take responsibility for himself. but he fell apart, that year. and it was bad bad bad. it was shocking -- never could i have predicted this. (and he wasn't telling us things -- like how he was bullied at school; and we weren't figuring things out -- like how this quiet bright boy was ignored in classes with acting-out students, and how they had failed to place him in appropriate classes because they NEVER looked at his scores and transcripts from his previous school. and etc.)

debangel said...

Kathy, I think I need to email you that bag of potato chips! What kind of wine goes with Parmesan chips?

Liz..that video was hilarious!

kathy a. said...

liz, passing the tissues. and too funny video!

deb, yum!

esperanza said...

Liz, we haz teh allergy attack too. All four of us. Insider tip: buy stock in kleenex!

deb, you crack me up.

debangel said...

"You may think it's funny to kiss your honey when your nose is runny. But it's snot."

esperanza said...

debangel, you're on a roll.

W: nerves re: developmental doctor appointment tomorrow for Sweet. That would be my nerves. Hopefully not transferable to Sweet herself.

amy said...

Tater will be four (4!!!) in less than two weeks, and he is still. not. potty trained. He is completely against the idea. We have given up and are teaching him to change his pull up by himself.

I am really very lucky that he is a sweet boy, or I'd be bald from pulling my hair out over this.

Tonight was Curriculum Night at the tot's school, and in the rush to get there, I missed dinner. So. Hungry.

Passing what's left of my stash of MnMs. Thank any and all applicable deities for emergency chocolate stashes! It's been a brutal week of PMS here too.

esperanza said...

A potty training whine always gets a vote and a sympathetic hug from me, amy. When is tater's birthday? Sweet's is Oct 1, and she is apparently, if my math is correct, going to be 5. Holy cow. The NICU seems so far and yet so close.

Miranda said...

My whines are of the parenting variety. Now Adult Son is fighting it very hard. Teen Daughter is learning how to handle frustration productively but the hiccups in this process are very hard on the both of us. Tween Son is showering and doing better in school. He really does not want to take any of the ADD medication. He has some anxiety-type issues but they are far less debilitating than last year.

AW: Tween Son's teachers are so nice this year - a welcome change from previous years. He actually wants to please one of them, a very new experience for us!

kathy a. said...

((( miranda )))

awards in a little while.