Saturday, September 8, 2012

Half-Hearted, Sleep-Deprived Awards Show

Sweet's sleep is getting *worse*, not better, so my brain is not at full functioning power today. Please bear with me.

Due to popular acclaim, the Style Award goes to Junior Whining Pixie, Liz's very own son, MM, for his genius haiku.

Cluesticks to ex-es who hit girls and smaller ones for ex-es with poor time management skills (mortgage broker, smortgage broker).

Hugs to all pixies suffering from hospital PTSD, hospital gift shops with no get well soon cards (this is still boggling my mind), unbloggable whining that requires ALL CAPS, teenagers, work crises, expensive trips, children that act nicely out of the house, the pain meds/constipation endless circle, etc.

Nights off and cloning potions to everyone, and compliments to Miranda for that innovation.

Like I said, brain is not fully functioning. See you next week at the Whiners' Ball.


kathy a. said...

my dear -- it might not feel like this, but your brain is fully functioning. thanks for the great ceremony! and may you get some rest already. xoxo

kathy a. said...

also, geepers -- here is to sweet getting some sleep.

Sue said...

Here's to Sweet and esperanza getting some much-needed sleep!

Thanks for the awards esperanza!

esperanza said...

Whatever y'all did last night, keep it up. Lucky socks, not combing your hair, whatever it was. She slept decently. Up 3 times before I went to bed, then only 2 times after I was asleep. Including her longest stretch post-surgery, 6 hours. (Sweet's normal nighttime is 12 hours straight, so you can see how this has been painful for all).