Saturday, September 1, 2012

Late Prizes

Sending many good healing thoughts to the Sweet Baboo!

Debangel is back, and she wins the Style Award for her ode to a meetup with Liz.  Yay!  We are thrilled with all the happy news, as well.

Miranda wins Triathlon Award, for "End of the fiscal year. Back to school. Difficult people."  Hope things settle down and you catch a breather soon.

Happy Birthday to JenR's baby boy!   Cluesticks to the miserabley worky people, and miserable housey people.  xoxo

The Fashionista Award goes to Sue, who located the elusive Jeans That Fit.  Brava!

Sarah wins the No Fun For the Weary Award, for the world's shortest "week without kids."

Neighbor Lady scored a Great New Teacher this year!  Wonderful news!

Best to all who are making transitions -- back to work, back to school, etc.


debangel said...

Woohoo! That totally made my day ;-) Hope everyone's having a great weekend!

esperanza said...

Thank you for all the good wishes. I'll have a full, whiny update with next week's post. She is basically ok, things were a bit more complicated than we had anticipated, and anesthesia needs a cluestick.

Miranda said...

I'm a week late, but welcome back Debangel. Congrats on the life makeover.