Saturday, September 22, 2012

Burnt Spaghetti Sauce Edition

Sometimes things do not go as planned, right?  Yesterday was one of those days, so these awards are late.  Yes, I really did manage to burn sauce when I only meant to simmer.  That achievement was not on my bucket list.  There was another installment in the SILfH saga.  Etc.  But friends, in antiwhines, the space shuttle went almost right over my house yesterday morning!  Tres exciting!

This is a week of parenting challenges with kids of all ages.  Hugs and sympathy to all.  Many thanks for your patience with my whininess.

Esperanza leaves us in awe, and wins the Extreme Parenting Award this week for her tale of the thigh-high purple cast and a major pook accident.  Here's hoping the next couple of weeks with the cast are uneventful, and that the teen BFF's stick to decorating the cast in more upbeat ways. 

Amy wins the Patience in Potty Training Award.  We promise that at some point well before college, Tater will decide that pullups no longer fit his self-image.

The Plateful of Parenting Award goes to Miranda, juggling the challenges and hiccups of 3 distinct age groups.  You're so great!  Really good news about Tween's nice teachers. 

Liz wins the Style Award, for introducing us to this hilarious video!

The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to Debangel, responding to news of Liz's allergies with:  "You may think it's funny to kiss your honey when your nose is runny. But it's snot."  Deb is really on a roll this week; check her other comments, too.  :)

The Hi-Ho Back to Work Award goes to Sue, who missed her people while she was gone!

Wild Hormone Awards to Debangel and Amy, who have thoughtfully passed the parmesean garlic chips and chocolate.  Mmmmm! 

Sue wins a Wild Weather Award, going from "swelter" to "snow's coming" in under a week.  That's NASCAR speed in the weather world.  We love the idea of your outdoor and indoor "happiness zones"!

Here is to a good weekend, and only little whines next week!

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kathy a. said...

amy -- very smart to not make the potty-training a power struggle! making him responsible for the pull-ups is great. some combination of positive reinforcement and peer examples (at daycare) seemed to do the trick for my kids. nagging did not; it had to be when they were ready. i seem to recall cool big-kid underwear being an incentive.