Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Dance Awards

This video is the happiest thing I've seen all week, and my theory is that the universe needs more happy.  Also, Sue can blast it when nobody's looking at work.  (Don't even try to tell us you aren't dancing to the ABBA.)

The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to Debangel.  First the backstory:  pathetic unemployed ex drags his feet on changing the parenting plan, then demands Christmas and Christmas Eve (he does not celebrate), and to cut child support to $50/month.  Excuuuuuse us??   And now the Mullet: "Pookie, my ultra-mellow Burmese cat, who is famous for eating paper, but only the important stuff, showed what he thought of my ex's proposed changes by chomping the document ;-) I love that cat."  The Cluestick Posse admires Pookie's leadership and initiative, but also recommends legal counsel for you.  (Well said, Liz.)  Passing the catnip.

The winner of the High Decibel Award is Amy, whose  MIL found brand-new drumsticks on the ground at the mall, diligently waited for the clueless person who dropped them, and then gave the ultimate passive-aggressive grandchild gift:  "Thank you, MIL, for giving Tater (a boy who is *finally* *possibly* *knock wood* moving past the hitting-is-an-answer-for-everything stage) an item whose sole purpose is for hitting things. *facepalm*"  Maybe these special toys can be saved for when Grandma is visiting? 

Esperanza wins the Old Skool Award for:  "It is driving my OCD side nuts that I can no longer match pairs of socks in the laundry, because Sweet is only wearing one of the pair."   On the other hand, not needing to match may be a bonus, seeing how the sock demons so frequently mess with us.

JenR wins the Excellent Creativity in Appropriate Parenting Award for:  "My 4 year old regularly wears two different socks and even two different shows just because he likes it that way. I haven't been able to match pairs in over a year. (Shoe mixing rule: The must be the same size and the same type - two crocs or two sneakers or two flip flops. He goes along with that and it makes me feel better about the potential for hurting his feet)."  As Amy noted, this "sets limits while honoring your child's need to explore."  I just love the Rule. 

A Lurching Bravely Onward Award to Sarah, whose son does not have major motor issues, but does have stuff standing in the way -- a classic parenting W/AW combo plate.  It's great that there may be some OT.  And you will definitely hit on ways to move forward via ye olde trial and error.  Know that the Pixie Nation is with you!  Also, woo-hoo about nice guys out there!

Sue wins the Navigating the Ouch Award, being supportive to a longtime parishioner who cares for her but is also leaving the congregation, all in a time of grief.

Gentle Cluesticks to Esperanza's beloved, who is worried about her getting by when he is out of town overnight, but doesn't realize that night is no different from the many working-late nights he spends away.  Things do get done all those other nights.  An overall plan for more respite and/or sharing seems like a good idea.  Hugs, because this stuff is hard.

Wild Applause and Congratulations to Miranda, on  earning her well-deserved promotion!  The Posse has those responsible for lost posts on its schedule this week.

A Happy Dance Award for Liz, who had a bloggy meetup with our friend YT and the world's best bleeding heart attorney.  Jealous!

Kudos to the Entire Contingent!  This was a week where a lot of us had problems and questions and things to vent, and there were so many excellent suggestions, and so many voices of support.  So, let's dance!


debangel said...

Wow! What an awesome, goosebump-inspiring video, and perfect for our awards show :) Thanks for sharing, Kathy!

Pookie thanks the Pixies for their accolades and the very fine catnip. He says the chomping was the least he could do, since he didn't have any fleas to "share" ;-)

Sue said...

Awesome video kathy!!!

Definitely bookmarked for use on otherwise gloomy work days.

And yes *ahem* there may have been a bit of dancing. Hey, it's ABBA. The universe demands that the Dancing Queen dance, ya know?