Monday, August 27, 2012

Sweet thoughts

Esperanza's Sweet Baboo (an honorary niece of the Pixie tribe since, well, forever) is having her foot surgery tomorrow.   Sending love and healing thoughts that things go well, and recovery goes as smoothly as possible.

Juggling one baboo in casts (in Texas heat!  for 6 weeks!  and the casts can't get wet!) and another adorable and active baboo, plus the usual -- well, that is several platefuls.   Crossing fingers that offers of help and opportunities for little breaks-from-duty appear, and are accepted.  And we have one word for those who expect something else of you:  NO.  Violators will be cluesticked.

I'm still winding down from Giant Project, dealing with miscellaneous leftovers and noticing Things That Should Be Dealt With.  It was so lovely to take a day off and have fun with daughter at the museum yesterday, though!  I forget how glorious it is to have fun.  Today, dust bunnies and file piles.  (That sounds like I'm about to kick some file-pile butt, but probably not.  Not in one day week, anyway.)

What is new with you?  Please share your whines and anti-whines, big and small, stupid and noble; extra credit for humor and style. 


Miranda said...

End of the fiscal year. Back to school. Difficult people. Life as usua here. I keep wondering when I get to catch my breath.

Esperanza I hope all goes well with the your sweet baboo's surgery. Xoxoxoxoxi

Sue said...

Hi Miranda! Boo to difficult people!

Sending good thoughts and prayers for Sweet's surgery.

AW: After a lengthy search spanning two countries and countless stores (not my fave place to be) - I have found a good pair of jeans.

liz said...

Yay! Buy three of them.

Keeping Sweet in my thoughts.

AW: yesterday I met with Debangel for coffee. It was so awesome to finally meet her in person. She's so much fun!

kathy a. said...

hi, miranda! oh, i hope you get a chance to catch breath soon.

sue, i'd ask where you found good jeans, but your good won't be mine. there is an international conspiracy to taunt good women with the idea that the right jeans exist. but you defeated it!

yay, liz, for the fun meetup!

Sue said...

Hooray for meet-ups!!!

Kathy a, I thought the Evil Jeans Conspiracy had won again, and then this pair actually FIT. Wow! I think I saw a slight magical glow in the change room mirror when this miracle occurred.

Thinking of friends in the path of Isaac.....

JenR said...

Miserable worky stuff that shows no signs of improvement. The stress of everything (work & house & elsewhere) is really getting to me and I'm struggling.

But baby boy is one this week, and I am going to get some cake despite the ill-fitting jeans.

kathy a. said...

((( jenr ))) but happy birthday, little boy! and yay, cake! xoxo

kathy a. said...

didn't we make a resolution sometime that yoga pants (and their dressier cousins) are really OK?

i mean, i do intend to be better to my body. and i really would like jeans that fit. but life's too short to worry much about lookin' fab in jeans. in my opinion.

Sue said...

Yes. yes. yes. Yoga pants are totally okay. And more comfortable!

((((JenR))))) A happy birthday to your baby boy!

AW: my office at work is now clean, tidy and ready for me to start back to work.

W: I have to confess that although I am looking forward to getting back, I am a tad nervous. Sigh. One would never guess that I've been at this for fifteen years!

debangel said...

::knocks timidly:: It's been awhile..can I still join the party?

::clears throat::

"I was headed to D.C. on biz
Its humidity made my hair frizz
She drove into town-ie and bought me a brownie
You guessed it...our very own Liz!!"

And..I'm back for good. I missed you all so much! I stopped coming here to whine when my complaints went from "the baby won't sleep through the night" to "the baby's dad took his hands to me and it took me half a year to leave him for it". I couldn't think of a good anti-whine, ya know?

But! I'm a happy newlywed, as of 8/5! I'm writing a cookbook! And our Liz is a total treasure and I call dibs on her for BlogHer next year NO BACKSIES.

(Liz--if you're ever in CO, mi doorbell, su doorbell)

Man it's good to be here :)

kathy a. said...

hi, debangel! xoxo

you're pretty stylin'... so good to hear all the great news, too! mazel tov!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back debangel!
:) Mazel tov on the good news!!!

Sue--I am nervous about going back to work too....I will have a new teacher that I will be working with/for (since my old one who I loved got promoted) so it's a bit nerve-wracking to start over again with someone new.....hoping all goes well!

Thinking of esperanza and hoping surgery went well....

Hugs to all...

:) Neighbor Lady

Sarah at Ratatat said...

Sending good thoughts and the power of "no" to Esperanza.

Yay for cleaning up loose ends, KathyA

Sue - being nervous about going's normal. Or so I've told my kids 1000x last week.

Liz - yay for a fun meetup!

Debangel - congrats! And wow, newlywed! So happy for you.

JenR - hope things get better. Let me know if you want an in person whining session. I'm here. I have no advice, except St Joseph better sell that house soon!

NL: good luck on your return to school too.

W: kids are with their dad all week. My parents suggested they'd probably be away most of the week. Alone - it sounded kind of fun. So I made plans to be social all week. But the kids didn't leave until Monday at 2. And they're back late morning today. And my parents didn't leave until yesterday. I feel entirely too much like a teenager these days...

kathy a. said...

NL -- crossing fingers that things go well with the new teacher!

sarah -- hmm. the kids away less than 3 days does not work out to "all week with dad." xoxo

Sue said...

Hi debangel!
Welcome back! And congrats on your new beginning.

Thanks for all the "new school year" angst sharing. Somehow it helps to know it's not just me.

Anonymous said...

AW: Went in and met with my new teacher/colleague, and she seems wonderful! I think I might be able to sleep better tonight!

:) Neighbor Lady

Sue said...

Yay NL!!!

Sarah said...

Yay NL!