Friday, March 23, 2012

Why Awards? Because We Like Them, That's Why

(Title inspired by Mini Baboo, she of 10,000 "why" questions per day).

The Grand Car-Earring-Beloved Whine of '12 Award, with Style Bonus goes to kathy a, for an absorbing (ha!) tale of leaking cars, beloveds who poke noses into other beloveds' cars, and a lost earring which was then found--ahem--outside the car.

The House Roller Coaster Award, unfortunately, goes to JenR, who in the time it took to antiwhine about it, saw the buyer disappear.

The Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to Sue, who reframed kathy a's whine most helpfully, thusly: "as an expert on Committees from Hell (aren't they all, really?)" Indeed, Sue. You speak truth.

Job whine sympathy goes to Miranda, who is busy cleaning up messes and putting out fires and can't, you know, do her job.

Hugs to Sarah, because regardless of how she tries to make it sound, a whine that includes "regular slog of grumpy people and arguments and gloom" is pretty sad.

Hugs also to JenR as she contemplates baby boy's surgery. (It's not minor when it's your baby. Doctors, take notice!).

Cluesticks to Miranda's co-workers, Sue's son's college admissions personnel, who don't know a good candidate when they see one, politicians who don't even listen to themselves, much less anyone else, moving mailbox places, and to Sue's headache and/or cold (if we thought applying cluesticks would help, we'd try it, Sue).

And, in the wise words of the ever-wise Liz, "This too shall pass."

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