Monday, March 5, 2012

Shake it, shake it, shake it up, baby!

Of this the pets do not approve: we had a little earthquake this morning! It was only a 4.0, but less than a mile from our house, so we all woke up and were rocking and rolling a little. No damage. Every picture on the walls is now a little kattywampus, though, which I've decided is fashionable. Just a fun little quake. ;)

Tomorrow is the day of reckoning with my accountant, so I spent all day yesterday wading through bills and fading wadded receipts and Important Tax Forms. And didn't finish, but the end is in sight. The accountant is for my peace of mind, not because I'm a high roller; it tests the limits of my talents to locate and organize the paperwork, so I leave wrangling the IRS regulations to my friend. He's a good guy, never lectures me very harshly about my poor money management, and his office cat is friendly.

So, that's plenty for a Monday, right? One of my tires is almost flat, too.

In antiwhines, had a lovely dinner out last night, with my beloved and daughter.

What's shaking with you?


Sue said...

Earthquake - oh my! I've never experienced one, but I'm sur it must be un-nerving.

I leave my taxes to hubby, who has it all figured out. My claim is made difficult by the separate non-taxable income that I receive as housing allowance. When Recenue Canada sees those kinds of non-taxable numbers, their heads tend to explode. However, with thanks to hubby, he has talked them off the ledge many many times.

AW: massage this afternoon. So. Necessary.

Sue said...

That would be Revenue Canada.....

esperanza said...

Key to the health of our marriage: pay someone to do our taxes. Sue's troubles squared--double clergy is double exciting.

AW: free! brownie! at lunch

W: brownie was much needed after two (2) baboos fought me on every action on our get-ready-for-school list this morning. ugh. Hubby came out and asked what he could do. I said, "Take them to school! Now!"

liz said...

Earthquakes should be banned.

kathy a. said...

hee! esperanza delegates, and well.

the scariest part of having my own business, besides not getting paid, is the tax minutiae. my beloved is fine with delegating the organization to me and the tax prep to my friend, which really saves us all a lot of tribbles.

liz said...

I want to eat Thin Mints, and Trefoils, and Samoas...but they are at home and I am at work. So I am eating Snickers Bars, which is not at all the same thing and is not helping.

kathy a. said...

liz, i thought one of the benefits of a workplace outside the home is that somebody is bound to be selling GS cookies during the season.... then again, office stashes tend to not last long...

i got the tire replaced and didn't fall for the "oh, you should replace all of them" thing! but of course i flunked anyway, because my husband can tell from the part number that it is the "wrong size," perhaps as much as several molecules off of optimum. hmph.

Anonymous said...

Laughing at "several molecules off of optimum"!!! Teehee. snort.

Maybe the pixies can help me. I always seem to have food related anxiety. This time it is form lemon curd. I know that lemon curd itself (yummy) needs to be refrigerated. But, I used it as a filling in a cookie and baked it (it was in hamantashen) kind of like filling a thumbprint cookie with jam and baking it. Then, after baking, I stored at room temp. And then, today ate one. (or more, perhaps) And then, realized that lemon curd from the jar needs to be refrigerated, and wasn't sure if it would need to be in fridge once used to top cookies and baked/???

Have I done the equivalent of leaving mayo out???? Or should I be ok??

Anxiety much?

Between the crock pot worries and cookie worries it's a wonder I cook anything!
Thanks for any advice!

:) Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

baking kills germs. that is my story, and i stick to it.

Liz said...

You should be fine. Just eat them all within the next few days

Sue said...

I don't bake, so I'm not much help, but swift and uninterrupted consumption seems the logical move here.

W: Most Embarassed Pixie - that would be me. Walked out of the massage therapists room, walked over to put on my coat and boots.

I had paid and booked my next appointment prior to the massage (thank goodness), but the 6-7 other people in the waiting room no doubt noticed that my skirt was on backwards.


It was a three-button waffle knit Henley. It's really obvious when those shirts are worn backwards, apparently. Just ask hubby.

It was all worth it for the massage.

kathy a. said...

sue -- that sounds like a fashion trend. at fancy events like the oscars, best-dressed women frequently have a lower neckline in back than in the front. besides, your kitteh would advise the "i meant to do that" attitude.

yay, my tax stuff is in somebody else's hands now! except the one tiny number i forgot to include.

Anonymous said...

I love the advice to eat them all fast!
Well, if I must.....
Sue, I think everyone else in the waiting room just is hoping to come out as relaxed as you!
Yay for financial info being done....still on my plate! ugh
Thanks for the reassurance!
:) Neighbor Lady

Sue said...

NL - I thought about that later. Maybe they all thought I was so blissed out I couldn't even dress myself. Now "that" is a good massage.

And I'm sure you have all figured out I was too blissed out to spell was my "shirt" - not "skirt"


Kathy - you're totally correct. That confident kitteh attitude makes all the difference. I probably did look pretty confident, but only because I was clueless!

esperanza said...

W: I didn't figure out Sue was whining about her shirt instead of her skirt till she told us.

W: Hubby had a crappy day at the office.

AW: at least he was willing to talk about it instead of staring at the tv for hours on end.

W: just in time for a planned Spring Break trip, both baboos sick: Mini with ear infection and snot; Sweet with low-grade fever and--you guessed it--more snot.

AW: they aren't too grumpy even if they are sick

kathy a. said...

we'll need a report in the a.m., esperanza, about whether the antibiotics and advil are doing the trick.

esperanza said...

they really aren't too bad, kathy, a., it's just the same conundrum we had before: sick-ish/contagious baboos in combination with 93 yo great-grandma. And the sick of sick kids mama.

kathy a. said...

is it possible this is a wednesday without whines? how could such a thing be???

so, i called my tax guy to report the missing number last night, and i'm not totally sure if the first call was a wrong number, but whoever answered asked "what are you wearing?" i mean, duh -- clothes. it sounded like a party. my tax guy answered the second time, so all is cool.

esperanza said...

Oh, I'll whine. My afternoon with the after school program totally overwrote the happy introvert time of my morning. Leading to a grumpy esperanza who was not Mama of the Year at suppertime and bedtime. Hence, I already told the director, I'm not doing the after school program next year. Not fair to my own self and family. So there.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Esperanza - the after school program sounds like a drain. And yay for drawing boundaries. Let's hope they improve enough for the great-grandmother visit.

I feel in the distinct minority for sort of enjoying doing the taxes. and I even have business expenses to expense.

Whine of conflicted feeling: My husband said (again) that he thinks we're done being married. And I think he's probably right. And telling people is still so crazy hard. We discussed stopping listing ourselves as married on Facebook...but gosh that's public. Why is telling people we're getting divorced perhaps even harder than the getting divorced part?

and Sue - I want a massage that makes me rock a backward skirt/shirt/clothes in general!

kathy a. said...

((( sarah ))) stinks. but may as well start doing things separately. you do not need to explain details to fb friends. may as well find out now who's going to be a problem with the split. xoxo

you definitely need a massage.

liz said...


Until the divorce is final, I think you shouldn't change the fb status.

Sue said...

Esperanza - nice work with the "NO" word. That's good self-care.

kathy - *snort* I'm picturing the tax guy (once you got through to him) picking up the phone and saying in a deep sexy voice, "So, what's in your 401K baby?" heh. Maybe the party was at the tax office...

(((Sarah))) - oh my. It all sounds so awful and complicated. Perhaps if you each started with the people you trust the most, it will make it easier to say to the people who might freak out later on.

W: So. Fireplacing. Tired. The days feel like they are moving in slow-motion. On the other hand, these bizarre Stephen King-like time altering days allow me to get a bunch of work done. I have to fill all these hours doing something. Yesterday I visited at the hospital. By the time I was done, I wanted to stay. When those beds look comfy, that's not good.

Honestly, I looked around the drug store the other day and seriously wondered if everyone else knew that the universe was only running on two pistons.

liz said...

W: Z010ft isn't working for me. It's just making me sleepy, and tense, and slightly nauseated, and thick-headed.

AW: I sent the doctor an email to let him know, and I have a therapy appointment today.

kathy a. said...

oh, liz. xoxo

Sue said...


Anonymous said...

--Neighbor Lady

esperanza said...

I am either sending the Baboos to the circus or running away myself. That is all.

liz said...


kathy a. said...

we could make a good circus. i'm pretty sure.

awards tomorrow p.m. omg, the work stuff. it's like an entire opera, played out in real time, these past 24 hours.

esperanza said...

You work in Italian? Very impressive.

esperanza said...

BTW, the Baboos and I are off to the grandparents till sometime late next week. I may be AWOL for next week's edition. But I guess you got that from the circus comment.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Oh Esperanza - Enjoy the Big Top! I'm glad you're going to the grandparents. And I hope the joy outweighs the inevitable frustration risk of loving, well-intentioned grandparents (at least that's the balance I'm always seeking)

Liz - Hope the therapist helps. Hugs!

Sue - when any part of the hospital looks better than home...yes, I hope you feel better soon!

KathyA - the full gamut in work projects is fascinating. Hope it is a tragicomedy at least.

Perhaps the anger is a crutch, but after trying to bend and bend and bend, and trying to reach him and thinking about being sad...I am going to stop squashing the anger for a while. I might even figure out a time/place where I can scream a bit. ha!