Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Not April Fool's Day Yet!

Yes, that is the big weekly award ceremony anti-whine! Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Taxes, the state of the universe these days, and medical issues put up a good fight this week, but the overall prize goes to Those Darned Kids We Love!

Liz wins Old Skool, with her tale of a son in "in a negative argumentative nothing is good enough space," lasting for a whole long time in the morning, and then escalating to a Last Straw just as it was time to run out the door. Hate when that happens. Esperanza is runner up with another argumentative child (although the A/W portion there is improving word skills!).

Neighbor Lady wins the Something Bad Happened With The Internet Award, which comes with a complimentary "not a bad parent" sash. All that, and strep, too.... Kudos to the kid who told on himself.

Sarah wins the Parenting Head-Explosion Challenge Prize, reporting that "my 10-year-old just spoke disparagingly about evolution." We trust that this has been discussed, and that you could use some cookies.

Big Picture Award to Miranda, who reminded us of so much left to do in NOLA, after all these years; and for her excellent observation about a more recent event, "Post racist society, my left hip!"

Good Mama Advice Award to Liz, for talking smartly with her boy about threats on the street.

Esperanza wins the Spousal Support Prize, for getting to play the part of the pastor's wife, even if she is one herself.

Kudos to not only the kid who told on himself, but to: doctors with a sense of humor; ministers who are there when someone needs them; friends who visit and help sort the hard stuff; persons who can summon "the look" in times of need; parental controls.

Cluesticks to: standardized testing that freaks kids out; canker sores; people who say "suck it up"; people messing up necessary tax forms; therapists who manage to make their clients feel defensive instead of giving guidance; blogger; complicated families; taxes in general; bad dreams; late-season snow; alarm clocks; and strep throat. A special fully-equipped Posse is heading out to visit the jerkface who deliberately misrepresented our Liz on the internet.

Love to those in need.

Congratulations to Sue, for getting relief! And also to our longtime pal, Yankee Transferred, who is a new grandma!


esperanza said...

Lovely awards, and hooray for YT!

Anonymous said...

Yay for YT!
And, thank you so much for the lovely awards. They really do help!

:) Neighbor Lady

Sue said...

Great awards!

Congrats and happy dance to YT!!!

Cluestick always at the ready for anyone who disses our Pixies. This week, the troll who went after our Liz should be on the lookout for a large "Flinstone Variety" cluestick! Sheesh.