Friday, March 2, 2012

Leaping toward chocolate in yoga pants

There is very significant support in the Pixiesphere for a floating Leap Year holiday, more chocolate for all, and the wonder of comfortable pants. May it be so!

Neighbor Lady wins the Fashionista Award, for mentioning the inexplicable tightness of her pants, leading to a lively discussion of bad pants. Runners up are Sarah, whose grandmother wore amazing shape-accommodating dresses, and Sue, who recommends yoga pants for all occasions. (One never knows what a preacher is wearing under that robe, does one?)

In a related vein, Esperanza wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for her shopping report: "Bah. Badly fitting pants. Tried on many, many pairs of jeans today. I would like them to fit, but not be a pair of tights. Is that too much to ask? Bah. Shopping. Blech." We could not have said it better!

Roller Coaster Award goes to Sue, for the joy of adjusting to new meds. Hugs and crossed fingers!

Ain't That the Truth Award for Sarah, who observes: "heard a newborn baby cry today and realized how much nicer it is than little kid cry."

Esperanza wins the Takes a Village Award, for the Baboos seeing cows! horses! baby goats! dogs! with their BFF's mama, which kinda balanced out the more stressful time at the developmental pediatrician's.

The Motivated Seller Award goes to JenR, who must be in about the 400th week of trying to sell her condo. This award comes with a magic wand, to conjure up interested buyers, and a supply of chocolate with which to bribe them.

For whatever ails you, the overwhelming recommendation this week is chocolate: dark chocolate, chocolate cake, girl scout cookies. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the pants complaints.

The Cluestick Posse will be visiting Sarah's (former, we hope) facebook friend with a message about not creating drama and trashing actual live people to the entire universe. Geesh. Never appropriate. And then we're circling back around for another go with the cluesticks, because honest to betsy, you're picking on Sarah??? What, you think she does not have enough going on without involuntary drama-hood?

Birthday congratulations to Sue's 90-year-old friend, who meets that milestone "funny, bright, healthy and full of spunk." That's what we want to do when we grow up.

Thanks for playing!


Sue said...

Great awards kathy! Thanks!

Yoga pants under the vestments = very zen minister. Happy, happy....:)

Anonymous said...

Great awards! It's not everyday (or any day) that I win a fashionista award! Many thanks!
:) Neighbor Lady

esperanza said...

oh, a Mullet! I'm overwhelmed at the honor.