Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh Right, It's My Turn

I hope you didn't have any Monday daytime whining, because I forgot I was hosting this week.

Anyway, I would like to register a complaint with this global warming business. Look, the *only* thing that makes Texas summers bearable is the thought that in say...mid-March...we can gloat to those Northerners about our beautiful 80 degree weather, sunshine, green grass, and wildflowers. So if those Northerners have the exact same weather, then we're just left being insanely hot for 8 months of the year. Wait. Is this some sort of punishment for our governor-presidential candidate track record?

Ahem. Whines, pixies?


kathy a. said...

well, it is going to be hard to beat a double-whammy global warming plus "governor-presidential candidate track record" whine, with a whoops on top. so, far as i'm concerned, esperanza is queen for the week.

kathy a. said...

so, yes, there are whines anyway!

all the rain we finally got (an AW because now we might not have drought this summer)leaked into my car. which frankly i did not notice, but my husband did, leading to a grand mopping of the flood and several loud sighs. (W)

my great organization of the next big thing project is, um, not exactly organized yet. oy.

the committee from hell sails on, but (AW) i think we do not have a conference call this week. thank dog.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Esperanza - as someone enjoying beautiful 70+ degree weather way up north...I am terrified we're going to have your summer too. I think I will melt.

Aw: Work is really busy and I remember why I like being busy and feeling competent.

AW: Very supportive friend is visiting for my birthday this weekend.

Whine: I have been weepy, but it is just the regular slog of grumpy people and arguments and gloom.

Miranda said...

esperanza - I am amazed at the weather we are having up here in the usual tundra. The sun has been a blessing.

W: My family. Gah. I posted a link to a local screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show and I had not one but *two* family members ask me when and where it was. IT's ON THE PICTURE IN THE THREAD YOU JUST POSTED IN. Gah.

W: I am heading into a meeting to mitigate the damage caused by "what we have hear is a FAILURE to COMMUNICATE."

W: I have another group of people who don't want to talk to one another....four desks away from each other.

W: To those who want me to initiate more process improvement directives, how about letting me get out of crisis management all the time so that I can collaborate with you all on best practices. Also, tell my bosses to quit having meetings.

AW: I'm really not that cranky. Life is good. But the petty stuff looms large this morning.

JenR said...

We have an accepted offer . It should make me happy but instead has left me in a tearful panic about the lack of nice houses in our price range. It makes us want to build, but that's a whole 'nother kind of panic.
Also, baby boy is scheduled for surgery in 3 weeks. It's low-risk and outpatient, but I'm still scared. At least he won't remember, right?
Big boy screamed, fought, and unbuckled his car seat repeatedly all the way to my mom's house this morning. Why? He didn't want to ride in my car, he wanted daddy's mp3 player in the other car. Omg
At least the weather is nice.

liz said...

My mantra this week is "this, too, shall pass. this, too, shall pass. this, too, shall pass" and then I think, "but what if it doesn't?"

And I just realized that, when feeling depressed about anti-women laws being introduced all over the country, "this, too, shall pass" is actually a really bad mantra to use.

Because it looks like it's coming true.

Sue said...

Oh no Liz. Oh no. I was hoping that the whole thing, when looked at from the wider lens - would freak out even the most conservative women.

JenR - congrats on the sale! Our eldest son had minor surgery at age 8, and I felt the same way. It was minor surgery, but still.... Anyway, it all went just fine and is very low on his list of "What To Share With My Therapist".

Miranda - big or small - all whines count and are welcome.

kathy a - as an expert on Committees from Hell (aren't they all, really?) I would encourage the fervent use of Liz' mantra "This too shall pass".

W: I was only in my office for about 30 minutes before the week's schedule was full. I mean - FULL. I don't know when I will pee or sleep. That's not good, right?

AW: Sabbatical is 19 days away!!!! Woot!!!

kathy a. said...

happy birthday, sarah!

miranda, cluesticks to various persons at your workplace. ugh.

((( jenr ))) crossed fingers for the househunting. and your baby boy! my son had surgery at about 6 months -- it is scary, but babies are amazingly resilient, and heal so fast.

liz, my inner bitch is feeling very active these days. my favorite news quote today (so far) is from a presidential candidate who opposes contraception -- he says this election is not about the economy, it is about an oppressive government taking away the people's freedom. !!!!

he must be using the Bizarro World Alternate Dictionary, because my definition of freedom means i get to make my own medical decisions.

kathy a. said...

pet W: our senior dog decided to celebrate spring this morning by digging up a pot on the patio, and eating the little pine seedling that formerly lived in the pot. ????

Sue said...

W: youngest son did not get into the BSW program at the university. Crap! They said it came down to too many applicants for a limited program, and the marks he got in his final BA year.

They failed to notice that those marks reflected the three jobs he was working to pay his tuition. They also failed to notice that one of those jobs was in Social Work! So, he has three years of working experience in a social work setting, but he can't get into a social work program.

They can fire placing bite me. Ass-hats.

liz said...


kathy a. said...

oh, sue. aaarrrggghhhh!

but tell your son this: to hold his head high. to keep finding ways to use his awesome skills and make a difference. to re-apply; to apply elsewhere; to think about other ways to pursue the same goals.

a dear friend of mine keeps re-inventing himself. he once mostly dropped out of law to get a teaching credential and teach middle school. he went for an MSW a few years ago! this is one of the most brilliant people i know. he hasn't followed a standard career path, but is always doing something good, learning something new, helping others. eyes on the prize.

Sue said...

The funny thing is, kathy, our son is not nearly as upset by it all as we are. He told his dad today that he was going to take a few extra women's studies courses (his major was in women's studies) that he was sorry to have missed in his undergrad because of scheduling.

Also, he's going to look for another job that is even more related to the field he's hoping to one day enter. In the meantime, he's okay with seeing what comes next.....

He's very cool.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Sue - I'm glad your son is taking it well. And it's OK to want the world to see how awesome it is. The next thing he finds will be better.

JenR - yay! for the house. And I hope the little one gets well soon.

Sue said...

Thanks Sarah. Our son is such a remarkable young man. It's just so hard to see him turned away from this program. He came for dinner and was talking about a similar program in Newfoundland (where hubby was born). Right now, he's thinking he will shake the dust off his feet from this university and head off to another.

AW: we raised resilient and confident young men.

......aaaaaaaaaaand, moment of Parental Proudness in 3,2,1........ :)

kathy a. said...

sue, add some pixie dust to that parental proudness! we're glowing a little from afar.

so -- i went and had wine and snacks with my best friend from high school this evening, and OMG WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? we do not do this enough!! we can go from zero to silly in 3 seconds, and then veer back to the serious -- and boy, there is some serious. her husband has a rare cancer, has had major surgery and chemo, is starting radiation. but we have kind of been there and done that with her mom, over 35 years ago, and so we slid back into silly, memories, stories -- all mixed up, but just easy as can be.

JenR said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JenR said...

So I deleted that on the off chance that someone could trace it back to me.
Anyway. Today sucks. Our buyer backed out.

Sue said...

Oh no JenR!!! I'm so sorry.

kathy a - agreed! Friends who have seen each other through good times and rough times should have mandatory wine and laughter nights.


So glad you had yours!

W: The sky is falling. Srsly. It is falling on my head. The barometric pressure is pushing the hot knife through to the other side of my head. This screen is about to go dark and I'm about to go home.

*Dang, but I'm sick of that whine. It's ok if you are too....

liz said...

I'm so sorry Jen R. Sending hugs.

And hugs to you, too, Sue. Sorry about the keppelah (Yiddish for "head").

kathy a. said...

oh, jen -- that suck suck sucks.

oh, sue. xoxox

AW: i got to squelch a bad rumor today!

W: my mailbox place is moving. this means another round of a couple hundred change of address cards, change of address emails, change of address filings in my cases (with proof of service to all interested parties), new business cards, remembering to change my address on correspondence, new return address labels, blahblahblah. my former mailbox place closed last year, so i remember the drill with some vividness.

Anonymous said...

I am not able to comment without leaving an email address on your other site, so I'll just give you a heads up here if nobody the links you made us aware of, but just below the recent post (at least on my browser) there is an ad with a click-through to sign a petition for "Defund planned parenthood" . Originally, I thought it said "Defend planned parenthood" which would have made sense to me....
Not sure if you knew that is popping up, or if you even have the capability of blocking, or what, or maybe the petition is not anti-choice....anyway, was just confused about it being there and wanted to give you the heads up.

On another note:
Hi pixies!!
Hope your head feels better Sue, and sorry about your son. As someone who has changed careers, and is still in the process, it sounds like your son really gets that it is the process itself that has to be worthwhile. You raised them great!

Kathy a. Oy about the address change!!!!
No fun!

JenR--so sorry about the offer. I bet the right people for your house are just around the corner for you....

And Liz--Happy Belated Birthday!

AW: beautiful weather, been biking with Neighbor Boy!

Happy Wednesday all!

:) Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

i nominate Neighbor Lady for the good neighbor award. she's putting a smile on my face.

Sarah at ratatat said...

JenR - oh that's bad news. I'm sorry.

Sue - so sorry for the aching head.

KathyA - no, not moving everything again! and yay for an old friend still being awesome.

Second Neighbor Lady for the good neighbor award!

AW: beautiful weather

W: Do I trust it will really be OK for my daughter to bring a toy gun for her Annie Oakley project? I am decidedly nervous - if you see us on the headline of weird news, remember me fondly.

Anonymous said...

Working at a school as I do, I would highly recommend that you get clearance from a teacher and possibly principal before sending it with her...

We would not take kindly to even a toy gun in my school I don't think...

Just a CYA kind of thought....

Perhaps she can make something representative out of cardboard if it is needed?

---Neighbor Lady

Sarah at ratatat said...

Her teacher OK'd it, but I am still having that same gut reaction of "oh no!" I like the cardboard idea.

liz said...

Thank you, Neighbor Lady!!

I'll contact google ads and ask them not to put that one on my site.

You can comment with a fake email address like

Sue said...

Thanks NL for being such a great, well, Neighbour!

kathy a - ugh. I remember the change of address process. Bleh.

W: Migraine has not let up. I'm at work, but thinking I'll be back home within the hour. It's not a good sign when it takes half an hour to get dressed.

I woke up with 7/10 and that rarely happens. I could try to plug through it, but I'm not sure that's wise. I also think part of the migraine is the beginning of yet another head cold. That's three, count 'em, three since Christmas. My head feels like a large bowling ball filled with snot.

W: I'm supposed to visit someone this afternoon who has a terrible congenital lung condition. It's time for Lenten home communion and she was really looking forward to it. I even brought face masks from home just in case I'm not leaking too much brain fluid out my nose by the afternoon.

Ah, but wiser minds prevail. Hubby sent me off with serious doubts about even entering her home. What is a head cold to me, is potential hospitalization for her. I'll call and reschedule.

AW: She is a former colleague. She will totally understand.

liz said...

Sue, I think your husband is wise. I also think that she will very much appreciate your being careful of her health.

I'm sorry about your head and your cold.

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz,
I'll use that address, thanks!
Sue, hope you feel better soon!

kathy a. said...

lost my earring
in the car of my beloved
which i am forced to drive because
he got all twisted about
the dampness of my rear floorboards
after the recent rain.
"didn't you even notice?"
so he is on a mission to dry.

i stopped wearing earrings
probably laziness
my ears get upset when i try again
except this time!
one misplaced tug of the purse
and out the earring went.

diligent search of the purse
turned up all manner of odd things
but not the earring.
not the earring that matches those
of all the daughters of my mom.

and some people should not complain
about the condition of other people's cars
if you know what i mean. ;)

it's just an earring.
maybe one of "the girls"
with a spare piercing
can use an extra.
maybe daughter.

liz said...

Kathy A. for Style!!!

And as to the earring, do you have a dustbuster? Use it to vacuum up the whole car floor, and then examine the dust bin of the buster. You may find it.

And if not, I am sending you hugs and love.

esperanza said...

kathy a, my car has a radio reprogramming second driver. I hear you about other people sticking their noses in other people's cars.

Having said that, I need to trade tomorrow because we invited a friend (!) and her son to go with the Baboos and me to the zoo. My car is too tiny for 3 car seats.

kathy a. said...

high-fiving esperanza about car trades. my beloved is 9 inches taller, so many corrections are needed, not even counting the radio.

the earring may turn up, unless it fell in this inaccessible place under the emergency brake. liz, we have a small vac with a re-useable filter. but boy howdy, you wouldn't believe all the junk in his car. i would not breathe a word except i hope he checks the vac filter next time he decides to clean it.

esperanza said...

ten inch difference here--mirrors, seats, seat backs, a jillion other things.

kathy a. said...

y'all knew what was inevitable, right? what was lost is now found, all due to whining! sadly, it was found in the driveway, under the car, forcing me to eat words. it must have gotten caught on my clothing or something. ah, well.

esperanza said...

Well, yay! you (er, someone) found it! Whining works!

Awards tomorrow, post-zoo.

liz said...

Yay for the magic of blogging the lost!!!