Monday, March 12, 2012

Lions and Lambs Whining

Hi Pixies!

I hope your March is going well. We've had snow and sunshine, and stand poised to break the record for "number of inches of snow received in a single winter." Of course, now that we are within a foot of the record, the skies cleared up (I am not sure if that is a Whine or an Anti-whine).

I'b got a code (cold) - W - and am having both literal and figurative grading nightmares (W! W! Is sleep not sacred? W!) but can feel spring on the way (AW). What's up in your world?


Miranda said...

Well this is timely. I leave for a week long trip to TX tomorrow morning by way of a stop to the office.

And I can't find my suitcase.

Because I loaned it to my ex the last time he traveled for work.

Which he never returned.

It is now 12:45 am in my timezone. I blame DST.

AW: I am going to meet a friend I have known online for years and her dh whom I have known longer, apparently, while in TX. That is going to be great.

redzils said...

Oy, Miranda! Is there a kid suitcase you can borrow?

Have a great trip!

Miranda said...

He returned in the middle of the night. My only other suitcase options were too small. What a relief.

liz said...

The song that is now in my head. Which is very much of an anti-whine.

Sue said...

Enjoy TX Miranda! I visited friends there a few tears ago. It was quite a culture shock for this Uber-Liberal Canadian, but I would go back in a heartbeat. My friends and I had a wonderful time!

Love the song Liz.

W: Stooooopid church politics yesterday morning Before Worship! People, if you're planning to rip me a new one for no good reason, do it after worship. Would it really kill you to allow me to feel good about worship - something I know I do well?

Sometimes, I'm sure I'm just re-living the movie Mean Girls at church every day. And we wonder why our pews aren't full.....

AW: 28 days until sabbatical. Ha! 28 days is the time people usually spend in rehab. Is there such a thing as church-hab?

AW: I will like my job better in September than I do right now.

liz said...

Ay-yi-yi, Sue. I'm so sorry. I've got my cluestick at the ready to beat your parishioner about the head and shoulders.

kathy a. said...

miranda -- yay about meeting friends! yay about getting your suitcase back! cluesticks about getting it back LATE LATE LATE.

nominate liz for the good earworm award. ;)

oh, sue -- joining the cluestick posse. even if something is deserving of attention -- if it can wait until sunday, it can wait until after the service.

kathy a. said...

AW: big clear-the-office project! 7 boxes of stuff i can't toss moved to another location, and i'm contemplating more. plus, despite my "can't toss anything" ways, wads of stuff to the beloved big recycle bin.

W: have not gotten so very far in organizing the Next Big Project. but now there is more room. and AW: some of it is getting checked off the list.

piddly whine of no substance whatsoever: my toenails are a mess, and i have no idea why i care in the least about that.

Sue said...

Kathy, we seem to have the same toenail issue at the moment. I can't be bothered to do anything about it, but when I happen to look, it bugs me.


liz said...

Sometimes getting someone to just give you a straight answer is like pulling teeth. But it's awesome when you finally wear them down to giving it to you.

kathy a. said...

go, liz!

Sue said...

Pixie Pom Poms for Liz! You seriously rock.

W: Same old. Feeling pecked to death by ducks.

AW: 27 days.

Sarah at ratatat said...

27 days Sue! Yes, you can endure. And boo for people who can't wait an whole hour to complain about something they probably shouldn't even complain about.

Liz - I am happy for you, even if that process of getting an answer sounds hard. I wish I could hire you to force people to talk.

KathyA - the clearing out the boxes - yay! Keep on!

Miranda - woohoo for TX trip! I have a soft spot for TX. And glad the suitcase appeared, if frustratingly late.

Whine: the holding pattern in which we're working through the divorce is perhaps healthy, as we;re going slow and acting carefully and letting the kids adjust. And yet, I am terribly impatient. Even though I am slowing things down. Ugh.

AW: beautiful weather. Wow.

kathy a. said...

((( sarah ))) it's a good thing to put the kids first. one day, this will all be behind you.

rain rain rain -- this week will make up for an unusually dry winter.

W: my beautiful wonderful daughter seems stuck. she says she is applying for jobs; i know it is true this is a terrible time to look. mostly she is mucking around on the computer all night and sleeping much of the day. she really really needs to get out and do something, even volunteer work; see people, learn things, get out of the house. i don't know how to move that process along without sounding like a total nag -- i am so ready to permanently retire from nagging.

kathy a. said...

also, my head seems to be popping about all the attacks on women. every one of us who has used birth control is a slut. defunding of family planning services -- with an array of reasons ranging from "just put an aspirin between your knees" to "this will solve the budget deficit." (hint: the latter is a major presidential candidate.) a bill in AZ letting doctors LIE to women if the ultrasound shows fetal abnormality, if the doctor doesn't like abortion -- what the hell ever happened to professional obligations? compulsory vaginal ultrasound in TX before abortion -- and this showing up in doonsbury is considered by some papers to be inappropriate, even if it is factual.

pop. pop. pop. the one about lying to a pregnant woman whose fetus either won't survive or will suffer greatly -- maybe that's the last pop i can stand. WTF is the objective here? i know people who have decided to take the baby to term anyway; and i know that was their own informed choice, and one they would not impose on anyone else.

also -- i thought contraception was settled before i came of age. i'm 54 years old, and Do Not Have Patience for this.

Anonymous said...

Kathy a. : amen!
--Neighbor Lady

liz said...

Sing it, Kathy!!

kathy a. said...

so anyway, it's pi day, which means pie day! got daughter up before noon, and she made little chocolate cream pies!

only, they aren't setting up. my beloved was getting kind of blamish -- did she get the mix to a full boil? not my job. i figure the tiny pies and extra pudding will be just fine with a little whipped cream. and next time, she'll follow package directions more closely.

Sue said...

Amen Kathy!!

I try to stay out of American political discussions....especially since our present Prime Minister is a complete Conservative douche.

But all of this nonsense about women! My word - it feels like the sixties every time I turn on the US news. I may need to bring a Canadian posse down your way. We will cause havoc, but you we'll also apologize after..... *grin*

Kathy, I'm all about pudding AND pie for Pi day. It works.

AW: got my TWLOHA t-shirt today! I was hoping I would have it in time for "Wear your TWLOHA shirt" day on March 30.


W: Bad run of head pain this week. Hovering around 7/10 most of today. Now I've hit 8/10, so it's ice and bed for me.

AW: going to pain clinic March 28. Not a moment too soon....

Sarah at ratatat said...

Oh Sue, 8/10 is bad. I'm sorry!

And Amen KathyA! I can't understand how we can still be fighting about birth control. Argh!

Yay for Pi Day.

I am impatient and grumpy. Sigh.

liz said...

Sue, sorry about the pain, but glad about the pain clinic appointment.

And yes, bring a Canadian posse down here!

esperanza said...

Trip to grandparents was mostly AW material.

W: apparent food poisoning for me.

AW: Daddy was available to take Baboos to their doctor appointments shortly after our arrival home. (Ear infection follow up for Mini; nasty congestion moving into eye goop for Sweet).

W: regular pediatrician is on vacation.

kathy a. said...

yay, a canadian posse! yay, grandparents! yay, daddy-shuttle!

boo on pain + food poisoning. and pediatricians on vacation -- how dare they??

W: this particular do-good committee is going to make me insane. wish me luck in today's conference call.

Sue said...

Good luck Kathy!

Esperanza - the Universe owes you...BIG TIME. Srsly? All that and food poisoning too? That's just wrong.

kathy a. said...

i'm still winding down from that committee call. i left it 2 hours ago -- somebody was knocking on the front door and scaring my daughter, which seemed a good enough reason to say bye. have since cooked dinner, and daughter got past a sewing glitch.

i've got some allies on this committe, rational people. two couldn't do the call today, and i wound down some with another one -- think she and i are friends for life now, because our takes are pretty close. at least we have enough heft to keep them from crashing the boat on our piece of the project, so to speak. at least not yet.

esperanza said...

Oh, kathy a., I hate conference calls, and especially those kinds. Yuck.

I perhaps overstated the "food poisoning" comment. What would be less wishing me ill will? slightly malevolent food illness? In any case, I'm not feeling 100% but am hungry (which is never the case when I have a tummy bug), so I will eat some saltines and put myself to bed.

Thankfully, the Baboos and I did not share food at lunch.

And, AW from the trip and today: "excessively shy" Sweet (per the pedi specialist) walked into a strange Sunday School, of her own initiative and accord and did not look back. And, took an unfamiliar doctor in stride with no hesitation today. Ha! take that, specialist! In all seriousness, I simply can't figure out when the excessive shyness will hit her. So it's hard to help her cope when I don't know what are the triggers. Sigh. Says the probably-excessively-shy-at-her-age-Mama.

W: presence of super! high! energy! cousin all week did not allow for any esperanza-recharging time. Poorly sleeping baboos were also at fault. Glad to be home on both of those fronts.

kathy a. said...

go, sweet! glad you are feeling better, esperanza, but my goodness -- the high energy cousin sounds better in smaller doses.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Esperanza - I hate food unpleasantness. Hope your recover. from that and the extra cousin time.(I always feel bad because I usually find other people's children exhausting)

KathyA - yay for allies. And hope you can steer the project to success.

Whine: I am making a lot of peace with how things are. Finding the bright spots. Crying (alone) about the hard spots. And I am now caught between sad and mad and WTF that my daughter called my husband and he said he was homesick. It was a 5 minute conversation and he thought that was the right thing to say?!?!

Just venting. I'm sure the rollercoaster of emotions will keep zooming. And he'll go back to saying I make him sad. And he's happier when he's not here. (I am aware I am probably not objective and everyone can have their own feelings and blah blah blah, but I hope the pixies will receive this with the spirit of whining and not a deposition.)

kathy a. said...

oh, sarah - wtf indeed when mr. big guy has to spend his 5 minutes with your daughter going waa waaaaa about being "homesick." was this not his choice? and who exactly is the child in this conversation??????

so i am very glad to see that you have ze bright spots! definitely award-worthy. xoxo

esperanza said...

whine away, Sarah. And I'm impressed you're working so hard to find peace and bright spots. Rock on.

And I find my *own* children exhausting, not to mention someone else's. I felt guilty for finding her so darn annoying at points. She is adorable, and precocious, and never stops.'s where it hurts...several months younger than Sweet yet miles ahead of her. Sigh. But she's still exhausting, that aside.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Thank you. I am trying not to think too hard about him having choices because I think I do better when this feels inevitable.

Oh Esperanza - yes, I find mine exhausting too. My mom is my Anti-whine 1000x over because I get a chance to catch my breath often enough that I can even pretend I am breathing.

And the cousin being younger, I'm sorry. That must makes things so hard. Hugs and sympathy.

kathy a. said...

omg, our own kids are always more exhausting. almost always, because of the 24/7 thing. we really liked having other kids around to play, because they all distracted each other enough to let us enjoy it.

except the really wound-up kids; they are a little harder because they never stop.

i would not worry much about the wound-up cousin being younger. there are so many differences in early development.