Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pi Day Awards

Arctic North Newsflash! We have not hit the snow record yet, but we are only three inches away! Don’t worry, I will keep you posted on this excitement…

Happy Pi Day to All!

Miranda wins the Bon Voyage Award for her trip to Texas. Her ex gets a light cluesticking for borrowing her suitcase and keeping it until the middle of the night before her trip. It’s a light cluesticking only, because he did come through on the delivery.

esperanza wins the Whine of Substance Award for describing a trip that involved a bout of food poisoning for her as “mostly Anti-Whine material.” We are glad it was a good trip, but it is time for the universe to cut you a break, let the baboos sleep through the night, and give mama a little introvert time.

kathy a gets the Spring Forward (Into A New Project) Award for clearing out her office and preparing for The Next Big Thing. You are an inspiration to us all.

Sue and kathy a share this week’s Old Skool Prize for the anti-pedicures.

Pixie Love to Sarah at ratatat and the Holding Pattern Prize for “going slow and acting carefully and letting the kids adjust.” These are all good things, even when they are crazy-making. May all the grown ups in your world act like grown ups this week.

The Cluestick Posse is out in force this week and will be paying visits to the Mean Girls at Church; the politicians who missed the memo about whose bodies they get to control (hint: do you brush this body's teeth? If not, you don’t get to make its medical decisions); headache pain; grown ups acting petulant; and the conference call spiral.

Have a great weekend, Pixies, and see you next week!


kathy a. said...

lovely awards, redzils!

esperanza said...

I nominate redzils for the Clear-Thinking, Reasonable Politician Award (if only such a thing existed).

Great awards, redzils! Stay warm. For your accurate record keeping, we have gotten 0" of snow this season. ;)

liz said...

Redzils, I am stealing your hint.

kathy a. said...

go liz go! (and redzils, love that hint, too.)

we might actually get snow on the high hills tonight! daughter and dad just got hailed upon at the S.F. waterfront. we're getting leftovers from redzils' state!

Sue said...

Great awards recalls!

I may be the odd one out here, but I'm totally hoping that you break the snowfall record. It's so exciting when that happens!!!!

kathy a. said...

sue, why the odd one out? it would break snowfall records here for one inch to happen at my low elevation, so maybe i shouldn't vote at all. but if you're going to have a big fat winter of snow, why not a few inches more?

besides, the arctic leftovers are helping push us out of drought.

i'm meeting up with my best friend from high school next week; when she mentioned possible rain, i mentioned that we could just perform "singing in the rain," since we sang all kinds of silly things back in the day. we crack ourselves up. ;)

redzils said...

Liz - and anybody else - steal away!

Sue - I hope we get there too. I wouldn't mind if it quit snowing after that though - I am running out of places to put the snow I take out of my driveway.

esperanza - I will add that to my records, thanks :)