Friday, December 2, 2011


Esperanza wins "Bringing the Bodily Fluids" award with her potty-training woes. On the plus side, her daughter is wicked smart.

Amy wins Elevated Risk of Mullet with this Anti-Whine:
AW: at least I shouldn't have to mop my floor again before Christmas.
Because that, there? That just says it all.

Jen R wins the Brevity award for
Tired and no breaks in sight. :-(

And Sue wins for Style because Fab-You-Luss HAIRCUT!! And good chatting! WOOT! I do hope the ringing in the ears goes away pronto, my dear.

Sending out the pre-emptive Cluestick Posse to the Sue's dad's professional College in the hopes that it will keep them from forcing his retirement. Not all 80-year-olds are unable to continue in their very necessary work, and I hope that the College will give a favorable assessment to Sue's dad!!

Sending out the regular Cluestick Posse to Sue's Presbytery Executive for giving her a hard time about her upcoming (and badly needed) sabbatical.

Cursing the Universe for the existence of fireplacing Cancer, and the fact that little children can get it, and that happy quilts can't cure it (though they make some of it easier to bear).

And sending hugs and love to Kathy A, who has to deal with a legally, mentally, and personalitily (is that a word?) troubled sister-in-law.

KLee basically summed it up with this gem:
Ugh. Just got back off Thanksgiving Break, and already looking forward to Christmas Break. Oy.

Which brings us to this gem by Tom Lehrer (always handy with the perfect song for the occasion):

Which reminds me that I'm doing Twenty-five Songs for the December Holidays over at MysteryMommy. One song every day through Christmas. Including a recent Hanukkah one from Mr. Lehrer, who is still alive and kicking, but not recording or touring, darn it.

And that's it for this week!


kathy a. said...

lovely awards, as always, liz!

"personalitily troubled" is a perfect and appropriate description, and if it wasn't in the lexicon before, it is now. ;)

Sue said...

Thanks Liz!! I love the Christmas Carol video. I've bookmarked my new favourite artist - Tom Lehrer.

Thanks pixies!

esperanza said...

Yay for Liz's awards show! Thanks! Mini had an accident-free day, though not a manipulation-free one. Sweet, not so much. Sigh.