Saturday, December 17, 2011

Late Late Late

Apologies for the seasonal procrastination disorder leading to these late awards!

Liz wins the Seven Dwarves Award, complaining that she was currently "Sleepy (sitting in training), Dopey (forgot where I parked my car, see training), Sneezy (allergies), Happy (kitchen success), Grumpy (get your stuff off my place at the table! You promised you'd stop doing that), Bashful (sorry I yelled at you, Hon), and Doc (I apply a terrific band-aid)." Cranky joined the crew later.

You Go Girl Award to Sarah, who is maintaining some cheeriness despite the divorce, which is kinda disconcerting to the soon-to-be-ex.

Art Mom Award to Days, who had some fun crafty time with the little one while the other kids were off doing their things. Jealous!

The Jinx Award goes to Esperanza, whose mention of accident-free days led to -- you guessed it.

Sue wins the Best Antiwhine Award, for her report of a parishioner recovering well from a stroke; the twinkle in the eye has returned!

Esperanza wins the Holiday Miracle Award, as they got several cute photos in only one hour of posing! And the sitting fee waived!

The Good Housekeeping Award goes to Liz, for her fabulous suggestion about preparing for holiday guests: "Stock up on good food and beverages and then set up candles and Christmas lights. Turn off the overheads. Boom. Instant clean house."

The Avoiding Family Angst Award belongs to Sue, who anti-whined of missing a party at the home of the most annoying individual in the family tree. Unfortunately, we do not recommend the reason -- migraine + more with the post-concussion. Wishing a good recovery on both, Sue.

Sarah wins the Weather Anti-Whine Award: No snow yet! In Wisconsin! White Christmas is pretty, but there is only so much winter a person needs each year.

The Chatterbox Award goes to Esperanza's Mini, who is celebrating her mastery of teh spoken word by practicing about 39 hours per day!

Thanks for playing!

1 comment:

Sue said...

Great awards kathy!

I wasn't up to much in the way of comments this week, so let me just say that Pixies are simply awesome! Liz, the candle thingy - I am SO going to use that. Xmas day around here is a disaster, given that by then it's been a month since I cleaned much of anything. Instead of trying to catch up in a few hours before dinner - a nap and some candles.

Works for me.

Have a good week everyone.