Friday, December 23, 2011

Universal Declaration of No Drama

We, the Pixies of the World, recognizing that people are gathering together in the Holiday Spirit and celebrating their festivities of choice, hereby declare the Holidays to be a Drama-Free Zone.

Should anything threaten to create drama, we shall take appropriate measures to restore peacefulness to our respective locations and selves, including but not limited to: pretending the untoward event did not happen; sticking fingers in our ears and singing LALALALA or a seasonally appropriate alternative; employing measures of distraction; letting others help with necessary tasks; chilling out; and trusting in our own resourcefulness no matter what.

See? Attitude is everything! This thread will remain open through the weekend, though, just in case of emergency whines and anti-whines.

Moving along to the awards, KLee wins the Community Spirit Tiara for organizing the very popular and successful cookie exchange! ~wild applause~ This was an inspired and inspiring idea, not to mention yummy.

Liz wins the Style Award for her seasonal haiku, which doubles as a recipe tip:

A Haiku to the Scent of Latkes that Remains on My Hands Despite Vigorous Washing.

Potatoes, onions
Two eggs, flour, salt, pepper
And oil. Lots of oil.

Esperanza earned the Old Skool Award for her classic whine: "When does school start again?"

The winner of the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award is Days, whose children complain -- despite bulging pantry and fridge -- that "There's nothing to eat." We diagnose Extended Vacation Behavior Syndrome, a common and contagious seasonal affliction cured by return to school. (See, e.g., Old Skool Award.)

Runner-up for Mullet is Liz, who -- after various discussions of cookies and latkes -- advised: "In totally unrelated news, I can't button my pants. They must have shrunk in the wash."

Lovely Anti-Whine Award goes to Neighbor Lady, who reported: "I am hearing my kiddos singing Hanukkah songs in the other room right now." Awwwww... Bah humbug and banishment to the vertigo.

Sarah receives the Miracle of Lights Award, returning to a comforting tradition during a time that is pretty upside-down. You are NOT lazy! Hugs and best wishes as you work through this transition to a different life.

JenR wins the Almost Had A Night Off Award, as her 3 year old agreed to a sleepover at Grandma's! Which, as these things sometimes go, lasted only 2 hours. Sigh. But as we say in the parenting biz, Progress!

Amy wins the Stretched Too Thin Award, with many runners up. Breathe!

The Itchy and Scratchy Award goes to Sue, who conquered HIVES, yikes, possibly from the favorite seasonal coffee beverage. On top of this being such a busy week, and a pulled back (yay for massage), and more with the head pain. Oy! But it is fab fab fab that you get Sunday off!

The Good Housekeeping Tip of the Week Award goes to Esperanza, who assures us that rubbing oniony hands on smooth stainless steel (not steel wool!) is the cure. Liz, however, wins the Hostess With the Mostest Award for the silver lining: "I don't mind the smell, at all. Actually, I rather like it. But it's making me hungry." Her latkes are so good, they made us all hungry, even over the internets.

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Joyous Solstice, Festive Festivus, and may we all look forward to a New Year of many anti-whines.

See you next week, when the delightful Redzils will host!


liz said...

Terrific awards!

Sue said...

Thanks kathy!! Excellent awards as always, but with a special holiday theme. Yay!

Happy holidays pixies. In whatever way you mark the season, may it bring you joy!

KLee said...

Jen R's box full of yummy deliciousness was crammed into my mailbox today! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

JenR said...

Oh good! I'm glad it got there before the weekend. enjoy!

In other news, my little guy somehow switched my iPad to use a split keyboard (like ergonomic except not really - just annoying). Must go now and find that setting :-(

esperanza said...

Sewing projects mostly done. What isn't done is getting an IOU (thanks for that idea, kathy a). I'm saving the other for Mini's birthday at the end of January, I think.

Still have to do the wrapping, which is apparently my job (sigh). I actually like it, but not when I'm so rushed.

KLee said...

Jen R. -- we ate the WHOLE loaf of bread, and were too stuffed to do more than sample the cookies, but man, were they good! I feel a little chintzy -- all I made for Kathy a. was a double batch of praline cookies! I should have made something else as well.....

And, since Kathy has yet to GET her package, I am hoping that the Postal Gods smile on us both and deliver it first thing in the morning. There *IS* delivery on Christmas Eve, isn't there?!?!

kathy a. said...

Yay, Esperanza -- you are a sewing genius!

Yay, cookies! KLee, yes the postal person delivers on Christmas Eve. Mine probably deserves something, seeing how my stupid dog barks at him every. single. day. (And excuuuse meee, but a double batch of anything, much less praline cookies, is above and beyond.)

JenR -- got nothing on little people re-setting electronic options. Fa LA LA LA LA.

liz said...

Now I feel chintzy because all JenR got was a single batch of chocolate Dropkins. But, in my defense, that's usually all a family can handle in one season.

kathy a. said...

Merry Christmas to all who are celebrating!