Monday, December 19, 2011

All the kitties were snuggled together on the couch...

Yes, also the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, and etc. My cats are celebrating that quiet time before the influx of residents late tomorrow, and they are bonded together in the front room because That Dog might turn up again in the bedroom.

Junior Dog has apparently been stressed by the absence of her Master -- totally forgetting who exactly feeds her -- and she has orchestrated five (5) breakouts in 2 days. Your host, who is not the Dog Person or the Fence Person in this family, has collected the dog on all occasions, run several fence inspections, and employed a quantity of strategically-placed bungee cords and some spare fencing to correct the problem(s). Your host is also not above outright bribery of canines in the service of Not Losing The Beloved's Favorite Dog, which kinda ticks off the felines. Don't worry, the cats will find a way to thank me.

But in good news, my beloved and daughter will be home late tomorrow! Really, really late.

And another AW: I don't think I got poison oak during the fence repair adventure! Even though there is some up there.

Um, I have not quite gotten around to stashing things that should get out of the way before the big day with relatives. But on the up side, who cares? Oh, who am I kidding. This week will include several performances of me impersonating a house elf.

But the big AW is: this is going to be a nice holiday! No drama.

What's happening at your place?


liz said...

AW: My boss brought in doughnuts for the few of us who are here this week.

W: I am one of the few of us who are here this week.

Sue said...

Good work on the Dog Retrieval Biz kathy a. (funny, I always the dogs were the retrievers, but as a cat person, I can't be sure....) :) Also, I'm glad to hear about non-stressful family holidays. The best kind, every time.

Aw Liz, I hear ya. Perhaps the donuts will help with that feeling that all the rats have abandoned the ship. (Of course, THEY are rats, you who stay behind = NOT rats).

Happy Hannukah to all who celebrate. And if I've spelled it incorrectly, sorry!

W: Also working ALL. WEEK. LONG. Gah. I don't come up for air until Sunday morning.

AW: Yaaaaaayyyyy!!!! We're not having a Christmas Day service here. It was decided that only one United Church on each end of town would hold worship on the Big Day. And it's not ours. So this Christmas bunny is stayin' home in her jammies. WOOT!

W: Pulled a muscle in my back yesterday. It's a bit better today, but I really did a number on it. It was the old "Lift and Twist at the Same Time" move that did me in. Happens every time. One day I will learn. Or not. ~eye roll~

AW: Massage therapist fit me in for later today. I lubs her. My back will also lub her.

W: Don't even ask about my head. Ugh.

liz said...

Hooray for not having to work on Christmas, Sue!!

But boo for having pulled a muscle. Glad your masseuse could fit you in.

kathy a. said...

liz -- more donuts for you! because there might not be enough calories at hand the next week or so.... ;)

sue -- ouch! but yay for the massage. and for the day off, after all the seasonal busy busy busy!

yay, redzils will host next week!!

W: junior dog proudly escaped again, but returned to the back gate to permit the concierge to let her back in. she has evidently decided the Escape Challenge is the Best Game Evah.

i was done with holiday shopping, but my beloved is now getting gift cards to cover supplies for the festive Holiday Fence Re-Construction. also, the elf had better bake some thank-you gifts for the neighbors who returned beloved's Sweet Little Baby Girl, who is currently on a time out in the garage.

Sue said...

You are a fine house-elf kathy. And a busy one!!!

liz said...

For those of you who have not seen this on FB today, a bit of Hannukah cheer:

kathy a. said...

go, liz! everybody go browse her official holiday series on ze blog; but i think this one is a bonus. :)

grandma's box is ready to ship!

esperanza said...

W: Sweet is picking up on Mini's manipulative potty ideas and adapting them for her own nefarious purposes.

W: which saw us stopping at a gas station to use their facilities today.

AW: which was great! fun! for two of the three of us!

kathy a., how do you know ahead of time that it will be a drama-free holiday? You live a much more predictable life than I, apparently.

Sue, hugs and some extra rest when you can squeeze it in.
AW: at least they both actually *used* said facilities.

W: still have way too much to do this week. And no ideas for brother/SiL's gift.

AW: since I made candy last week, there is lots of chocolate to accompany frantic sewing.

Sue said...

Hugs to Esperanza for potty woes times two.

Standing ovation, however, for "frantic sewing"- two words never used in my life. Like ever.

AW: massage. Wonderful, blissful massage. Still some back ouch, but much, much better than earlier today. Yay!!

esperanza said...

Huh, that whine got all mixed up in itself. It's all there, just the paragraphs are more stream-of-consciousness than usual for me. Weird.

Frantic sewing leads to lots of mistakes, which leads to ripping out. Bah, humbug.

Hooray for massage.

kathy a. said...

esperanza -- no drama relatives are coming to the house, and i'm declaring no drama.

which is not to say we will be drama-free. i've already gotten the passive-aggressive holiday card, and am expecting shoes to drop. but LA LA LA LA, not my problem. ;)

Sarah at ratatat said...

KathyA - may Junior Dog be the only drama in your holidays. And hope he stays inside the yard soon.

Esperanza - I hate it when they figure out they can ask to use the potty and we will most likely stop. Ugh. Much sympathy.

Sue - yay for Christmas day in jammies. And boo for the headaches and backaches.

Liz - yay for donuts and Chanukah cheer!

Whine: we usually light the candles at least once or twice each Chanukah. Usually with a family friend, whom I have not heard from lately. I am feeling lazy this year, but that seems a rotten reason to not to something that is both soothing and the kids enjoy.

AW: my mom engineered a terrific visit to Santa for my 3 year old with a v bored mall Santa.

W: I only saw the picture. I wonder if the transition to working FT (nothing yet) will be harder than the divorce. That sounds terrible to say.

kathy a. said...

sue -- glad the massage helped! that sounds so lovely.

esperanza -- i believe you have an entire book in the works about the Potty Adventures. it would be a best-seller!

why don't you give your brother and SIL a special certificate, promising to Sew Something They Want? who wouldn't love that?

kathy a. said...

((( sarah ))) pull out the menorah and do a little something, just amongst who is there. it's a tradition and a comfort, so just do it.

also, you aren't "lazy" this year; life's been whomping you a bit. the split is hard enough; caring for 3 kidlets is a boatload already; and trying to find f/t work right now? that's a challenge, on top of the other challenges. xoxo

liz said...


Esperanza, Amazon has footed pjs for grown-ups. Get them matching pairs.

esperanza said...

pj's are a good idea. SiL herself sews, quite well. Hm. Still thinking. Need to come up with something pdq.

I'm hoping the Potty Adventures will fade in memory, like labor is supposed to do (didn't do much of that myself, so I can't say exactly).

esperanza said...

Two sets of pj's down, one pj's to go and one towel wrap thingie. I'm beginning to think I'll make it.

Is it weird that now I'm jealous of those of you lighting Chanukah candles? Sounds very nice. Hope you can enjoy.

Sue said...


I agree with the others.....light the candles. Anything that warms the heart is a good thing.

kathy a. said...

daughter's home! let the laundry begin!

JenR said...

Liz - thank you for the treat!

Sarah - Cabela's santa is closer than the mall, much nicer, and only available on weekends... so maybe that's an option for next year. Also - are you completely dairy free, or is a little milk in a bread recipe ok? I'm making GF almond bread for my neighbor and I'll have an extra loaf - but it does have milk.

liz said...

JenR, it was my pleasure!!

esperanza said...

When does school start again?

Anonymous said...

Vertigo has returned. Not good timing!
Neighbor Lady

p.s. Happy Hannukkah. I am hearing my kiddos singing Hanukkah songs in the other room right now---definitely an antiwhine

kathy a. said...

esperanza is a sewing rock-star! that question about school starting again is a classic, but why do you ask?

(( NL )) uck on the vertigo. yay about the singing!

Sue said...

NL, sorry about the vertigo. Been there. So not fun. Singing, however, tons of fun!

I would like a do-over of the week. Oh wait, it's only Wednesday! Good grief....between a sore back, the evil knife in my right temple, ringing in my left ear and now - bonus! - hives, well heck, it's just a GREAT week.

*shakes fist at Universe*

Yep, it would be Christmas week. Fer sure...... ~eye roll~

esperanza said...

kathy a., just Mama Overload. Mini has a cold and is whiny and bored. Sweet is short-tempered, probably also bored. Mini will be joining Sweet at preschool 2 days a week after the first of the year. I have no idea what I'll do with myself, but I'm looking forward to trying it out!

Sewing update: all 3 pj's done! One wrap left.

W: inconsiderately timed funerals. Hubby had one this week, which used up his extra time, which was going to become my time to get some work done. Had to resort to babysitter. I guess his funeral honorarium can go to the babysitter.

JenR said...

Aw: 3-yr old agreed to a sleepover at Grandma's last night.

W: Had to go get him 2 hours later because he was crying that he missed his daddy.

AW: Baby stayed there, so at least we got to sleep the rest of the night.

W: Except for that part where I stayed up late wrapping gifts, then decided to read for a few minutes that turned into an hour.

AW: work week done in 6 hours.

Sue said...

JenR - counting down the 6 hours! Sweeeeeet!

Esperanza - babysitter to conduct a, that's so unfortunate on so many levels. I have a funeral next Wednesday. I figure the only thing worse than a Christmas funeral is being the family who is grieving.

At least I'm consistent in that regard. I've never had a Christmas week, or the one between Xmas/New Years without at least one funeral. In 13 years! I was seriously waiting for yesterday's call, and sure enough....

Sarah at Ratatat said...

Sue - you remind me my week is easy, but wow, hope the aches and pains and head stabbing slows to a minimum.

JenR - yay for sleepovers. He'll stay next time. And sadly, all dairy free. I hope not forever.

Esperanza - you are a sewing rock star!

We'll do the candles tonight. And it will feel good. Thanks.

Whine: unbloggable but I hate not hearing back from someone who said they would contact me.

liz said...

A Haiku to the Scent of Latkes that Remains on My Hands Despite Vigorous Washing.

Potatoes, onions
Two eggs, flour, salt, pepper
And oil. Lots of oil.

Days said...

Dealing with some terrible behaviour from out oldest and trying to pull those last few things together for the holidays is exhausting and I'd guess that most of the pixies can relate. I'll try to pop back in later to commiserate more thoroughly. In the meantime, my kids want you all to know "There's nothing to eat" despite the overstocked cupboards and bulging fridge.

Sue said...

((Days)) 'tis the season...

Liz is rockin' the Style this week!!!

AW: Compared to the first part of the week, today is most excellent indeed. I've managed to get a bunch of work done, visit with a lovely family about next week's service, and I've stopped scratching.

Still not sure what caused the hives, but I fear it may be my favourite Yuletide beverage - the Peppermint Mocha at St*rbucks. Wah.

Either way, today I am far less itchy, scratchy, and b*tchy. That's good. Very good.

kathy a. said...

JenR -- you're halfway to a sleepover!

Bleah, Sarah. Hate the waiting in such a situation.

Liz is a'stylin'.

Oy, Days! My beloved keeps threatening to break into the Christmas ham. Old joke based on the exact whine from "starving" kids in years past.

Sue is losing elves this week. I'm not sure what to call that award. ;)

Awards sometime Friday, so keep on! That post will also be an open thread, for any emergency holiday whining.

esperanza said...

Hm. I see I wasn't clear.
In my dream world of this week, hubby was going to stay at home with the girls with his "free" time for an afternoon or so. That way I could work on stuff for Christmas Eve. Inconsiderately timed funeral ate up hubby's "free" time. But I still needed to work. Hence, the babysitter. $$ for babysitter will come from funeral.

Here's hoping my Christmas Eve sermon will be clearer than that.

Liz gets Old Skool for lingering potato/onion/oil smell. (Have you tried rubbing your hands on stainless steel?)

kathy a. said...

esperanza!! OUCH OUCH OUCH! my poor thumb has split spontaneously, just from the cold and dry air and all the washing/cooking/cleaning. steel wool???

one of my goals is to not bleed on the food. or the presents. or the guests. i think if someone believes a holiday elf should not smell like onion, that person is a grinch.

liz said...

I don't mind the smell, at all. Actually, I rather like it. But it's making me hungry.

And I already ate 7 of them. Large ones.

Sue said...

Esperanza - I figured it was something like that. I don't know how double-clergy folks do it. Srsly. Recently, friends of mine had to deal with a barfy child on a Sunday morning when both were preaching on opposite sides if the (big) city. All of their usual sitters go to their churches. It was so stressful for all of them. In the end, a grandma made a bit of a drive through the night to stay home with the baby.

Makes my head spin just imagining the logistics of it all.

esperanza said...

nonononono! Not steel wool! Ouch! Just stainless steel--like your sink or a mixing bowl or something nice and smooth.

And now I really really want some fried potatoes of some sort, latke or no.

Sue, been there and done that with feverish/barfy child and church-related babysitters. Our children *only* get sick on Saturday nights. Really, universe? I need to cultivate some non-churchy friends, clearly, to provide Sunday morning emergency babysitting.

liz said...

If you lived nearer, Esperanza, I would be your go-to sitter.

kathy a. said...

Mmmm, fried potatoes. Maybe that's what's missing from the menu...

My daughter has a dental appointment in 5 minutes. She is an adult; has not even been home for a visit in 9 months. And lo, there has been maternal prodding. Yes, she will still be late.

kathy a. said...

The dentists are family friends -- because our daughter and their son were classmates for many years. True story: daughter lost her first tooth at their son's birthday party, during the cake portion of the proceedings.

We decided that there is some dental ethical rule about not receiving gooey cookies at the office. But they totally deserve some.

KLee said...

Kathy a, any sign of cookies yet?

KLee said...

Also, did everyone else get their packages from the Cookie Swap?

esperanza said...

Yes, mmmmmmmmmmm, cookies arrived. Thanks for organizing, KLee.

liz said...

I got mine! KathyA.'s baked bars of goodness were eaten three times a day. Sharing was done with deep reluctance.

amy said...

esperanza's peanut brittle was AMAZING! A-MAY-ZING, I say!

In whines, I am stretched too thin. It's like a Christmas tradition or something.

liz said...

In totally unrelated news, I can't button my pants. They must have shrunk in the wash.

esperanza said...

well, if you want envy-inducing details, redzils sent me the most chocolately chocolate cookies DIPPED in more chocolate.

I have amy's stretched whine, too.

kathy a. said...

KLee -- I'll check again this morning. Made them search the shop the other day, to see if it was misplaced. Crossing fingers the cookies turn up, because I know they are delish! And you did such a wonderful job organizing the swap -- it's tres unfair that your box seems to have taken a detour.

liz said...

Einy Klaveeny Klibidv'vak, everyone!