Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I always will remember, 'twas a year ago November... (edited to add the actual song for Sue)

...I went out to hunt some deer
On a morning bright and clear
I went and shot the maximum the game laws would allow
Two game wardens, seven hunters, and a cow.

I was in no mood to trifle
I took down my trusty rifle
And went out to stalk my prey
What a haul I made that day
I tied them to my fender and I drove them home somehow
Two game wardens, seven hunters, and a cow.

The law was very firm it
Took away my permit
The worst punishment I'd ever endured
It turns out there was a reason
Cows were out of season
And one of the hunters wasn't insured.

People ask me how I do it
And I say, there's nothing to it!
You just stand there looking cute
And if something shoot.
And there's ten stuffed heads in my trophy room right now
Two game wardens, seven hunters, and a pure-bred Guernsey cow

Now, I'm not saying these incidents are funny, I'm just saying that 50 years after Tom Lehrer wrote this song, his reason for writing it is still true. Where's the learning?

So, what whines have y'all got for us this week? And don't forget about the cookie swap!


Sue said...

This song is new to me Liz. Good point - where is the learning?

AW: I'm slowly getting my energy back, which is a good thing, because the world around me is spinning at 150 mph. The "Christmas Tea" people are flipping out everywhere, stores are filled with panicked shoppers...yup, it's Christmas indeed.

I'm trying to take it all in my own time and on my own schedule. To some degree I can do this, but this weekend is just going to be busy. Period. I'll just have to make it work.

W: My dad, who has practiced medicine his entire adult life (close to 60 years) is being assessed by his professional College re: his retirement.

He doesn't want to retire. We live in a city where 40,000 people have no family doctor and he is happy to provide care for some of them as he is able (he is 80 after all!). But, the college is assessing all of the "old skool" docs and forcing some retirements.

I feel sad for him. He has no hobbies really. I'm not sure he will know what to do with his time. I'm pretty sure his wife (not my mother, she died 20 years ago) will make him want to find a hobby - FAST.

Ah, life......

kathy a. said...

liz, i'm pretty sure that song was on an album my parents had. lehrer was the best.

sue, so glad you are feeling better! this is the busy season, but you need to last it; pacing yourself is excellent.

sue, there must be ways for your dad to continue caring and serving, even if he is no longer practicing medicine. his people skills, intelligence, and compassion might be just what some helping organization needs. just a thought.

W: it still feels too early to be thinking about christmas. also, i'm not likely to get into hyper-consumer-mode anytime soon. so far, i've invited people to dinner, and found crafty presents for my cousin's kids. sigh. no ideas at all about anyone else. AW: fortunately, there is a pact among sibs and cousins of my generation that there will be no present exchange, only goodwill.

Sue said...

kathy a. - I'm hoping he will find a good outlet for his compassion and kindness. He really is a great man.

AW: Our family gave up the "gift exchange of stuff we don't need" thing several years ago. Each family gives a donation to a good cause instead. This year ours is going to our local Humane Society which is in financial struggle and needs help just to keep the place open for the animals that call it Home For Now.

W: Stoopid church politics. Presbytery Executive decided that for Christmas this year I would like a large helping of GUILT. They are giving the Board and our HR people serious grief about my upcoming sabbatical by asking for ridiculous details that cannot possibly be provided - like 2012 budget numbers that don't yet exist.

Yep, all in the name of Jeezus.

~heavy sigh~

Liz Miller said...

Feeling dizzy and queasy. Black spotty vision.

Only times I've felt like this before have been when I was standing or getting up to a standing position. Today, I've just been sitting.

kathy a. said...

liz, you know what to do -- get in and see the doc. ER if this is persisting tonight. xoxox

Anonymous said...

Hugs to Liz--hope you feel better right away!
--Neighbor Lady

esperanza said...

Ack, Liz. And double ack on church politics. phthhhhbt.

W: Teh potty. Again. My whine this time is that I'm letting it get to me so much. And that Mini is capable and willing to use that to her advantage. Srsly. The girl is too smart for me.

W: Teh fireplacing cancer. My little friend W (who is 3, not 2 as previously advertised) just keeps getting more and more bad news.

AW: kathy a is amazing and almost has a happy quilt finished to send to him.

W: also with the busy. Yikes is my to-do list long and growing. All good stuff, but....well, you know.

Sue said...

Oh Liz, I sure hope you are feeling better. If not, I hope you are at the ER.

Esperanza - our youngest was very smart too. We are still convinced that he was already secretly trained for about a year before he caved. Ya, he was just messing with our angst-filled parental brains.

So so sorry about your friend's little one.

kathy a. said...

on accidents: this too will pass. pullups are a grand invention. at some point, they decide they will manage, thanks. each in his/her own time, which isn't our time, but what can you do?

the happy quilt for little W is, as always, a gift from the universe. a good many pixies + friends originally donated much of the wonderful fabric, and with that comes your love. and your hearts, berries, daisies, stars, circles, polka dots, plaid, and many colors of the rainbow.

kathy a. said...

where IS everybody?

liz, are you OK? did you see a doc?

good meeting this morning, and bonus of seeing 3 other friends briefly. even the ships passing in the night kinds of "hi! how are you?" conversations are all to the good.

W/AW: we are supposed to have really high winds tonight. i'm so glad we cut down the big old dying tree, and the huge eucalyptus that could have pulverized the house. [shallow roots; they topple easily. and we had a wet year.]

KLee said...

Ugh. Just got back off Thanksgiving Break, and already looking forward to Christmas Break. Oy.

Had ***5*** kids out sick today. Looks like I will most likely come down with whatever crud they have before long.

I am, however, looking forward to the Cookie Swap, so anyone who hasn't yet signed up, email me before 5pm tomorrow! (I have Girl Scouts tomorrow afternoon, so any matchups will be done afterwards, most likely early evening. Look for emails after 7:00pm. Sorry for the lateness, but Thursdays are my busy days.)

:) Cookies!

kathy a. said...

this one's for liz -- dog shoots hunter in the butt.

KLee, disinfect! you've had enough already! and thanks for organizing the cookie exchange.

JenR said...

Tired and no breaks in sight. :-( Hugs, pixies!

Liz Miller said...

Am fine. Was that old dear friend Aunt Flo sucking up all the iron in da house. Stayed home today, eating spinach and pate and dozing. Thank you all for the healthy thoughts!

Sending love out to each of you.

kathy a. said...

oy, liz. but spinach and pate and dozing sounds very good. ;) and healthy!

jenr, that sounds like an old skool winner.

my SILfH just called. her license was suspended because she was acting crazy (her natural state) and she did not submit to a chemical test, so she got popped for a DUI even though she doesn't use or drink. so, here we are again. a relative with early dementia [diagnosed; on disability], who is also mentally ill [not diagnosed; she won't go there], who thinks she is Just Fine. but she wants to be bailed out. again. this is just a neverending story, and there is no good solution, because she is Just Fine, except all those times she isn't.

i am Just. Venting.

Liz Miller said...

((kathy a)) does your locality have a drug or mental health court?

Sue said...

Keep resting and taking in the spinach and pate Liz. Spanakopita, anyone? :)

Oh Kathy, I'm so sorry about the neverending story. It's so sad and awful that so much has to fall to you.

We have a young (mid-40s) woman in our congregation who was diagnosed two years ago with early dementia. She is going downhill far more quickly than anyone could have predicted. The problem is, while she is in a housing co-op with people around her all the time, she really needs 24/7 care so that she doesn't burn the place down.

She is still capable of going out with someone else and enjoying, for example, a concert - but on the way home she forgets where she's been.

Worst part - she is not eligible for live-in care at any facility (even the privately run ones) until she is 65. They won't even put her on a waiting list. So. Sad.

W: Like the other pixies, I am all about the TIRED. Meeting last night went until 10:00, I had to be back to the church just after 8:00. Waaaaay too short a turn-around time. All I want to do is sleep. I may take this afternoon off for serious nappage.

kathy a. said...

i deleted a long whine about SILfH, because after talking to her for a long time this afternoon, it is hard to know what is going on.

it now sounds like she got pulled for speeding, and somehow she found out at the DMV [paying an $800 fine, which i am sure is not the fine for speeding] that her license is suspended for not passing the written test -- which she totally could have passed if her brother or her first ex was there coaching her --and also the cops always think she's drunk, even though her doctor doesn't think so, and it's all because of this neighbor who had her arrested before.

but she called today because she got a serious letter about her prior criminal case, which she thought was dismissed, but isn't, and what should she do? she finally found the letter after i asked a few times, and it says stuff about how she'll be arrested if she doesn't show up in court, so she should definitely move right away because she can't deal with this.

it took me nearly 30 minutes to get her to write down the phone number for the public defender, so she can have a lawyer figure out what's going on. her idea is that she needs to move right away so the cops stop harassing her, and why should she call a lawyer? because nobody wants to help her.

amy said...

Oy, kathy, that is Just Awful (TM).

W: I am stretched too thin this week/ month/ year. I'm working two jobs (job 2 is helping at my mom's very busy shop during the holidays), subbing as the leader for a toddler play group, doing extra training for job 1, making a friend, and getting the house ready for a stupid fireplacing jewelry party (because I got guilted into it to help my aunt). There is probably something else I'm supposed to be doing too and I've just forgotten. I am tired and my feet hurt.

AW: at least I shouldn't have to mop my floor again before Christmas. Also, my BFF and my new friend are coming to the "party", and I think they'll hit it off. :)

W: I don't have any time to do anything fun for food and such. I wish I had more time, but I always wish that. *sigh*

Sue said...

(((kathy a))))

Amy - I totally hear you on the over-stretched, over-scheduled week/life. I vaguely remember *fun* - sigh. Something has to change in my life. Life is too short to be this busy and stressed out so much.

Thanks for video btw folks - I've led such a sheltered life!

Sue said...


that is all.

kathy a. said...

oooh, amy has a really clean floor! that's prize-worthy (at least it would be in my house).

uck, sue. hope the volume turns itself down pronto.

sorry for rambling on about SIL. there were so many problems when she lived near us [and with us] a few years ago. but she is clearly much worse; there have been several incidents this year. and she is incapable of linear, rational thought at this point, so information comes out in chopped salad form, mixing things that happened before and her loose grip on what is happening now. and also, she leaves out information.

her untreated mental illness has, i'm sure, contributed to her self-centered and nasty behavior over the 3 decades i've known her. that sure hasn't gotten better with the dementia. my bleeding heart is always at war with my sense of self-preservation when things come up with her, because she is fully capable of inflicting unbounded misery on those who try to help her. sigh.

Sue said...

Hair cut day.

Not catastrophic. Met a friend at the salon that I hadn't seen for a long time - great to catch up while the scissors flew hither and yon.

All that, and we both left looking Fab-You-Luss.