Monday, December 12, 2011

Rockin' the Season

Just a sampling of home-made ornaments from years past...

AW: We got the tree! A great deal of cleaning and decorating has happened in the public sectors of the household. Ho ho ho!

AW: If you are not following Liz's blog, run on over for some seasonal musical festivity of all stripes! Liz is stylin', big time. It is impossible to sample her selections without finding joy and smiles -- impossible, I tell you!

W: The adventures of SIL continue. Sigh. Fireplacity fireplace.

AW: I heart the US postal service! And cookies! Photos of babies, kittens, and puppies! The way our junior dog makes my beloved smile, even when she tracks mud in. The wild happy cat madness resulting from having a Big! Tree! in the living room. All the sweet sweet memories wrapped up in our eclectic collection of decorations.

Big AW: And, daughter will be home on the 20th! And she has a lead on a great job at a museum-y place!!

Bring 'em on, Pixies -- the whines and anti-whines, small and big; stylish, old skool; silly or serious. I hereby decree that if the house-elf does not thoroughly clean your house to exacting standards, you may pretend that he/she did and call it a day.

ETA 12/15: Blogspot is apparently having some issues. Sue reports lost comments yesterday, and I couldn't pull up the comment box earlier today. Whining will remain open, in the hope that these problems will get fixed. Calling out the Posse, 'cause this is not right.


Days said...

Two kids at hockey practice and one at her music lesson - that leaves one home with me to sort through a lovely parcel and create a work of art 5 year old girl style.

Alas, no house-elf.

esperanza said...

AW: several cute photos from family photo session have outweighed the headache of doing said session.

AW: also, having the sitting fee waived helped considerably. Especially since we were there an hour! Nice, nice people. We'll go back.

W: busy day. And Sweet has started giving "I'm busy" as her excuse for not doing something I've requested. Oops.

W: weekly potty whine

W: weekly too much to do whine

liz said...

Today I have been Sleepy (sitting in training), Dopey (forgot where I parked my car, see training), Sneezy (allergies), Happy (kitchen success), Grumpy (get your stuff off my place at the table! You promised you'd stop doing that), Bashful (sorry I yelled at you, Hon), and Doc (I apply a terrific band-aid).

Yes, all we need is a menagerie of house-cleaning forest animals, and we've got ourselves a Disney film!

kathy a. said...

yay for art projects and good family photos!

liz, you crack me up.

ack, joining esperanza with the too much to do whine. must find focus.

kathy a. said...

AW: my wonderful cousin, cousin-in-law, and fabulous aunt are coming over for christmas day!!!! total score on good relatives for dinner.

AW: think i've done most of my purchasing except food. this feels just weird.

question: do you think i can convince relatives to pretend the serious house elves were here? or should i just go with more wine?

liz said...

Stock up on good food and beverages and then set up candles and Christmas lights. Turn off the overheads. Boom. Instant clean house.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Liz - you cheer me. I want to party at your place.

KathyA - bask in the feeling of good relatives and most of the shopping being done.

Esperanza - I hear you on the potty whine. Oy!

Days - yay for art!

Whine: still getting divorced. Generally pretty cheery, which actually disconcerts my husband, but crying all day doesn't make the house any happier for the children.

Taking 2 kids to the psychologist now. And trying to find a full-time job. How am I going to do said FT job while taking kids to appointments all the d#$% time?

Deep breaths. Concentrating on petty whines.

Antiwhine: got the best Christmas card ever. (it was an ironic take on the never ending supply of family Xmas cards - a friend and her boyfriend in holiday sweaters, with their cats in sweaters too. I think I can only reply by drawing mustaches on my children and sending her the card. It was v funny. really.)

esperanza said...

Sarah, a potty whine on top of the big divorce whine is just simply too much for one person to handle. I will speak with the universe on your behalf.

We actually have had two days in a row accident-free for both Baboos. I have now cursed tomorrow.

W: skipping a meeting tomorrow that I would really enjoy being at. But I would have to take the Baboos with me, and it's 1.5 hours away. Time in car > time for fun = we're not going.

liz said...

Very unbloggably cranky

Sue said...

AW: spent part of yesterday morning with a parishioner who is recovering well from a stroke. I love it when signs of someone's personality starts to return. The walking is important for some, but I always prefer the re-appearance of that twinkle in the eyes.

W: UGH. Worst head pain in a very long time. Bolted home (and thankfully avoided barkage) and went to bed. That was 24 hours and countless ice bags ago. It's snowing heavily today, so I'm secretly hoping choir practice is cancelled tonight so I can go back to bed and stay there until this particular head-storm is over.

AW: missed dinner with family b/c of yesterday's 8/10 migraine and return of some nasty post-concussion symptoms. I would have liked seeing my family, but avoided the inherent annoyance that goes with being at my step-person-who-is-married-to-my-Dad's place.

W: blogger ate a few of my whines yesterday.

kathy a. said...

oy, liz! not you, the queen of holiday songs and helpful tips about making one's house look clean!

sue, so sorry about the head-storms. but good call on missing the family holiday angst party. ;)

cold! and son is sick.
heading home to see mom, or the
internet. and tree.

esperanza said...

yep. Let this be a warning to you pixies. Do not, under any circumstances, mention the accident-free days. You will invoke an accident/on purpose within the next 24 hours.

Sue said...

AW: Did not bark on any choir members at practice tonight. That may have been awkward, yes?

W: Several people spoke with me after practice. I have no idea what they said. I was too busy thinking "Don't bark. Don't bark. Don't bark."

I wonder what those conversations were about. I hope I didn't promise to do anything important, like run for political office or adopt a dog. Not that there's anything wrong with either, but this wouldn't be the best time.

G'nite pixies.

esperanza said...

Goodnight, Sue. Rest well. Goodnight, headache and nausea. Go away!

Sarah at ratatat said...

Sue - glad you've kept your sense of humor as you deal with such frustrating head pain. Hope you feel better soon.

I'm reaching - but no snow in my area of Wisconsin yet. I am making it an antiwhine. I could live with less winter.

whine: I think I have a bit of my kids' colds.

esperanza said...

AW: Cookies! in the mail! with copious amounts of chocolate!

esperanza said...

Not sure how to classify this one. I remember Sweet wanting my undivided attention at the age Mini is now (almost 2). Is it a whine or an antiwhine that she was not as obnoxious about it because she couldn't talk? My introvert has been waaaaay overloaded by Mini this week.