Friday, July 29, 2011


Better late than never, eh? Our own Liz points out that the 4th blogiversary of Wednesday Whining in this space was on July 11! Passing the cake and festive beverages with tiny umbrellas. This community has been lovely and fabulous through all the ups, downs, and whoopsies.

Congratulations to Liz, for accomplishing the dreaded house-moving operation!

The Old Skool Award this week goes to Days, who complains: "My "i" key works only intermittently these days. Phooey." Keyboard dysfunction is indeed a classic.

Riding to the rescue in yet another tragic case of undergarment dysfunction, Liz retains her crown as The Bra Queen, providing solid advice and support (heh!) for the afflicted. Liz also notes that festooning the household with drying bras is a great way to embarass the offspring. ;) The general consensus is that Victoria's Secret deserves a cluesticking for pathetic performance in appropriate undergarment fitting, and forgetting what it's all about; one suspects that "comfortable fit" is nowhere on the list of corporate business objectives.

Lemonade Out of Lemons Award goes to Esperanza, who finds an up side to the chicken pox: "Chicken poxy kids are getting me out of lots of stuff I didn't really want to do anyway. And people are bringing us food. Lovely!"

Heat Wave Award to all who have suffered from extreme temperatures this week, and particularly to Amy, whose air conditioning died. She reports: "One thing I have learned is that I am a muuuuuuch more pleasant person when there is A/C." Amen.

Intrepid Gardener Award goes to Neighbor Lady, who is bravely planning to replant for fall harvesting.

Sue wins the Family Dysfunction Sweepstakes this week, for her encounter with Control Overdrive Sibling, who is a candidate for the Amazing Relative Hall of Fame after telling Sue what time she was allowed to leave a family event. Runner up is Esperanza, for her close encounter with Must Always Be Right. Cluesticks to all Those Relatives; we've all got one someplace in the family tree.

Esperanza wins the Cabin Fever Award for extended parental duty with the Baboos, and the added misfortune of not much to do nearby when she did get relief. But she did manage a delightful afternoon out of the house, alone, and even some trashy summer reading (uninterrupted!) by the river. Yay!

Liz is on a roll this week, and she wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for her excellent backup plan for escape in one's own home, one that JenR approves and Days plans to add to her bag of parenting tricks.

Perils of Potty Training Awards go to Esperanza and Amy. All we can say is that kids are really individual in this area. And accidents happen even after official achievement of the goal; sometimes distraction or stress are behind them. Much sympathy from the Pixie Nation.

Hugs to Neighbor Lady, whose daughter is having some scary symptoms, and who is having some anxiety; and to Days, who feels out of the loop, and is having leg pain. We hope you both have fabulous getaways at the shore and the lake! Fingers crossed for Neighbor Lady's daughter, and for Sue, who is waiting on ultrasound results.

Have a great weekend, and we'll see you next week, when the fabulous Liz will host!


amy said...

Y'all know what happened today, right? Right?? Tater peed on the potty for the First! Time! Ever! Of course, it was at day care. I guess Whining Works, ha ha! I appreciate Liz's tale of training, too, because it reminds me that every kid has their own unique motivating factors.

Thanks for the love and awards! I hope you can forgive me if I don't hug you at the moment. Am a bit sweaty, sitting here waiting for the A/C guy to come quote a replacement A/C unit.

I love you, Pixies, and I dedicate this cheezburger cat to this fantastic group of human beings:

You rock. Amen an srsly.

liz said...

I'm blushing from all the awards! Thank you to the academy!

Sue said...

Yay Tater!!!

Love that LOL kitteh too. Srsly.

esperanza said...

Yay, Tater!!

Mini removed her own diaper so she could pee in the corner of Sweet's room. I'm guessing that means she knows when she needs to go? Then she ran, bare-bottomed, in to tell me all about it.

kathy a. said...

Tater's on the way! This is a situation in which peer examples are a good thing, I think.

Oh, Esperanza! Mini is her own girl. When I went to college, my dad was moved to share with other dorm parents my most outstanding potty adventure, the time I used the portable typewriter as a potty. Hard to tell if he was proud about my precociousness or still a little ticked about it.