Friday, July 1, 2011

Fireworks Edition

Happy Canada Day! Happy Fourth of July! Here's to a great long weekend for all, and the kickoff to official summer! How do you plan to celebrate? We have a barbeque planned, and our city hosts its annual music festival and fair on Monday, just a couple blocks from the house.

Bon Voyage to KLee, who is on the plane for the fabulous GS trip to London and Paris! Woooo hoooo! We are jealous, and eagerly awaiting a report after her return.

The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to Sue, who confesses a small addiction to an ongoing criminal trial -- she can stop at any time, really -- and remarks: "My favourite is still the Fifth Amendment statement when it starts with "On advice of council..." People listen to their lawyers! How cool is that???" HA hahahaha ha. Oh sure, it happens sometimes, but let's just point out that the world would be a happier place if people consulted lawyers before they did things that brought them to the attention of law enforcement.

It was Fajita Week here at the Whiner's Ball. Esperanza wins the Best Anti-Whine Award for "leftover pie," the consequence of spending the weekend cleaning and cooking for guests who never showed. The Cluestick Posse has been dispatched to visit the errant guests. The Old Skool Award goes to Days, who forgot the cerveza for the traditional end-of-school celebration dinner. We hope that emergency supplies were acquired. Hooray for end of school!

Sue wins the Earworm Award, for You Are My Sunshine. Thanks for sharing, Sue. Bad Bad Leroy Brown. MacArthur Park. Anything by Neil Diamond. You're welcome.

Kudos to Esperanza's Sweet Baboo, for nearly 2 weeks accident free!

Bad Day (TM) Award to Amy, who is juggling summer-addled children, a cat who does not respect boundaries regarding bodily fluids, and a job. At Sue's suggestion, this award comes with complimentary margharitas. We are very relieved that the cat only managed to destroy something of little sentimental value.

Proving again that Pixies Rock, JenR stepped up with useful allergy med advice for Esperanza. Sue practiced self-care by sending regrets to an unnecessary meeting. Esperanza faced the fact she cannot care for one more mammal at this time. Much kindness and caring was dispensed. Y'all are great.

Hugs and a cheer for Days, whose donkey finally arrived with the test results, and things are holding steady. Plus, she reports a hot getaway with her beloved, complete with grandparental babysittage! Have fun!

Thoughts, prayers, and crossed fingers for KLee's JF in his job hunt. Sounds like an excellent interview this week.

And he's not the only one -- Liz reports a good one, too. Yay!

Condolences to all facing flaky guests, workplace woes, summer juggling, tiredness, crankiness, financial matters, black thumbs, tantrums, food issues, illnesses, losses, and any other woes.

See you next week!


Sue said...

Happy Canada Day and Happy Independence Day to all!

Thanks for the Mullet Kathy a - you're so right. If folks were a bit more introspective and gave that "should I put this weapon in this person's face?" a bit more consideration, that would be good. Really good. And life for lawyers would be much more pleasant.

Yay Days!!!!

esperanza said...

Lovely awards, kathy a. Enjoy the long weekend, North American pixies!