Monday, July 25, 2011

Moving On

Hi, Pixies! Looking forward to this week's crop of whines and anti-whines.

This week, my featured whine is trying to find temporary housing for my daughter, for her fall internship across the country. The internet is a glorious thing, bringing craigslist and websites galore, but ohmydog, I will be so happy when we can sign a lease and write a deposit check. We have serious sticker shock, since BigCity is so very expensive compared to her sleepy college town. We have become familiar with the metro system, walking distances, decent vs. iffy neighborhoods and suburbs, the devotion of landlords to long-term leases, and "sorry, that place is taken already."

AW: This is a Learning Experience for daughter, who is doing the heavy lifting on finding housing for the first time. AW: A friend in BigCity has been really helpful with neighborhoods, transportation, features, and other tips.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my cousin got the last truckload to his new place this weekend. My son came to borrow nice clothes from his dad for a wedding.

Spot the cat is missing his late uncle Earl, and worrying his fur. But he has also gotten brave, and started chasing the senior cat around, which is pretty funny, except to her.

What's going on at your place?


liz said...

Hmmm, blogger turned off commenting. I turned it back on.

AW: Move accomplished. Somehow our stuff expanded to fill a moving van AND a pick-up truck.

W: It was 117 degrees F during the move. The 48 bottles of water we bought for the movers didn't last the whole move, we should have bought more.

AW: I'm so glad I'm not a mover.

W: Unpacking in process.

AW: Our kitchen setup is much better than the last time we lived here.

Anonymous said...

Yay for being done with the move, Liz!!!!!
AW: Heat wave finally broke!
AW: saw one of my best friends who I have known since 6th grade, along with his wife and son this past weekend. Will see them again this week when we go stay with them at their beach rental for a couple days!

W: Neighbor Girl is having weird medical things again--lightning bolts in vision, weird colors, zoom effects....hoping for ocular migraine as diagnosis and not to dr. this afternoon. Cross the pixie fingers please--this scares me.

W, further: The constant reporting of symptoms is much harder to deal with this week due to wicked pms.

w: Want to plant a second round in our garden for fall harvesting, and to replace things that never grew well, but nurseries do not seem to have any more seedlings....

AW: It's in the 70s today and my ac's are set on fan!

--Neighbor Lady

esperanza said...

Oh Liz, that is waaaaay too hot to move house or little fingers or anything else. Good luck with the unpacking.

Whines abound here. Mini is afflicted with chicken pox, the lingering effects of a cold, ear infection (w/antibiotics), and teething. She's also decided she should learn to use the potty. At 18 months. I don't want to argue with her, but...sigh. More potty training whines for the foreseeable future.

Sweet is likewise afflicted with the chicken pox, a milder case, though. Hers are mostly between her poor toes, which is cosmically unjust. She has club feet, which means her feet have been a probed and prodded part from since she was born, and they don't work quite right. So that's a good place for chicken pox. She also has the lingering cold, double ear infections, antibiotic-induced pook issues, lack of nap, and grandparent withdrawal.

We are whiny people.

AW: got a couple of cell phone issues cleared up relatively easily WITH a $20 credit on my account.

AW: Chicken poxy kids are getting me out of lots of stuff I didn't really want to do anyway. And people are bringing us food. Lovely!

esperanza said...

Oh, NL, fingers crossed for Neighbor Girl. Scary, indeed. And glad the weather is more comfortable. 104 here yesterday, but that's not so unusual for us in July.

Anonymous said...

Ugh--anything above 100 just seems unjust!
Even if you're used to it, still...ugh.....
And with chicken pox too!!! Oy!!!!

Hugs to you!


liz said...

NL: I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the vision stuff is just extra heavy floaters or something.

Esperanza: I'm so sorry about the double dose of chicken pox and the fact that they are choosing poorly their locations.

NL: try Gurneys for your planting.

Sue said...

Yay Liz for the successful move. You were so organized that I never had any doubts.

NL - sounds very much like migraine aura to me, but I'm no doctor. I really hope it is diagnosed and treated very soon. So worrisome...

esperanza - a Pox on the Pox!!!!! Sending soothing tepid baths for both boos.

kathy - sorry about Spot. Our little girl missed her buddy after he was gone too. The housing will work out, but I can't imagine how difficult that must be from across the country.

W: family gathering this weekend to celebrate my dad's 80th (which we also celebrated in March, back when his birthday, you know, happened). Great seeing family from out of town, but one sibling was in Control Overdrive, to the point of telling me on Friday night WHAT TIME I COULD LEAVE THE PARTY ON SATURDAY.

I am 52 fireplacing years old and I will leave when I fireplacing WANT to leave thankyouverymuch.

I was also the ONLY family member who had to WORK early the next morning.

AW: In an act of superhero-like self-control, I did not commit any felonies in response. I simply, and calmly said, "I need to work in the morning, so I will go home when I need to."

Seriously, I should get a medal...

AW: Had an appointment with my new (yay) therapist booked for today. Timing could not have been better.

Double Super Power AW: Holidays begin Sunday.

AW: My friend in hospital is doing much better after the weekend!!!!!!

kathy a. said...

NL, so worrisome, those odd symptoms. Fingers and toes crossed, and hugs all around. Really great you get to see your old friend, and hang at their beach place!

Liz, you are a wizard for fixing the no-comment glitch, AND moving! Glad you are settling in.

Everyone -- the heat sounds really awful. I'm a melter at 80 degrees, and randomly at other times; you'd never know I grew up in L.A. w/o AC.

Esperanza, oy the pox! and ye olde ear infections, the bane of early childhood.

Sue said...

Oh, I forgot the weather whine: it was 44C which equals = Too Hot to Converting to Fahrenheit on Friday.

On Saturday, at an outdoor party with 60 people who would not have fit inside - yep....temperature dropped to 13C, which is about 55F. We were all scrounging through our trunks and vans looking for leftover hoodies from the winter.

The good news is that my side of the family is large enough that we took over the fire pit and stayed warm for the first part of the evening. brrrrr.........

kathy a. said...

Oh, Sue -- many sympathies about the Control Overdrive sibling. Been there, done that, declined to be her FB friend without remorse.

esperanza said...

Control Overdrive does not sound fun. Had a close encounter myself with Must Always Be Right this week.

W: Is there some sort of lifetime limit to the times one must clean the bathtub, mid-bath? Unfortunate pook incident AGAIN. AW: bathtub is now clean.

Anonymous said...

Liz, thanks for the Gurney's suggestion! Cool site!

Everyone, thanks so much for the good thoughts. Doctor agreed the zoom feature of daughter's vision is a bit odd, and recommended a pediatric neurologist, and while the waits are apparently usually 4 months, this one had an opening in mid-August. I'll just think of it as divine providence,and not that--you know--noone wants to go to her.....

Thanks for crossed appendages.....will be glad when all is checked out.

Boooooo on Control Overdrive siblings. Sue, you definitely deserve a medal. And esperanza, I'd rather see a real UFO than have a close encounter of that sibling kind. Yikes.

Hope all have a good week!

--Neighbor Lady

liz said...

AW: I am having a terrific conversation (through gchat) with a friend of mine about how he and his husband, who look nothing alike, are constantly being confused for one another.

He co-blogs with me on Loudoun Progress (as Epluribusunum), and I'm feeling very lucky to have a friend like him living nearby.

I wish I could introduce him to WW, because he would so get this space.

kathy a. said...

liz, we'd love to meet him! it would be glorious to invite others who "get it."

i was so excited last night to get a call from a potential landlady for daughter! this was the first positive response in 10 days of the search for housing, and i went out on a limb and emailed the person myself to ensure the rent. she likes personal contact, and sounded really great, and daughter called her too, so cross fingers!

note to young people: it's a good idea to include your phone number when you want someone to contact you. and also to keep info about your bank accounts handy.

Anonymous said...

Too full from dinner....ugh.....

Driving to the beach tomorrow for an overnight, and am feeling unreasonably overwhelmed by things....seems like too much to pack, etc etc. I think all the worries about Neighbor Girl are amping up her anxiety, and in response, mine, which affects my irritable bowel stuff, which coupled with PMS makes an unhappy Neighbor Lady. Must remember we are doing the drive to be with some of my best friends in the world. I hate it when I have anxiety that I can't seem to shake about completely stupid stuff!!!!!
It's only a fireplacing two hour drive for pete's sake!
What is wrong with me?!?!?!?!?

--Neighbor Lady

esperanza said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks esperanza. I actually felt your hug. And it helped.

Sue said...

Liz - I'm all about new WW folk who "get it"!


Kathy a - fingers crossed re: living accommodations.

W: one of my favourite people in our congregation is relocating for work. Boo.

AW: four sleeps until vacation!

AW: purring kitteh on my lap.

AW: ultrasound tomorrow on Left Girl, previously known as Big Ouch. Hurt is now gone via antibiotic, but it never hurts to check these things out. It only took a few weeks to get the appointment, which is good.

Days said...

I am out of the loop in so many ways, with so many people, and it sucks.

((HUGS)) and thoughts of good health to all the pixies. It sounds like it's been a difficult month for so many thus far.

My "i" key works only intermittently these days. Phooey.

Enjoy your vacation, Sue!

esperanza said...

Days, how good to hear from you. I've been wondering how you are. Sorry you're feeling disconnected.

W: cabin fever for me and Baboos. Real fever for Mini tonight.

AW: Mr. E to the rescue tomorrow afternoon, hopefully.

W: even if he comes home to let me get out...there's no place I want to go in our small burg, and not enough time to go anywhere else. And too hot to hang out in the park. Hm.

liz said...

Esperanza: Movie. Air conditioning, mindless entertainment, popcorn.


Sue: good luck with the U/S!

Days: I'm sorry you're feeling disconnected. Sending love to you all the time.

Sue said...

((((Days)))) - you're always in our pixie loop, even when you don't notice us with our tiaras and pixie dust. Why yes, of course we all tiaras - that's pretty much a given.

W: stick a fork in me, I'm done. If this week is a marathon (and it is), I hit the wall around 2:00 am when I couldn't sleep because of my same ole same ole fireplacing headache. Argh.

Is it August yet? Now would be a good time for August to arrive. Srsly.

esperanza said...

Liz, no movie theater here in our little burg. Like I said, not many places to go.

Almost August, Sue, almost! Sorry about the fireplacing headache.

liz said...

Esperanza, okay then, here's what you do...

You leave the house by the front door, making sure your husband has your kids see you leave.

Then! You get him to take the kids somewhere in the house where they can't see the path from an outside door to a room with a television and a dvd player.

Then! You zip back in, straight into your home-based air-conditioned movie theatre, where you eat, not popcorn (because the aroma will give you away), but bon-bons.

Don't forget to lock the door of the room you're in. And put on a sound masking machine so that you can't hear them and they can't hear you. Headphones are a plus.

kathy a. said...

((( NL ))) hope the vacation ends up being restful and fun.

((( days ))) so good to see you!

esperanza, hope you get a well-deserved break. liz is cracking me up!

sue -- any day now, it'll be august!

kathy a. said...

AW: had the new-neighbor cousins over for dinner last night, which was fun!

W: i think maybe an underwire got bent or something, because during the emergency operation to make the house look more presentable, a delicate underside got rubbed raw. just another reason to believe that housework is dangerous.

W: it also could be that my bras don't fit. i so hate bra shopping.

liz said...

Kathy A, I am sending supportive thoughts in your bra-finding endeavors.

If there is a Nordstrom's near you, go there on your bra hunting expedition.

kathy a. said...

~ supportive! ~ heh.

esperanza said...

liz, you're a genius. I'll report back. I might just go school supply shopping for Sweet's preschool. I heart school supplies.

Also need new bras, which are also not available in this town.

liz said...

I will quote an email my mom sent me just a few weeks ago (and yes, it seems she doesn't believe in the shift key, even though she taught me better):

"dear liz
i keep meaning to tell you how much i love my wacoal bra and just ordered two more on line. some times computers make your life much easier. love you. mom"

My advice to you all is this, go get properly fitted by a yenta at Nordstrom's or other reputable foundation emporium (NOT VICTORIA'S SECRET).

Then, when you find something that fits, buy a bunch of them.

Wash them in the shower with you, never put them in the clothes washer if they contain underwires.

Embarrass your children by draping them to dry all over the towel rods in the bathroom.

Sue said...

*snerk* hubby always gripes about my bras drying everywhere in the house.... glad it's not just me. :)

Yes, absolutely do NOT get a fitting at Victoria's Secret. Ugh. LOSERS. Who trains these people anyway??????? Now, if I walked in the store and said, "I'm looking for some $50 bras that don't fit" I am sure they could help me, but otherwise - eh, not so much.

AW: Ultrasound went fine. No more ouchies even with considerable pressure from the U/S device, so that's good. I should hear by next week what they found, but I suspect it was nothing. The tech isn't allowed to say anything, but given the lack of pain, plus my run of antibiotics, she wondered if it may have been an infected cyst. She said she had seen that before, which made me feel slightly less freakish.

kathy a. said...

yay, sue! glad the ultrasound went well, and even though the tech isn't allowed to give a medical opinion, that sounds like an encouraging conversation.

liz -- i've done a re-measure and decided that there is a bandwidth problem. but i'm cheating, and am online ordering quality bras in the 2 most likely cup sizes with the intent of returning one or both if they aren't perfect. [there are cup size issues. i don't need spillage, OR floppy cup syndrome.]

liz said...

Amen to that.

esperanza said...

Shuddering at spillage and floppy cup syndrome.

Sue, who is it that makes these rules about what ultrasound techs can and cannot say? They need a cluesticking, that's what I say. When the person isn't able to tell you if your baby is alive or not, that's just mean. Cyst or whatever in the girls, with the knowledge that said tech is not a doctor, seems reasonable to me. Urgh.

Afternoon report: trip to Sonic, library, park. It was H.O.T. at the park, but nice and peaceful by the river in the shade reading a trashy book. My idea of heaven.

Days said...

My idea of heaven too, esperanza.

I will be borrowing liz's suggestions re: hiding from my wee darlings in the comfort of my own home.

And I am also shuddering at the spillage and floppy cup syndrome, which are all too familiar. Ugh.

Sue - yay!

NL - glad to hear that the medical professionals are following up on NG's vision - that is worrying for sure.

Two kids coming home from camp tomorrow, one leaving Monday, a weekend at the cottage in between and hubby has to do all the driving(in long weekend traffic nonetheless) since I have too much leg pain to drive these days. We are so ready to be at the lake, except for the packing which seems monumental at the moment but what do they really need other than bathing suits, towels and pyjamas?

kathy a. said...

I think Days has the packing thing down! Toss in some bandaids and car munchies, and she's set.

Sorry about the leg pain; hope it and everything are better.

Sue said...

Enjoy the cottage Days!! The packing list sounds perfect. The only thing I would add in is sunscreen.

Hopefully a few relaxing beach/swimming days will help with leg pain.

W: It's only Thursday? Srsly? Will this week EVER end?

W: Stayed up way too late last night reading a suspense/thriller/keep you awake in the night book. Duh. Should have saved "The Hypnotist" until vacation. Oh well, too late now. Great book, in a scary, creepy sort of way.

AW: Massage today.

JenR said...

Days - hope your legs don't bother you too much in the car. We have long traveled exclusively in my car once we figured out that the low seats in our other car were the cause of my husband's leg pain.

JenR said...

esperanza - glad you have a nice break!

liz - we have played the hide in your own house game as well. It works - at least with younger kids. Daddy even managed to work a few days from home by staying behind the closed door (helps that there's an extra bathroom behind that door - or whole day may have been hard)

liz said...

Bad news, pixies. We missed WW's anniversary. July 11, 2007 was the day WW became its own blog.

It's now in my calendar for next year.

esperanza said...

I'm pretty sure I whined on July 11.

liz said...

We whined, yes. Which is awesome, but I forgot to mention the day. So happy belated whining anniversary to us all!

Sue said...

Happy WW Blogiversary!

Go Pixies!

W/AW: massage today with "hands of steel" therapist. Wow, she is good. If I had not paid for it and received a receipt, I could swear I was mugged and roughed up by a gang of tiny thugs pounding on my shouldera.

In a good way. :)

amy said...

Air Conditioning died a couple of days ago. One thing I have learned is that I am a muuuuuuch more pleasant person when there is A/C.

I also have a question for the Universe: When, exactly, will my daughter quit having pee and poop accidents at school *and* at home? I'd like to know how much longer I have to pack her extra clothes and keep diaper rash cream in stock (for when she has poop accidents and doesn't tell me for a day). I'm just really tired of it.

amy said...

Also, to report back on the bra situation -- the underwire is definitely rubbing, but I wore it anyway. Whenever I went to the ladies room, I'd shove it back the other way, and it got better, so that 'repair' plus loud music = no problem.

I also hate bra shopping. VS is a total joke, even when you're a 22 year old wearing a 34B (which I was a looong time ago). I wish I had never spent a single dollar there.

esperanza said...

lalalalala, I can't hear you on the potty accidents, lalalalalalalaa

amy said...

Dude. People keep bugging me about when I'm going to potty train Tater. I'm all "Why should I look for more accidents to clean up?" And they're all "He's almost 3!" And I'm all "So what?" And then I'm all "LALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU" because I know he'll be stuck in the toddler room at day care until he trains because the policy for the 3s room is that they must be potty trained.

Sigh. At least when they're in (disposable) diapers, you don't feel so guilty about pitching the sullied item.

liz said...

You know what worked for MM? When his favorite teacher in the toddler room went on a month-long vacation. Within 3 days he was (mostly) accident-free. He hadn't wanted to leave her room.

He was right, too. The 3-year-old room teachers were terrible.