Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Let's Go Back to the Cowardly Old World, Please" Awards Banquet

Hugs and sympathy and chocolate to kathy a., on the death of her elderly beloved kitty. Grieving and carpet replacement are not mutually exclusive, so go right ahead.

Antiwhine Awards to p_k, who surely deserves some. Hooray for fabulous days, blogging, and the word "benign" uttered by a doctor. And to NUD (good to hear from you, btw) for the healing elbow!

Sue Makes Lemonade Award to (duh) Sue, for turning a broken elevator into a dinner date.

Mullet Award also goes to Sue, for "Scared the whoozits out of us," just because it made me laugh. And I think it sounds Canadian, though I can't tell you why.

And Sue gets the triple crown this week, because she also wins Old Skool for the universal auto-dialing doofuses. (Our home number is listed under the church listing--you don't even want to know what kind of sales calls we get. And the number of times I get called "Mrs. Parsonage").

We are appointing a Insurance Cluestick Posse for any and all insurance whines. Bureaucratic idiosyncrasies, annoyances in triplicate, id numbers, and other complaints will now be handled by this special posse. Goodness knows, they have enough to keep them busy. Apologies now to the 0.2% of insurance people who are kind and competent. It must be lonely work.

And a month's worth of Moving Whine Awards to Liz. (Feel free to whine again before it's all over, but I wanted to make sure you had enough awards to get you through the process). Stressful, stressful, stressful. Plenty of chocolate for you, too.

Hooray for friends who know what we need, catch-up lunches, massages, and Whining pixies!

Apologies to anyone who was left out, and be sure to check in next week.


Sue said...

Thanks Esperanza for a great ceremony as always. A triple crown! I'm speechless! Thx.

kathy a. said...

thanks! lovely ceremony, esperanza.

kathy a. said...

big fat anti-whine -- daughter got an internship offer for the fall, at the smithsonian!!!!

Sue said...

Kathy - that's wonderful!!!!!!