Monday, July 11, 2011

Mid-Summer Edition

Where is this summer going? Hard to believe it is almost mid-July.

That means I'm terribly behind on work things, and need to go into superhuman overdrive. Gah.

Big anti-whine: daughter got a fall internship in DC! Very exciting news, and it gives me a chance to go see the sights (and visit friends) as I get her settled in! The internet and some friends have been helping us figure out the metro, costs, places she might find short-term housing (safe, furnished, close to transit). Yay!

Now she is starting to worry about living in a big city she doesn't know. She spent an entire school year in a foreign country, but this will be the first big adventure that is not part of a program offering housing. I'm sure things will work out.

In more piddly whines, the closest supermarket is closing; they will move to a megastore, which is still under construction and nobody can say exactly when the move will happen. The market decided to stop stocking lots of goods, so it looks like the aftermath of a hurricane warning, with empty shelves everywhere. Grumble, grumble.

What's new with you?


Sue said...

So happy about your daughter's move to DC kathy! You must be so proud!

AW: great visit with eldest visiting son! It's so good to have him home for awhile.

AW: so far, no "Monday day off disagree"! Note: it helps to stay home, especially when no one from work has called to bug me.

W: which I think falls into the "Remembering what it's all about" department. My left tata has been sensitive and sore for about three weeks. I've been hoping it would resolve itself, but one it hurts when I shower. The shower water on "the girl" (the other one is fine) is excruciating. Reminds me of those nip-cracking days of nursing.

Hubby not allowed within 50 feet of said "girl". Just saying'....

Waiting for a call back from the Breast Screening Clinic. I'm not too concerned as there is no discharge or anything, but, um, OUCH!

Sue said...

Stoopid auto-correct. That should say "Monday day off disaster" - not disagree. Oy.

Anonymous said...

Hugs from a gentle non-crushing distance for Sue! Glad the visit is going well with son!
Congrats to Kathy A on daughter's internship. I used to live in DC and it was a great experience!
:)Neighbor Lady

esperanza said...

ouch, Sue. Kathy a., congrats to your daughter and I'm jealous of your trip.

W: having a hard time blooming where I'm planted lately.

W: I've taken to locking Sweet's door for naptime. Today, when I went to get her post-"rest" time, I couldn't unlock it. Had to open the door with a flexible cutting board, with her screaming on the other side. Oops.

AW: I took the knob apart and put it back together and it seems to work fine.

kathy a. said...

ouchie, sue! icepack? what i've heard from doctors and anecdotes is, a painful boob is not cancer, but that still leaves the pain part.

yay for visiting son + family!

oy, esperanza! sounds like you are working your burglar skillz -- a flexible cutting board? awesome!

NL -- what's new with you?

esperanza said...

Thanks, I was pretty damn proud of that. The old credit card trick wouldn't work b/c the door jamb was in the way. I needed something bendy. Solution found in the kitchen, of course!

Sue said...

Note to self: esperanza could probably get me into my car if I locked the keys in it. Sadly, she's a few thousand miles away. Still... :)

W: Ontario Breast Cancer Screening center nurse did not call me back. Even hubby says something doesn't look right tonight. Still no discharge. I'm thinking clogged up duct or something, but whoo-boy does this hurt. Either a call by 11:00 am or I'm off to ER.

AW: Da Boyz (my sons) had a brothers' night out tonight. Of course they went bowling - no surprise there. They got IDENTICAL scores. *cue Twilight Zone music here*

Sue said...

Kathy, thanks fir the ice-advice (ice-vice?) re: cold pack on the Girl. One on my right temple, one on my left tata. Ya, both are helping, so i'll try to get to sleep like this. Could be an interesting night!

esperanza said...

Sue, if the cold packs stop working and it is something to do with a duct, I was always told warm, moist heat was the ticket. Never worked to unclog, but it did make it feel better.

Hope you get some help pdq.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, I used to love cold cabbage leaves for reducing breast swelling while I was nursing. I smelled like a walking cole slaw, but it was so worth it for the relief!

Not too much new here, currently having a relaxed play date at my house, which is great progress for me--usually playdates make me very anxious.

Having a nice summer so far---signed my son up for swim lessons in our local lake/pond. Trying to wrap my head around this swimming in lake/pond thing. Grew up in the south where there were poisonous snakes, and swimming was always in a pool with my friend, chlorine. Hoping that as long as we survive the summer, their imune systems will only be helped? I think it's a New England thing, and I am *trying* to embrace it and not pass the anxiety on to my kids.....

What else? Enjoying our CSA which provides us with fresh farm veggies every week....have good friends coming to town this weekend, but not staying with us, but we will get to see them lots....

Only one sight cluesticking needed this week--- my kids went to a program at the local library, where apparently some "journalist" from a local "news" blog took their pictures and asked them their names and then published them on the web without asking permission. Not cool. Wrote an email to the blog "editor" asking that the names be removed (I just don't want strangers to be able to call out to them by name, so keep pictures and names separate on the internet as much as I can). Hasn't happened yet.
They are only in elementary school, so I am still in protective mode. Pixies can tell me if I am being too protective, but geez, at least they could have gotten permission. I find the idea that they had the kids tell them their names to be disturbing.

Now that I've ranted long enough, I will wish all a very lovely summer day--hope it is relaxed and summery!

:) Neighbor Lady

p.s. Nice use of kitchen tool, esperanza!

liz said...

W: Spent weekend cleaning the house and throwing things away.

AW: House is clean. Clutter is mostly gone.

W: Now we need to pack.

AW: Since clutter is already gone, we JUST need to pack.

W: Moving on the 23rd

AW: Utilities turned on or scheduled, movers scheduled, boxes being gotten today.

W: Need to arrange for someone to come fix some water damage and add insulation before we move back in.

W: Was going to paint, too, but that's not going to happen until AFTER we move in.

W: Also need to arrange for utilities to be shut off from our current place.

W: Feeling overwhelmed.

AW: But am actually merely whelmed, so that's a good thing.

liz said...

AW: Re-read an old post that has a lot of good tips on moving...that I'd forgotten all about.

So I'm going to bring my winter clothes and all the shoes I need to have repaired and/or polished to the dry cleaners to get them worked on for the next couple of weeks and then pick them up when we've moved.

Anonymous said...

what a good tip!

update: editor of blog wrote a nice email saying she had removed the photos, and then attached them so I could have them for my personal collection.

--Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

yay, neighbor lady! lots of good news, including the editor doing the right thing about the kid photos!

oh, liz. moving again! your earlier post is a treasure indeed. kudos for the clutter-clearance, too. fingers crossed that all goes smoothly.

JenR said...

My favorite moving tip: Pack 2-3 days of clothes, toothpaste, meds, etc in a suitcase. Put it in your car and deliver it to the new place somewhere it won't get lost among other stuff (bathrooms never get full of boxes). Then, no matter how long the moving takes or how disorganized you feel for the next few days, you at least have clean clothes and basic supplies without having to dig around.

liz said...

Ooh! JenR! I love that idea!

kathy a. said...

yay, jenr! great tip!

i'd suggest extending that just a bit -- basic kitchen stuff [for a few days cooking], and linens, towels in the trunk, too.

esperanza said...

Make the beds as soon as you get to the new place. Then when you're exhausted at the end of the day, you have a place to collapse.

Sue said...

Thanks for the cabbage tip. I seem to remember my equally pale and pasty white sister using cabbage while breast-feeding.

No luck today from the Big Pink Bus (breast screening program that travels around the region. The nurse told me to contact my family doc. When I mentioned that when I had my last mammogram, the nurse (a different one, clearly) told me to call THEM, she got a bit defensive. I was feeling oddly calm today despite a painful Girl, so I just let it go.

W: Doc not in office today.

AW: Doc in office tomorrow. Until then, I'll try warm moist cloths and cabbage as needed.

Good luck with the move Liz! You sound uber organized.

liz said...

I'm sorry about the painful breast, Sue. And sorrier about the run-around from the big pink bus folks.

esperanza said...

I keep reading that as "big pink pus" which is just disgusting. I hope things improve tomorrow, Sue.

W: Sweet napped in the car for half an hour. It then took her almost two hours to fall asleep tonight. I know because she kept coming out of her room to let me know she was still awake. Sigh. This too shall pass, right?

AW: Mini peed on the potty today! Totally by chance, but we made happy dances and high fives (which she loves). Even Sweet was excited for her.

Pre-emptive whine: they both have dentist appointments in the morning.

Sue said...

Esperanza - so far no pus, pink or otherwise. Ew.

Yaaaaaaaay Mini!! High pixie fives all around.

Sue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KLee said...

Am back from Europe, and while it was wonderful to soak up two new countries and cultures, our tour guide was an asshat from the word go. Every day, there was a new screw-up, and his typical answer was "not my problem." Um -- YES, it is! That's what the company pays you for!

I felt sick for quite a bit of the trip, but managed to stumble along, and finally started to feel good when it was time to head home.

We all agreed that we liked London so much more than Paris. And, forgive me for sounding totally rude and racist, but the French people collectively need to put down the cigarettes and pick up a deodorant. Some of those Metro rides were agonizing!

But, the best news of all -- I got news while I was away that JF has a job! Granted, it's not as much as he was making before, but it's a damn sight more than the $0 he's CURRENTLY making. His start date should be July 18th, if all the paperwork is processed in time.

Thanks for all of the prayers. I am firmly convinced that pixie intervention was a great help. I can't tell you how much I have leaned on this community during this... just knowing you all were here, and would listen was immensely helpful. So, thank you, from all of us.

Sue said...

Welcome home KLee!! So glad it was a good time. You so deserve a wonderful time filled with great memories!

esperanza said...

yay yay yay for JF! And welcome home. It's always good to get home.

kathy a. said...

yay, mini!

congratulations to JF! sounds like you had a good time in london, at least. glad you're feeling better, KLee.

sue, hope you get some answers today.

we might have found a place for daughter to live in DC -- an independent dormitory for students, grad students, interns -- lovely and safe area, near transit and other stuff. they even provide 2 meals/day. cross your fingers!

liz said...

Yay for good news from JF and Kathy A!

kathy a. said...

oooh, more good news! my friend's wife had surgery over 6 weeks ago; she's had complications; but it looks like they are finally going home tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

Yay for going home from the hospital, and finding a dorm, and returning to home and a job, and for pees in the potty!
:) Neighbor Lady

Sue said...

Yay JF!!! Yay kathy's friend!!

AW: My friend with AML (second time around - he had an 8 year remission in between) is going home for the weekend!! His family is in town and his docs think his counts are high enough for him to rest at home. Yay!

MAJOR AW: As in: tick this one off the Bucket List by the end of summer. This is HUGE!!!!!! I'm going to Nashville in August to see.....wait for favourite band!!!! Evanescence is playing an August preview concert (new album out in October) and I'm going. After much angst re: expense of going, hubby told me if I didn't go to my computer and hit send, he would hang up on me. (Something tells me he was tired of saying "just go already!" :)

W: It's going to pretty much do away with my tax return, which I had tucked away nicely for a rainy day.

AW: Doc has a cancellation tomorrow at 3:30. I'm going to see him, but I have to admit I'm nervous. He's going to want to "palpate" the area no doubt, and I get that he needs to, but OUCH. It's been a no-fly zone for my soft comfy bath towels for two weeks - now he's going to, like, touch it? *shudder*

esperanza said...

"Palpate" is a yucky word. Almost as yucky as "pus," but not quite. Ouchy, Sue. But yippee for Nashville!

Sarah at ratatat said...

Yay for Nashville Sue! And for supportive husbands. And I hope the doc has good ideas for relieving the breast pain.

Esperanza - yay for potty training successes. Trying not to be jealous,as it isn't like both of our girls can't be potty trained :)

Happy move, Liz!

So happy for your daughter, Kathy A. Happy moving for her, too.

Klee - yay for the job! And glad the trip went mostly well.

Antiwhine: we had a lovely visit with great friends. The 4th of July parade went well. We segued right into the visit - they went home yesterday.

Whine: they went home :( And I am so exhausted. So so exhausted.

kathy a. said...

sue, glad your friend gets a visit home! and yay for the bucket list trip!!

i am so whiny. daughter has had a couple of meltdowns the past day. i think the real issue is nervousness about going to a big strange city, but it's been playing out around this possible housing [safe, furnished, close to transit], which sees itself as a community. she is framing it as me pressuring her to be more social than she feels comfortable with. gah. it was her idea and it's her decision; i'm just backing off and biting my tongue.

this is really a multi-dimensional pushme-pullyu situation; she is working on the tensions between safety vs. built-in support vs. vs. privacy/independence vs. convenience. i know she's looking at all the other options -- which mostly are not so good on several of the scales she's considering -- and that she has a good head on her shoulders in general.

purple_kangaroo said...

DH just got back from a business trip in DC. I just found a bedbug report from less than 2 weeks ago online, for the hotel he stayed at. He thought it was ridiculous to be concerned about bringing bedbugs home because "it was a nice hotel."

Oh, and also he was sick with the flu the week before leaving for the business trip. So I've been doing the single parent thing by myself for more than a week now, and I'm exhausted. I don't know how folks who are single parents all the time manage it.

purple_kangaroo said...

Sue, I had a sore girl a few weeks ago, and it turned out to be a fibrocystic thing, totally nothing to worry about. It was there for several weeks but went away after my next visit from AF. Sore is a good sign when it comes to lumps in the girls, I'm told. Hugs.

purple_kangaroo said...

Kathy A, congrats to your daughter.

Sue said...

Thanks PK. I'm not too concerned about anything serious. The general rule, as you and others have mentioned, is that pain is a good thing when it comes to the Girl.

I see Doc today. The cringing has begun. But I'm sure it will be fine. We have no family history of this type of cancer....

Kathy - sorry about the meltdowns of late. I'm sure you are right.....stress about another big move. Still, must be rough for the parental units.

PK, I'm glad hubby is back. I always do the bed bug check when I go away. Even the nicest hotels can be hit. *shudder*

JenR said...

W: Washing machine suddenly went from "hey - is the washer done yet?" quiet to "OMG, who put a jet engine in the laundry room" loud
AW: My mom took most of our laundry home and did it for us
W: Repair guy can't come til Friday
AW: I don't have time to do the other laundry before then anyway

W: Belly measuring in at +2 cm... any bigger at my next appt and the doc says we'll have a repeat ultrasound to "figure out what's going on". I don't mind the ultrasound, but don't like the idea of something possibly being wrong.
AW: Only up 4 pounds for the whole pregnancy (at 32 weeks). I must be losing weight, since the baby should weigh at least that much by now.

kathy a. said...

ack, bedbug alert!

oy, jenr, about the washer. yay for your mom. fingers crossed about the bambino. xoxo

keep whining -- awards later!

my beloved got a call early this morning -- stupid yooonited cancelled the flight he was taking to visit daughter and suggested he re-book for tomorrow. frenzied re-arrangements involving a different airline, different airports on either end, etc.

liz said...

Mr. Spock refuses to fly that airline, ever.

kathy a. said...

i hate that airline, myself.

am devoted to SW -- reliable, good prices, easy to change reservations, airline credits for cancellations, no baggage fees.

liz said...

(((Jen R)))

Sending you healthy growing everything's alright thoughts.

Sue said...

((((JenR))) sending good thoughts.

kathy a - grrrrr.......for icky airlines. We have one up here too. I'm sure their motto is "We're Not Happy Until You're Unhappy" or perhaps "We Don't Care Because We Don't Have To."

AW: Doc was very gentle at my appointment. Especially after he hit the most tender spot and I winced and almost jumped off the table. He could see it visually and he could definitely feel a very hot encapsulated cyst just above the right nip. He's ordered an ultrasound for next week and I'm on antibiotics in the meantime. At least now I know what it is.

purple_kangaroo said...

Yeah, Hubby would never think to do something like check the hotel room for bedbugs. And by the time I thought of bagging up his luggage, he'd already been home for more than 24 hours.

amy said...

Forgive my naivete, but how does one check for bedbugs? I mean, I am always on the lookout for creepy crawlies, but if there is something more I should know...

Whine of Wheezing: asthma attack for Tater landed us in ER earlier this week.
AW: he is doing much better, and this event is probably the tipping point we needed to finally get rid of his bedroom carpet. (I think the trigger was actually the cat at a friend's house, but his carpet certainly does not help.)

Whine of Waiting: the tot is clearly missing her friends from school. She's been going On and On and On about them, particularly a boy she had a crush on and a girl who was her BFF.
AW: the big reason she misses them so acutely this week is because she finally has her first! loose! tooth! She is so excited, and she's run out of people to tell, ha ha.

AW of Community: thanks to FB, I've gotten a lot of great ideas for what the tooth fairy might bring. Rumor has it there will be a couple of dollar coins and either a book or a toothbrush. More ideas are welcome, of course. ;)

esperanza said...

Thanks for asking re: bedbugs, amy. I was wondering how I had missed that crucial bit of info in my educational career.

Sue said...

RE: bed bugs. *shudders again*

Even at the nicest hotels, here's my routine....

I put my bag down on a hard surface first. Either use those fold out luggage holder thingys or just put your bag on the desk or table. Do not remove your shoes or coat.

Go directly to the bed and pull back the comforter/quilt for a first look. You shouldn't see any actual crawlies or any small brown or red spots.

Given that the top sheet is okay, keep mining through each layer until you get to the mattress itself. Lift each sheet or mattress cover up as much as you can. If you see tiny brown marks, that's bad - bed bugs pook too. If you see tiny red marks - that means the little beasties bit someone and hustled back under the safety of the covers.

Then do the same check with each pillow. Just because one is okay does not mean all of them are. Once you've determined the place looks clear, look it up online just in case.

If you DO find signs of bb's, call the front desk immediately and ask for the manager, not some minion who is going to say they don't see anything.

The one time I did find evidence of bugs, the hotel was kind enough to make arrangements for me to go elsewhere, talked to their manager re: bugs, and paid for my cab to the other hotel.

I also tend to wash everything in hot water when I get home, even if I didn't wear it. And, like PK suggested, I have a great big plastic bag that I saved just to put the empty suitcase into in between trips. I know it sounds a little hypervigilant, but pixies - we're talking BUGS here!!!!! Ew.