Monday, August 1, 2011

Head meet Desk

I came here looking to see if a new WW post had gone up and then realized that I'm hosting!!

Hi! I'm Liz and I'm a nincompoop. [Hi Liz!]

So on the homefront: unpacking continues apace; my netbook's new updated version of Windows 7 (Starter) isn't playing nice with my anti-virus software; and my son's DSi XL is mine for the week due to an interesting confluence of forces having to do with carelessness, excitement, and the near-ruin of a $25.00 purchase of something he'd been begging for. Fortunately, everything turned out okay, but the lesson is being learned.

How's by you? Whines welcome, big, small, and in-between. Extra points for style, and/or the interesting use of semi-colons.


kathy a. said...

i meant to bring an anti-whine about finally getting on a roll with this big project.

but my son just called. he is pretty distraught because his friend died of an overdose this weekend. the friend's girlfriend was killed in a bike accident a few months ago, and my son had been so worried for his friend -- worried that something self-destructive might happen. damn damn damn.

liz said...

((Kathy A.)) ((Kathy A.'s son)) ((Kathy A.'s son's friend's family))

Anonymous said...

Kathy A. and son and family, lots and lots of hugs to you. So sorry.

--Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

thanks, liz. i'm sorry for popping right into a doozy for first whine. my boy may be all grown up, but i can't help feeling terrible for him.

AW: my son is such a caring young man. i know this was hard, but he went to see his friend's mom last night, which must have been a great comfort to her.

for all the times he's driven us nuts and worried us to bits, i'm so grateful for his essential human decency.

i forgot a funny whine last week: son thought that the new hall carpet looks a little too institutional, and wanted to know when we'll be installing the cubical farm. hmph.

esperanza said...

So sorry, kathy a. That's terribly rough on everyone.

W: cabin fever. Still. Sweet's spots are fading, except for two. They are ambiguous. I'm about to decide they're ambiguous in the non-contagious direction so she can go to physical therapy tomorrow.

Also? It's stinking hot here. Our old-school thermometer was somewhere north of 105.

esperanza said...

Further Whine: Oh; I meant to say; that; I don't really; know; how to use semi-colons; correctly, anyway.

Sue said...

Oh no kathy! I'm so very sorry for everyone involved. How tragic it all is.

W: hubby and I spent most of the weekend at the ER. He has another nasty abscess on his bee-hind. He had it drained on Friday/early Saturday am, had the high-test antibiotics by IV and came home with more antibiotics to take.

By Saturday afternoon, he had a draining sore, a sick tummy, a fever and cardiac arrhythmia. Lovely.

AW: despite a long wait on the second ER visit, he has had excellent care.

AW: when we got home very late Saturday night I quickly emailed our Worship committee and asked for any and all help for Sunday morning. They were amazing. They pretty much took over the service while their Zombie-minister (by that time I was on about 6 hours of sleep in 48) sat there looking, well, like a Zombie.

AW: draining still good, no more scary heart stuff or fever. Another week or so and he should be as good as new!

AW : one word.......Vacation!!!!

liz said...

Sue, may you have a vacation where no one near and dear to you needs to go to the E/R, call 911, or in any other way has health and/or other troubles.

liz said...

Here's the wikipedia entry on semicolons.

I mostly use them as serial commas when what I am listing is more complex than a grocery list.

Because I'm a geek.

esperanza said...

I was just being a smart aleck; indeed, that right there is one of my favorite semi-colon uses.

liz said...

Nicely done!

Anonymous said...

((sue and sue's husband))
--Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

oh, sue. what a weekend. hope hubby is well on the road to recovery. yay for people pitching in on sunday! oh, and have a great vacation!

esperanza for style; love her semi-colon joke!

book recommendation for our lovely host. and for the general pulic entertainment, : the blog of unnecessary quotation marks. i know, a person as lazy about capitalization as i am is hardly in the running for Queen of Written Perfection, but i like a good laugh over punctuation as much as the next person.

my excuse is that lower-case is my refuge from work writing.

kathy a. said...

go me. that comma before the colon was unintended.

Sue said...

Confession is good for the soul: I giggled over all of this colon talk.

Because I'm twelve.

AW: another good day for the Drainage of Which We Shall Not Speak For Fear of Jinxing It.


W: rats. Family doc away until Aug 9th, so some anonymous E/R doc will remove said Drain next Monday. We were hoping to avoid another waiting room ordeal, but alas, 'tis not to be. I'll take a book.

esperanza said...

LOL, Sue. You deserve a giggle, no matter it is. Hope P is getting better all the time and you can ENJOY YOUR VACATION. Sorry to yell, just hoping the Universe is listening.

Whine of Annoyance: I ordered new glasses last Friday. Optician's best guess was that they would be in Tuesday or Wednesday. Fingers crossed for Tuesday, since I was in that town anyway this afternoon for Sweet's PT appointment. When did they call? Just as we were pulling into the driveway back home.

AW: Looks like I'll get to go fetch them *by myself* on Thursday.

Sue said...

esperanza, of course they called when you were leaving town. Another reason to shake one's fist at the Universe. On the other hand, the "esperanza time" on Thursday could involve picking up glasses and, say, ice cream, or whatever is your heart's delight! WooHoo!

W: I left a vacation notice on my email and unplugged on FB because the same sibling who gave me party-curfew last weekend has decided that we should buy an ipod for my step-monster for her birthday in early September.

My sister who lives away is on the list of addressees, but will not be expected to respond or contribute $$$$ to said gift, but she will hunt me down in cyber-space until I cry Uncle and give in. NOT going to happen.

I don't like this woman. I don't respect this woman. She verbally abuses my father on a daily basis (ya, he takes it and he's a big boy, but still....she's just so fireplacing horrible). I am NOT going to buy her electronics for any occasion.

Peacemaker sister simply asked what colour would be best. ~sigh~

I'm out here on my own on the Good Ship Stubborn Sue digging my heels in up to my armpits in the most passive-aggressive way I know how. I'm just not answering the FB message. It's not worth the pinchy-faced fight (and, if you're wondering - I am not the one with the pinchy-face).

My holidays just don't need this particular brand of dysfunction. Nope.

AW: Vacation!!!! No email!!! No FB!!!! Only my beloved Pixies!!! And books to read. And movies to watch. And a summer to enjoy. Sounds excellent to me.

Sue said...

To be clear, it's bossy sister who will hunt me down, not the one who lives away, she just gets clemency because of distance.

esperanza said...

No Bossy Sisters Allowed on Sue's Vacation!

JenR said...

I left too late for breakfast this morning and drove past my drive-thru options (star$$ and mc-golden-arches). The granola bar and candy I had at my desk have left me tired, crabby, and feeling a bit ill. Lesson for me: when pregnant, eat decent breakfast.

kathy a. said...

ooooh, esperanza gets another mama's day out! but it kind of sucks to use it to pick up glasses. but are the glasses in a place where there is more to do?

sue, further cluesticking of the Bossy Sister. sue, have you told her NO? the anticipation of misbehavior and being hounded is just as bad as the actual behavior.

for jenr:

breakfast, glorious
breakfast; yummers in the tum
make it all better.

esperanza said...

Oh, don't worry, I'm way ahead of y'all. The glasses place *is* in bigger city with more things to do. I think it's going to take a loooong time to get those glasses. Especially since Mr. E is going to be out of town Thursday night-Saturday night. And then we're leaving on vacation Sunday afternoon. Yep, those glasses places are really slow. Terrible service. ;)

esperanza said...

And because no week is complete without a potty whine:

Mini *loves* to pee in the potty. Potty chair, big potty w/the seat insert, big potty with no insert, she's not picky. Until I took her to a public potty. She detests them, refuses to go on them. I think it may be that the seat doesn't go all the way around? Why is a public potty U-seated instead of O-seated? I tried sitting her sideways, on a solid section, but she'd already decided she didn't like it. Then she peed on the floor when I lifted her off but before I got her diaper refastened.

kathy a. said...

oy, esperanza. as roseanne roseannadanna used to say, "if it's not one thing, it's another."

Sue said...

Kathy a - yes, I've been telling her "no" like a broken record for about twenty years. All three of my sisters are considerably more well off finically than hubby and I are. I've been shouting from my roof-top that we cannot afford the "little" gifts that B Sister feels we need to give my step mother, but no one seems to hear me.

I'm just so tired.

Tired of having to reason with someone who has ignored me and chipped away at my confidence for so long. Tired of having to rationalize why I don't want to give a gift to a woman who treats my dad so poorly.

The whole thing just makes me miss my mom even more....none of this would happen if she were still around.

I know my behavior re: this year's stepmother birthday gift is not great, but at some point i just have to stop shouting and turn off the noise. Sometimes I just wish I didn't feel like such an outsider in my own family, but there's only so many times I can fight the same battle.

Sue said...

I should say it more plainly and honestly.

I am the ONLY person in my extended family that has ever said "no" to my eldest sister.

That's why I'm alone (with hubby thank God) in a very large family. The only reason I take part in any family stuff at all is that I love them....even when all this nonsense is included in the package.

esperanza said...


kathy a. said...

((( sue ))) xoxo

Sue said...

Not sure whether this is a whine or anti-whine, but I caved again. I did not want that woman's stupid birthday haunting my only vacation for the year.

This way I'm not in trouble with anyone, I'm being a good conforming member of the family brain, and I don't have to pay up until September.

W: I still feel as lonely as hell.

AW: hubby's wound is doing really well.

kathy a. said...

sue, i'm glad hubby is doing better!

a wise and good friend used to remind me that the noxious people "don't deserve that much real estate in your brain." easier said than done, but true.

you might frame this mentally as supporting your dad. he chose the evil stepmother, and his life will be easier if she has signals of respect from the stepdaughters. doesn't mean you have to be buddies with her. (doesn't mean you have to go along with every gesture the Bossy Sister comes up with, either.)

we had such a similar situation with my dad and stepmother. and the difficult sister who tried to control everyone.

JenR said...

Sue - can you say you already purchased a gift so you won't be contributing? Sis doesn't have to know that the gift is a card :-)

Anonymous said...

--Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

JenR -- love that solution for next time!

NL and JenR -- what's new with you?

JenR said...

I'm sure this is true of nearly every late-pregnancy woman, but I feel like this will never end. But - 10 working days (24 actual days) and baby will be here. Not much left to do except pack the bag for the hospital and wait.

We had a second showing on our condo this week, but the people picked a different place. I hope it sells before we have to find room for a crib.

kathy a. said...

aaack, house-selling AND imminent baby! there's got to be an award or two there. hugs and love on both, especially the bambino!

kathy a. said...

little ones are CUTE!

Sue said...

All the best to you JenR! The house-selling part, but especially the baby arrival anticipation!

As for family stuff - it's done, I'm in on the gift. 'nuff said. Thanks for listening pixies. Sorry for whine-hogging....

liz said...

Sue, never apologize for whining. That's what this is here for, after all!