Monday, July 18, 2011


My youngest first cousin just moved to a house very close to us! Or at least, they started moving. Nothing at all was packed, but they eventually managed 2 truckloads and some carloads. His mom brought cleaning supplies, his sister brought her family and major tools, an in-law family showed up to help, and a lot of things got done -- even if there is still a lot left at the old place. Good cousin times! And they have appliances, baby.

Anyway, my other cousin's husband and I got into an animated back-and-forth about dinner on Saturday. He was the grillmaster; he had to re-shape and season the burgers, drizzle sauce just so on chicken wings, and he insisted on personally doing the broccoli just right. I graciously acceded to almost all his conditions with a grin, but refused to concede the corn, which the little cousins had husked earlier to help me. It was very funny, and I thought at last we were getting to know one another well enough to joke. Except I heard later that he is serious about his control issues, leading some to worry about warfare and/or whether I was offended. Oh, well. All's well that ends well, no?

Things I brought to the house party: duct tape; paper towels; stepstool; rake; house broom and dustpan; hammer; push broom; garbage bags; shelf paper selected by the young cousins; hand soap dispenser; old mats for front and rear doors; leftover holiday paper goods; food; assorted home repair items. The food was the most popular, obviously.

I bought the white duct tape a couple years ago, when I was abruptly made the person in charge for this cousin's wedding. Think it was a pixie who recommended it, in case of "catastrophic wedding dress failure." That story delighted the heck out of the handyman; he repeated the phrase "catastrophic wedding dress failure" 2 hours later, laughing heartily as he taped the hole between the kitchen and the hornet nest in the attic.

Sorry for rambling on; it was a big weekend. What's new out your way?


Sue said...

Wow Kathy, lots happening at your place!

AW: birthday day! Breakfast in bed! Birthday wishes on fb from someone I haven't heard from in awhile! Pixies! Coffee! On my way to massage/reiki appointment!

W: I have had a lifelong tradition of wearing a dress or a skirt on my birthday (not sure when that started, but I still do it). My favourite skirt is too tight this year. Gah. Guess I should have hit the gym more often last winter. Boo.

W: Left Girl slightly less painful, but only slightly, despite almost a week of antibiotics. Hmmmmm........hoping for ultrasound appointment McSoon!

kathy a. said...

Happy Birthday, Sue! Hope it is a great one. Breakfast in bed is not a bad start. :)

My daughter sent this, which might give you a laugh.

liz said...

Thank you so much for that, Kathy!

Happy Birthday, Sue! And your skirt obviously has shrunk in the heat.

W: Anxiety dreams about moving have kept me awake the last few nights.

W: Mostly about packing, and how much we have to pack.

W: Which means I'm packing all my waking AND sleeping hours.

W: Which is not fun.

AW: Only about 30 more boxes to fill.

AW: Moving Saturday.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Happy Birthday Sue. Let's hope they get the u/s going stat!

KathyA - I want you to visit when I move! Sounds like Liz could use a moving fairy as well. Good luck Liz!

Whine: Heat dome in the midwest.

Antiwhine: First day off since the 4th of July parade and our visitors left. What do we do with this open time? And at least I am not still at the campground from the weekend. I forgot that I don't like camping. D'oh!

kathy a. said...

Liz, good luck with the move! Do you have movers? Sending a crew of moving fairies.

My cousin went with renting a truck; his wife has announced they are never ever doing that again.

Sarah, sounds like pool weather to me!

liz said...

We have movers, thank the powers that be.

However, we moved some "fragile" items ourselves on Sunday. Which, fine, alright, good. But I didn't know at the time that U-haul sells boxes to pack some of those "fragile" items (like the large-screen tv), which would have enabled the movers to move them.

And then I could've spent Sunday packing more boxes.


Sue said...

Love the kitty post kathy!

Good luck with the move Liz!

Sarah at ratatat - glad you're able to enjoy civilization again. One reaches at point in life when sleeping on the ground loses it's gloss.

AW: loving my birthday.

W: crap. I'm 52! That one snuck up on me..."

liz said...

You're still younger than my husband. He turns 53 in October.

Sue said...

There you go - I'm just a spring chicken!

Liz, you were right about the skirt. I'm sure it's the humidity that shrunk it.

W: hubby and I were sitting on the balcony just now but it got to be too warm for him so he went inside. A few minutes later I got up to get a cool birthday beverage - he had locked the door! He swears it was out of habit. Uh-huh. :)

AW: he felt so badly that he got me my drink. WooHoo!

Super AW: I meant to mention earlier that my massage/reiki took care of yesterday's heinous head pain. This therapist is a gem. I could literally feel the pain melting away. Aaaaaahhh.....

kathy a. said...

cut that out! it's just a number. mine is 54.

sooo, i took my cousin's kids to the hardware store this weekend for supplies -- they got to choose the shelf paper. the clerk thought they were adorable, and asked if they were my grandchildren! we had a good giggle over that. (their actual grandma is 73. i believe this story made her feel old, since she remembers me as a wee one.)

KLee said...

Husband is in TheBigCity for -- get this -- new job orientation! Can i get an Amen?!?

I'm so glad that the aforementioned is happening that I won't be whining about ANYTHING. :)

liz said...


Hooray for new job orientations, and reiki, and adorable first-cousins-once-removed!

kathy a. said...

Wooooot, KLee! Great news! You're still allowed to whine, ya know. ;)

Liz, I once had to study all the kinds of relationships via affinity and consanguinity, and have decided that "cousins" works well enough. These things get complicated. My friend had a good relationship with the mother of her husband's children, and they referred to one another as "wives in law." heh.

Sue said...

Yay KLee!!

You're right kathy - just a number....

Kathy - I'll trade you family functions. I have one this weekend that doesn't sound nearly as fun as yours.

esperanza said...

W: Mini has chicken pox. Even with the chicken pox vaccine. Doctor says it should be mild, but itchy children and tired mamas do not believe him at this point. She also has a cold and an ear infection. Poor thing.

AW: Grandparental units were already here to provide free childcare, so reinforcements are at hand.

W: Reinforcements were needed for Vacation Bible School. I agreed to help then remembered how much I don't like it.

I read through the other whines but am too tired to make individual comments. Rejoicing with the AWs and commiserating with the Ws.

Sue said...

Yay for reinforcements, boo for chicken pox.

Both of my boys had chicken pox during the hottest summer we've had up here. Delightful. The back yard inflatable pool got plenty of use that summer. Nice cool/tepid water seemed to ease the urge to scratch.

Also, count out the days. If Sweet is going to get them it is going to be exactly 14 days from the onset of Mini's.

Ya, good times.

Pixie cyber-reinforcements enroute.....

amy said...

GAH! I need bra help, pixies!!!

I have my high school reunion this weekend, so naturally, I need a new bra for this event. I found one that fits great and makes the girls look ten years younger. Huzzah! BUT -- the underwire in the armpit squawks. If you have never had this experience, trust me -- the noise is a "squick-squawk". If you have had this happen, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Have any of you ladies an idea for how to fix this before Saturday that doesn't involve buying a new bra? HALP!

kathy a. said...

oh, noooo on chicken pox! dr. google confirms vaccinated persons have far fewer pox and that its duration is shorter. glad the grandparental units are there!

the vaccine wasn't available when my kids were little, so they and the other kids in their day care got itchy together. woo. (all the parents thought they may as well get it over with, and the caretakers were willing to deal with itchy kids -- that's how great they were!)

amy, yikes! never had that problem. one thing about underwires is that they can be bent -- does bending it out a little help?

the only thing i can think of is that the end of the wire is somehow rubbing against the fabric; they use a rubber or plastic thingy to keep it from poking, and maybe the fabric casing around that is sewn a bit tight? bra surgery, however, is a desperate measure and should only be undertaken if you are willing to toss the bra if it doesn't work.

kathy a. said...

another cat funny, should you be in the mood.

KLee said...

Kathy, I love that guy now. Thank you for adding to my obsessions. :

Sue said...

Thanks kathy - I needed a funny this afternoon. It looks like my friend is on his way to the Great Somewhere Else. He's on super high doses of pain meds and is fighting off sepsis.

As for the bra surgery. I can't say this has ever been my experience, and I know all about Teh Wire. The wire is all that keeps the world around me safe from the Girls. These babies could cause harm without proper control. Just sayin...

Anyway, I would go with kathy's suggestion of starting with bending gently with a pair of small pliers. Other than that, I wish I had more ideas. Perhaps you could wear cordoroy pants so they could drown out the sound of the bra!!! *snerk* (I crack me up. Seriously.)

kathy a. said...

by bra surgery, i meant cutting the sucker open and trying to quiet it down, with duct tape if necessary, which would inevitably cause its own problems. /faint/ bending the wire is just a small adjustment, unlikely to make the bra non-returnable.

((( sue ))) i'm so sorry about your friend, and hope that he is comfortable and feeling the love. xoxo

liz said...

I think you should return the bra and buy another of the same brand/style. It may be a defect on that one, since I've never ever had a bra squeak on me.

Sue, I'm sending love to you and your friend. I'm so sorry for your impending loss.

kathy a. said...

liz is the bra expert.

KLee said...

I tend to take kathy a.'s surgery suggestion, and cut the sucker open, since I HATEHATEHATE the evol that is underwire.

But, since my Girls are of such astonishing proportion that I wear a bra 24/7, I can't hack the wire. I've just determined that gravity is a harsh mistress, and droopage is inevitable.

Good luck, Amy, whichever method you choose.

Sue said...

Duct tape! Yet another use...

I must admit though, I would bow to the wisdom of the Bra Queen, Liz. Take it back and tell them it's talking to you. They will give you another one just to get you out of the store.

esperanza said...

I would "like" Sue's last comment if we were elsewhere.

Dr. Google is a quack. She was perkier today but is still getting MORE pox. Legs and feet, even the bottoms, are covered. Arms somewhat less so. Face, ears, between the toes, adorable little butt cheeks. She has almost none on her trunk, which is where they supposedly are the worst.

Also? no sleep.

Anonymous said...

Watching my 7 year old son doing the video game "Just Dance". Beyond cute!!!!!!! Of course if he thought I was actually paying attention, he would stop immediately. Having a laptop open on your lap makes it seem like you're doing important work, ya know?
Think I will smile all day!
:)Neighbor Lady

liz said...



liz said...

Esperanza, I so hate the Chicken Pox. When I had them, I had them everywhere. Even where the sun don't shine.

Also, I got whooping cough in 3rd grade despite having been vaccinated.

kathy a. said...

NL -- so sweeeet!

oh, liz. what are you packing now? the possibly breakables just take the longest. books are discouraging, because you can fill a box in 5-10 minutes, it weighs a ton, and it still looks like you'll be packing books forever.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Liz - such sympathy.

And I bow to you and your Girls who need such serious bras. Maybe there are pluses to not quite filling it out...

Esperanza - oh no. Chicken pox. What a mess.

amy said...

Ah, I can't take the bra back. Even if I hadn't already worn it, it was the only one in my size that I found in all of JCP. I think a new bra is just in order. :( I fireplacing hate bra shopping.

Also? Kathy is right on the money -- packing books is the worst.

JenR said...

sorry 'bout the packing liz. I will whine about it myself if this house ever sells.

My big whine of the week is that hospitals and insurance companies are silly. Insurance sent me a letter saying they are denying a 5-digits of money claim because the hospital didn't send medical records in time. Except the hospital did, and the insurance company can't seem to find them. I assume it will all get worked out in the end, but I just really can't handle this stress right now.

Hope you all are handling the heat well. I'll be hiding out in A/C until it passes.

liz said...

My terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad boss got canned yesterday.

I am trying not to glory in his downfall, but for the first time in 2 years, I'm not dreading going into work on Monday.