Friday, July 15, 2011

Pixies Conquer the Universe

It's been quite a week here in Pixieland, featuring ever so many events.

JenR wins the Old Skool Award for an appliance classic: "Washing machine suddenly went from 'hey - is the washer done yet?' quiet to 'OMG, who put a jet engine in the laundry room' loud."
Kudos to JenR's mom, who took their laundry home with her.

Esperanza wins Best Use of a Kitchen Item in a Household Emergency, for pressing a flexible cutting board into burglary service when Sweet's door would not unlock. Brava!

The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to Liz, for this: "W: Feeling overwhelmed. AW: But am actually merely whelmed, so that's a good thing."

Girl Talk Award to Sue, who's got an ouchy one. Thanks to all who weighed in with sympathy and tips. Fingers crossed that the antibiotics do the trick.

Liz wins the Mad Moving Skillz Award for advance preparation, having a list and checking it twice, and even finding a tip list from a previous move! Runners up are JenR, with the excellent advice to pack 2-3 days of necessaries and keep them apart from the Giant Piles of Boxes, and Esperanza, who suggests making beds first thing so they're ready when the moving family is ready to collapse.

Keeper of the Lexicon Award to Esperanza, who declares "pus" and "palpate" yucky words.

Speaking of yucky, Purple Kangaroo wins the EWWW, Bedbugs! Award for discoverying that the hotel from which her beloved had returned was reported to have bedbugs. Thanks, we think, to Sue for explaining how to do a bedbug check. Ick.

Cluesticks to the journalist who published a photo of Neighbor Lady's kids, with names, without permission. Glad there was a good response. Big Cluesticks to KLee's tour guide, who thought fixing problems on the tour was not his job. Hmph.

Congratulations to all the Pixies with good news this week, including: Sue, whose son visited, and who has lined up a dream trip to see her favorite band; Neighbor Lady, who is having a nice summer and enjoying her CSA; Esperanza, who reports that Mini peed on the potty!; KLee, whose JF landed a job! and who had a great experience on the long-awaited trip; Sarah, who had a wonderful time with visiting friends; and Amy, whose tooth fairy has decided on a routine, in advance of need. Good thoughts for Sue's friend, who gets a visit home from the hospital this weekend.

Fingers crossed and healthy baby thougths for JenR's little pumpkin. We're glad that Amy's Tater is feeling better after his asthma adventure in the ER.

See you next week!


kathy a. said...

I forgot to add -- my cousin told me last night that they finally got to closing on the house near us! And they are totally unprepared for the move -- no packing, they need to do cleaning and painting and buy appliances. My aunt and another cousin's family are swooping in this weekend to help. Think I have some housekeeping to do today...

Sue said...

Sounds like a full weekend is on the way kathy!!!

Great awards as always!

purple_kangaroo said...

Lovely, lovely.

Re: the bedbug check. From what I've read, if you DO find evidence of bedbugs, keep it (i.e. bug in a baggie) because some hotels will be all apologetic and then have an "expert" come in and check and say they don't see any bedbugs, and do nothing about it.