Friday, April 29, 2011

Awards from the Spaghetti Factory

Ahem. Have been up at hubby's church for a large portion of the day to help with the HUGE spaghetti supper (they prepared 1100 plates). I smell like spaghetti sauce. Not unpleasant, but I'm done with it.

Without further rambling...

We have several Medical Whine Awards this week. One to liz, for a certain someone's reluctance to get something checked out. And another one to liz, for her own worrisome symptoms. (Really, liz, one of these per week would be plenty). And one to our headache queen, Sue (really, Sue, we'd like to remove that particular crown from your head). Another one to sarah at ratatat, for her little one's pneumonia and her bigger one's anxiety. And another one to p_k, for her own chronic illnesses and her daughter's troubling ones. And another one to kathy a, for her son's head injury and the cat's pook issues.

Special Medical Cluesticks will be applied (gently) as follows: certain someone at liz's house, people who create and require long forms, and kathy a's son, for getting himself into bad situations, more than once.

Weather Whine Awards to NUD, who managed to dodge most of the flooding for her big event, to all who have too much rain and too little, and to those who are afflicted with snow in April.

A Style Award to Sue, for the put-your-coffee-down-first Snow Log.

Many hugs to Sue for the non-supportive support group, p_k in the loss of her friend (sweetie, we all wish we could have done more/said more/been better friends), JenR for the house selling/hunting, and Days, who has apparently had all manner of livestock on her dining room table.

Kudos to insurances who cover needed treatments, well-timed breaks from the rain, gainful employment for offspring, and warrantied computers.

And a final cluesticking to Blogger, for being a twit.


kathy a. said...

fabulous awards, esperanza!

1,100 plates of spaghetti? /faint/

Sue said...

1100 plates!!!

All that and awards too! You rock Esperanza.

Sue said...
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Angela Congdon said...
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purple_kangaroo said...

Hugs to all, and thank you to everyone.

DH and I made the decision today to try to get our kids into private school next year. Now just hoping we can get our kids into the school we want to enroll them in, since enrollment started several months ago for the next school year and it's a small school. It looks really excellent from what we've seen and heard so far, and we think it would be a good fit for our kids.

We think it's possible that if I can actually rest during school hours, I might be a lot more functional during the rest of the day, and be able to be the kind of really engaged, involved mom I want to be while also maybe actually getting some things like housework done, instead of just being in survival mode so much of the time. How's that for a run-on sentence?

Keep your fingers crossed for us, pixies.

kathy a. said...

PK, good luck with the school! it's true that your plate has been very full.

esperanza said...

p_k, I think that sounds like a wonderful idea. Fingers crossed that it will work out as you hope.

*I* did not make 1100 plates of spaghetti. I buttered a bunch of bread, stirred roasters full of sauce, washed some dishes, chit-chatted with the church ladies. I was actually less tired at the end of the day than I usually am.

kathy a. said...

still, esperanza, the sheer quantities boggle the mind. that's over 100 civilian-sized boxes of spaghetti! gallons of sauce! dozens of loaves of bread! there must have been a platoon of church ladies, and a very big kitchen.

esperanza said...

Just got some of the numbers. It was more like 1200 plates--300 inside and 900 in the drive thru line. 23 roasters of sauce. It is mind boggling. A platoon of very dedicated church ladies, an awesome kitchen, lots of kids and the youth group helping with the running back and forth, and several days' worth of work.

esperanza said...

You don't even want to know how many sticks of margarine. Blech.