Thursday, April 14, 2011

Concierge edition

The feline contingent is so happy to have me back that the shyest, most feral one let me pet her. Then she decided I was getting too fresh, and administered a swat. This is a huge breakthrough! (Polly is so shy that my sisters wonder if she is my invisible friend.) Yes, my life truly is so exciting that this is the big news. :)

By general consent, Sue wins the Mother's Job Is Never Done Award, for taking her grown son to the ER, then receiving phone calls from him after every nap. As Amy notes, "simultaneously adorable and exhausting."

Days wins the Old Skook Award for her classic whine, "Trying to teach our eldest how to add and subtract integers has confused me as much as her." This is how, in the grand division of marital tasks marathon, Daddy became the math consultant.

Investigative Journalism Award goes to Sarah, for her report on the fancy-pants mammo and ultrasound that must have cost her insurance company a bundle. We're glad you have a clean bill of health, and that it was soothing! But, makes you wonder about the cost crisis in health care. (I visited a similar place a couple of times, and thought that if they toned down the lush decor, they could probably afford to screen more people.)

Liz wins the Our Hero Award, for enforcing the boundaries of civility on a blog, with someone she generally likes who was attacking someone she doesn't. "We do NOT allow commenters to use the phrase 'you're a stupid fat idiot for being XXXXXX's lapdog.'" This award comes with quantities of chocolate and a personal cluestick!

"Hey, You!" Awards to Esperanza, Sarah, and all Pixies whose little darlings (or others) call them by less-favored nicknames. We think this is one of the Universe's little jokes, an early clue that no amount of dedicated parenting will make things go the way one expects.

Get Well Soon Awards to Espeanza and her family, Sue and her boy, Liz, and anyone else suffering maladies this week.

Esperanza wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for one of the illnesses in her domain: "Sweet was struck with the 'I may be able to talk, but I choose not to' virus." We predict there may be a time in the future when you are searching frantically for the "off" button. ;)

Thanks for playing! See you next time!


esperanza said...

A Mullet! Thank you!

And I nominate the "Old Skook" Award for the pixie lexicon.

amy said...

And with that last comment, esperanza positions herself for a follow-up Mullet. LOL

Lovely awards, kathy. I hope your travel is productive and drama-free. :)

kathy a. said...

OMG, a typo! How embarassing.

kathy a. said...

Darn -- I also forgot to credit Amy for nominating Sue and naming the award!

kathy a. said...

so, what would "old skook" mean? those times when we are not totally the best academic resource on the planet?

Sue said...

Great awards kathy a !

Perhaps Old Skook could be the pixie version of "I can spell but I choose not to" -grin -

kathy a. said...

maybe i closed whining too early. my son just told me his neighbor -- who has a new baby daughter, was in remission from colon cancer after a terrible time -- has the fireplacing cancer again. fireplacity fireplace. this guy's only in his early 30's.