Saturday, April 9, 2011

Awards: Late Edition

What a week, what a week. This ceremony is brought to you by the ancient laptop, because it apears the big computer is dead dead dead. "When we try to run the diagnostic, it shuts down. My boss says maybe it's the hard drive." Cross your fingers on the data and photo recovery. It was an excellent week in the whine-o-sphere, though! Many choice topics, from supermarkets to properly fitted undergarments.

Whine of the Week Award goes to Amy, who was planning to sleep in because of the confluence of spring break and sick toddler, but nooooo -- her husband decided to play the role of the alarm clock, complete with sound effects. Realizing his mistake, he slunk the heck out of there, avoiding injury.

The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to Liz, who opined that "I would smack him like a snooze button." As other pixies observe, the precise anatomical location of the snooze button feature on a husband imitating an alarm clock is sadly ignored by the standard reference works.

The Kudo Posse will be paying a visit to Sue's doctor, who is trying to be helpful and is all over suggestions from the clinic. Yay!

The Weather is in some trouble this week -- snow at a funeral for Sue, "weather whiplash" for Liz [90 one day; wintery rain the next].

The Phase of the Moon is chiming in, inducing screaming temper fits in youngsters loved by JenR and Esperanza, who win GS cookies, a supply of earplugs, and valuable "Mommy needs to be alone" time. Much sympathy, too.

Irrelevant Newspaper Rant of the Week Award to Esperanza, who reports that in these troubled times, her local paper's featured letter to the editor involved allegedly bad service at a nail salon. This is clearly a pressing problem, somehow overlooked by our elected leaders at both the state and national levels.

Days brings several of the Dwarves this week -- Sniffy, Sneezy, and Itchy. We wish you some merry antihistamines!

The Cluestick Posse is also saddled up to deliver some strong messages to Days' Dr. [Redacted], who wins a Lifetime Achievement Award for Bad Bedside Manner for commenting that she is "fat for someone on chemo." We figure a whack every few minutes, broken up by lectures from his Mama on the shame, ought to do the trick. Jerk.

Emily wins the My Vision of Heck Award for the many ways that the supermarket makes her crazy. Joining her on the podium are Sue, JenR and Esperanza. But this started a lively Pixie debate -- others of us like the supermarket, use it for one-on-one time with a child, or at least find it handy when one needs to escape.

Hugs to Sarah -- we hope that dizziness has gotten better. And totally understand wanting to go back to work because juggling kidlets is a trifle wearing sometimes!

Fahionista Awards to Amy [who found a t-shirt slogan saying, "What does not kill me only makes me whinier"], Sue [who needed an update to the funereal wardrobe, and got some great suggestions from Liz], Liz [who replenished her wardrobe, AND did some advocacy about properly fitted undergarments], and JenR [seriously, a strapless bra to go with the bridesmaid dress at a rather obvious stage of pregnancy?]. Many Pixie opinions on that last one. It appears that The Posse has formed a bridal subcommittee, armed only with 800 page magazines entitled, "Your Perfect Wedding: How to Drive Everyone You Know Insane Before The Big Day!"

See you next week!


esperanza said...

Lovely awards under adverse circumstances, kathy!

emily said...

Thanks for the lovely ceremony--Fingers crossed for data recovery!

Sue said...

Thanks kathy! I think we totally need the t-shirts. Another good option would be "Remember what it's all about" and "Don't make me bring out the Clue Stick Posse!"

We could have a whole wardrobe of WW wear!

kathy a. said...

i'm told that my data was saved! off this morning to purchase a new computer.

Days said...

Glad to hear the data was salvaged! And wonderful awards under trying circumstances.

I should clarify though, that particular comment wasn't made by my Dr. but by someone *ahem* much closer to home.

kathy a. said...

days, many apologies for misreading. the posse is still on the case, but now we know to aim for the snooze button feature. your humble host stands by the lifetime achievement award for bad bedside manner. [even if the person in question offers the "i meant that as a compliment" kind of excuse.]