Friday, April 1, 2011

Avoid These Beverages Awards Show

Please see comments on the whining post for an extensive list of beverages to avoid when applying cluesticks, in order to avoid unfortunate pook accidents.

Bodily Fluids, Animal Division to kathy a., with the industrial-strength pooking by her kitties. And to Sue, whose cat just can't (or is it won't) bark in an approved location.

Bodily Fluids, Human Division, to the phobic Neighbor Lady, who must shower even after hearing of bark in another location. ~shudder~

Bodily Hormonal Obnoxiousness, Human Division, to liz, of the 21 day cycle, and Neighbor Lady, of the unnecessarily noticeable ovaries.

Related Mullet Award also goes to Neighbor Lady for "This whole Aunt Flo thing can kiss my heiny!" Yes, indeedy.

Old Skool Award to Days, for the tragic and sad necessity of discarding inedible homemade cookies. Runner Up Old Skool to amy and her toddler-induced sticky doorknobs.

Cluesticks to all who re-do lip stitches, Big Angry Church Men who act like babies (wow, that felt good), siblings who know how to manipulate us, husbands who mis-schedule home improvement projects, and people who don't buy condos.

Hugs to liz and all who are grieving the loss of her friend.


Sue said...

Great awards Esperanza! Thanks!

kathy a. said...

lovely ceremony!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the multitude of awards! It has made my week!
:) Neighbor Lady