Friday, April 22, 2011


Off to visit daughter for the weekend!! Leaving the Easter baskets behind for the family at home. Apologies if I miss any award-worthy whines.

Let's just start with the Old Skool Award, which this time goes to Sarah, for this fanabulous mash-up of everyday whines: "potty training, spring break for the kids but I still have to go to work, dentist appointments for me and the two big kids, and its keeps snowing. C'mon spring, please?" ~~ wild applause ~~

The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to Liz, who was stuck doing taxes while the person who didn't want to hire a professional slept, and all for this: "Ha! HA! The one form I couldn't find is HIS W2!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" The Mullet comes this week with a courtesy extension on filing taxes, and the Cluestick Posse shall be armed with tax forms, and lots of them.

Runner up in the Mullet category is Esperanza, who hopes that she and Mini "stand firm" in the face of pook afflictions in other sectors of the family. Well said!

Whoopsie Award to Emily, whose college daughter killed the computer via the time-honored method of spilling soda on it.

Condolances to all afflicted with tax stuff, which I think is everyone. But who would have guessed that clergy are especially prone to tax audits? It must be the lavish lifestyle, the wild parties, all those weddings and funerals, tending to the needy, those suspicious habits of claiming that sermons don't write themselves and cleaning up after coffee hour.

One tends to forget, not all the crazy holiday madness occurs in December: April brings both Easter and Passover. Seasonal Festivities Awards go to the following, Pixies, among others:

* Esperanza, whose 2 preacher + 2 baboo household has improved from Code Green to Code Yellow, and at least the bark was not in the sanctuary, and we wont' mention the pook situation;

* Sue, who has feelings of guilt about wishing away the angst of the Holy Week marathon;

* JenR, who suffered a toddler meltdown when she would not let the toddler eat chocolate eggs (conveniently provided at dinnertime by daycare) before dinner;

* Liz, who reminds Sue that "
Holy Week is the punishment inflicted upon you in exchange for not having to go through the brouhaha that is Passover for the religiously Jewish";

* Emily, who found the beloved Passover chocolates of her youth, and lo, they weren't as good as the memory, but the fresh macaroons made up for that.

The Weather is in for a good Cluesticking -- News Flash: it's April, and both snow and hail are inappropriate behavior.

While we're at it, JenR's over-diligent doc gets a few whacks from the Posse for multiple "call me right away" messages, when the news was "everything's hunky dory!" We do not need that kind of stress, doc. But, yay, right-sized shy baby!

Hugs and Love to Days, who is struggling with the fireplacing cancer, and the fireplacing taxes, and like that wasn't enough, her boy has an infected ingrown toenail -- youch. C'mon, Universe -- the Cluestick Posse needs a few words with you.

The Kudo Posse wishes to congratulate JenR on donating 10 inches of hair!

A big Hurray! for Sue's husband finding a new, great neurologist!

See you next week, when Esperanza will be our fabulous host!


kathy a. said...

too funny -- i could not get this post to go up at home, but here i am at another airport, and it finally cooperated...

liz said...

This was a fabulous awards ceremony!

Sue said...

Fab awards as usual!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

kathy a. said...

Oh, NO! Yes, I'm at another airport, with time to kill, and I just remembered that I forgot the Royal Order of Silverware-Rearranging Relatives Award! This one is for Esperanza, and all similarly afflicted Pixies.