Monday, April 11, 2011

In which we go about our business...

I had jury duty today, and teh cats are seriously disturbed about my absence; senior just tried to scare the juniors for having the audacity to appear in my office, which she believes is her executive enclave. Have to go back tomorow, too. Don't tell them! They expect the concierge to be present when wanted.

In antiwhines, my data was saved despite the terrible death of the old computer, got a new computer, and I managed to get everything set up just so -- despite my limited skillz -- and an unsullied computer is a lovely thing! Still trying to remember and find my old links, though.

One of my cousins is setting up the summer family picnic this year! It will be kind of in the middle of nowhere, but at least I won't be the one in charge!

Let the whining begin!


Sue said...

Sorry that the felines have to suffer through jury duty - clearly it is more difficult for them than it is for you kathy. I know all about kitteh concierge service...

I'm glad the new computer is up and running. Yay!!!! Shiny!!!!

AW: I'm a good mom. Local Son has strep throat. He is 27 years old, but still needed his Mom to take him to ER and to the store for popsicles. He was so rarely sick as a child, I think he's actually kind of freaked out. He doesn't seem to comprehend that people's throats hurt that much every day. He's got the antibiotics and something to help him sleep, but he still calls after every nap.

W: This morning I woke up with a sore throat. That's what I get for sitting with him in that little ER cubicle for two hours. Dang. Why can't I be one of those Mom's who just says, "Suck it up Buttercup???"

amy said...

I'd like to nominate Sue for the "A Mom's Job is Never Done" Award. I know it's early in teh Whining, but srsly -- he calls after every nap? That is simultaneously adorable and exhausting.

Sue said...

Well said esperanza. Adorable and exhausting. The irony is that he is normally such an independent, strong guy. He just never learned about having normal, everyday things like common colds & flu bugs. His brother caught every seasonal bug going around at school, but not D, he has always had an immune army that could fend off even the worst viruses.

Another Whine: Old Skool variety. I need a haircut. No time. I really really dislike bad hair days.

A lot.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Aww, I think it is adorable, Sue, your son calling. But I hope he gets well soon. That is only cute for so long.

KathyA - hope the cats adjust and that your jury duty is brief.

In the anti-whine camp: I had a mammogram today for some unexplained pain. The pain is still unexplained, but the radiologist was pretty sure it wasn't anything bad (and starts with C) that would show up on the scans & ultrasound. The pain is minor...but it was worrisome. I am much less worried now.

Whine: I feel like I am contributing to the delinquency of healthcare plans. The mammogram was in the beautiful new hospital, they did an ultrasound afterward. It was soothing and caring and luckily, there is nothing wrong with me. It must have cost my health insurance a fortune. Or me, via premiums, but still...

kathy a. said...

aw, sue. adorable and exhausting, check. adult guy in the family being a wimpery patient, check.

sarah, glad the checks are clear!!

jury duty is over. i really believe in jury service and the importance of jury trials. but 1.5 days of sitting around before being sent home is not the most fun i've ever had.

esperanza said...

Adorable and exhausting, yes...but amy gets the credit for that, not me.

Whew, Sarah. And hooray for soothing and caring--that shouldn't cost extra anyway.

Whine: allergy attack (?I guess? could have been a small cold) over the weekend for me AND Mr. E meant preaching with stuffy nose and watery eyes. Lovely. Mini was struck with mystery fever and accompanying rash to complement her ongoing eczema. Sweet was struck with the "I may be able to talk, but I choose not to" virus. Hopefully it is short lived, because mama did not like it.

Small Whine: Sweet is calling me "Mommy" about half the time. I've always wanted to be called "Mama." She couldn't say that for the longest time, and I was "ama," which was fine. But Mama didn't last very long. :(

AW: No jury duty, no strep throat, no unexplained pain, no computer glitches...see how lucky you've made me feel!

Sarah at ratatat said...

Esperanza - sorry you're not feeling well. Get well soon. We're flip sides of the name coin. I always assumed I'd be Mommy and ended up Mama. My husband wanted to be Papa and I think Mama just flowed better for the kids. I even wrote Momma for years to try to make myself like it more. I am happy to be Mom, mostly, now. And he get stuck with Pop or Dad.

Sue said...

Oops. Sorry Amy!

My sleep-deprived-bad-hair-brain is just not working for me today. Time for some sleeps.

Sue said...

Aw, kwap. My head feels like it's stuffed with cotton balls and my throat feels like I'm swallowing razor blades.

I think I might be sick.

Days said...

W: Trying to teach our eldest how to add and subtract integers has confused me as much as her.

Hugs and soup of choice to all the sick pixies.

Sarah- so glad to hear the checks are clear.

The kitteh concierge service is in high demand here too. Our kitten is so well socialized that she meows pitifully to be picked up and cuddled.

kathy a. said...

yuck, sue -- hope you feel better!

condolances to all who are called by the wrong parental nickname. i think we all end up answering to anything! i wanted "mommy" but it started as MA MA MA MA MA, progressed swiftly through "mommy," and ended up with "mom." my husband was extremely jealous that "mama" came before "da," and a little freaked when our toddler son started calling him by his first name; he is now "dad." my favorite wrong name was from a visiting preschooler, who once improvised: "mrs. charlie's mommy!" polite boy.

esperanza said...

Hugs to Sue. It's just not Holy Week unless the minister is sick. Sigh.

Sorry about math angst, Days.

kathy a.--at first I was thrilled to finally be called something. Dada had been named FOREVER, and I was waiting patiently on something that sounded remotely like Mama. Oh well. My parents were called Mr. and Mrs. Wally (my brother's nickname) all through our high school years. I was Wally's sister. A bit damaging to big sister's ego.

liz said...

W: Have been sick now since Thursday.

AW: Am much better,

W: but am at work.

W: on my other joint blog (Loudoun Progress dot Org) I have had to bring out the inner bitch to correct for some shenanigans that have been occurring in the comments.
One of the commenters at fault is actually a good friend of mine and teh spouse's. He's been crossing some pretty clearly delineated boundaries and I've had to smack him down.

With him all wide-eyed and innocent saying, "me? What'd I do?"

We Are Not Amused.

liz said...

Especially since he was attacking someone I dislike intensely.

We do NOT allow commenters to use the phrase "you're a stupid fat idiot for being XXXXXX's lapdog"

kathy a. said...

go, liz!

oh, bleah. finished one thing, finally finished a draft of something else. and now i have to plan work travel for this very weekend, because i got all sidetracked with teh computer death and all. bleah.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Go Liz!

Sue said...

"It's just not Holy Week unless the minister is sick."

Brilliant, and shockingly true. ~le sigh~

I dedicate this moss coloured disgusting kleenex to all the snotty, coughing people I've been hanging around with in the past two weeks.

Someone wake me up when Easter is over. kthxbai.

kathy a. said...

eww. do you need antibiotics? would green decorator kleenex be better, or worse?

my trip just turned into saturday/sunday instead of friday/saturday. someone is bugging me about planning another 2 trips, too. beloved is bugging me about planning the trip to visit daughter.

Sue said...

kathy a gets a nomination for "When Did I Become a Travel Agent?" award.