Monday, March 28, 2011

"No Share Toys"

The great antiwhine at our house is that Sweet Baboo is finally talking! She's made huge progress: last June, she was estimated to be over a year behind in expressive speech. A couple of weeks ago, the gap was down to six months. Hooray, Sweet Baboo! Which leads to the whine: now that she is talking, she doesn't always say sweet things (shocking, I know). Favorites are: "no share toys," "nokay" (which we think means, "No, I'm ok" and generally comes in response to a "do you need to go potty?"), "MY TURN," etc.

For my part, I'm generally grumpy, still not caught up on sleep from Spring "Break," married to an over-worked/over-working Mr. E., and needing a teensy bit of introvert time. Perhaps it shows?

What about you, pixies? What are the whines around your place?

(Pictured: some of the toys in question...yes, farm animals eat Mardi Gras beads at our house.)


liz said...

Early whine of desperation.

My antiperspirant is not up to the job today. Damn Aunt Flo.

And I had a 21 day cycle this time.

Twenty-one days between periods.

This had better fireplacing be menopause coming on

Days said...

Hooray for SB's progress, even if it includes unsweet mutterings.

Liz for Old Skool and Keepin' It Real.

W: Tossed an entire batch of homemade cookies yesterday because they were unedible. Still not sure where I went wrong with the recipe.

esperanza said...

Oh no! Things are definitely desperate. Liz, that is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

Days, my husband is famous for putting 3/4 CUP of baking soda rather than 3/4 teaspoon. Tossing cookies is pretty desperate too.

kathy a. said...

oooh, strong start to the whining week!

esperanza, i just LOVE that time when words start working, but the vocabulary toolbox is not fully stocked so there is some creative usage going on! the sibling possessiveness, not so much.

liz, that's award-worthy. this is how i ended up with an emergency supply stash drawer at work. dipey-wipes [travel pack] work OK at removing odor before using the travel-sized deoderant. for AF -- keep backups for the permanent purse stash. i also kept a spare shirt, but that was mostly because of spillage problems. ymmv.

days -- oh, noes about the cookies!

kathy a. said...

W: daughter was home from her out-of-state U for a month at winter break. then she was home for a week at spring break. she just noticed yesterday that her driver's license expired on her birthday in early january. we live literally blocks from the dmv.

AW: looks like she can renew online! and she can't drive until she gets the new license, which i view as cosmic justice.

Anonymous said...

W: Seriously, body, is it necessary for me to feel EVERY little thing going on with you?! Like, could you possibly ovulate without me having to feel crampy?! I bet you could.....go on....try.....! Some people supposedly don't even know they're pregnant until the baby pops forth, so I really don't think a little anonymous ovulation is too much to ask, do you?????


--Neighbor Lady

Sue said...

Oh no!

darn AF anyway! And disposable cookies are just wrong on so many levels....

Yay to SB on the talking!

AW - posting this from my new! iPad! Hubby bought it for me and it's sooooooo much fun. I am truly blessed and I know it.

W - not much there...... Two headache days since my injections, but they were not unbearable, certainly not as bad as they had been before.

Also, the triptan (migraine abortive) I used to take for the worst of the worst is no longer produced. Have to see local doc next week to try a new one. I would prefer not to ever need them again,but alas, 'tis not to be.

Anonymous said...

And Liz, I totally sympathize on your Aunt Flo woes. This whole Aunt Flo thing can kiss my heiny!
--Neighbor Lady

Sue said...

NL- I have a friend who cramps up at ovulation. It sounds nasty. So sorry.....what a dilemma pixies! If we cluestick NL's ovaries it might hurt her.

Darn anonymous ovaries anyway!

kathy a. said...

it sounds like those hormonals are in real trouble this week...

NL for mullet, with her "kiss my hieney" comment!!!

yay, sue! not about the 2 headache days, but about only 2 and tolerable. they've gotta have a backup med, right?

OK, passing teh bev of choice. my real whine is that i went back to the oral surgeon this morning because this stupid spot on my lip grew back, and now i have 6 very attractive stitches. again. and the AW is: he is really sure it's not cancer.

apparently my delicate cat was worried, because he presented quite an array in non-catbox places. can i blame the universe?

esperanza said...

kathy a, I just had a little thingy removed from my hand, only one stitch. Both baboos can't quit looking at it, so I'm sure your cat was traumatized. Please, blame the universe.

And just so you hormonal pixies won't feel so alone, I'll throw in an endometriosis whine. Three months into it, and she's already here? Grrr. There are some treatment options, but not while I'm still breastfeeding Mini (we're down to just bedtime).

esperanza said...

AW: Mr. E. got up early so he could play w/the Baboos before going into work (he was busy last night and will be tonight). It's pretty sweet.

Sue said...

kathy a. - definitely blame the universe.

It is definitely hormone week here at the pixie ball. We all know that HRT isn't the answer (even for us women of a certain age), so that leaves us with tequila shots. Who's in?

A. Nonnie Moose said...

Helloooo. Back again with a family of origin whine. Need to let this go, but need to vent first. This is long and boring, so feel free to skip it.

After more than a year of nonstop angst between the co-trustees, the parental estate finally settled a few months ago. All except the tax forms -- when they came a few weeks ago, they did not reflect a fairly major item that we'd been told to expect. So I asked.

Trustee A argued that they didn't have to answer any dang questions. Trustee B shot back that they did too, and she would handle it -- she asked the CPA over 2 weeks ago. And now I'm getting totally blown off -- "I'll tell you when I hear something. The accountant is busy. I have a lot going on." Yadda.

Trustee B has spent the last 1.5 years proclaiming that she is totally on top of everything, trashing Trustee A, calling people up and whipping them into a frenzy about this or that not being done right. It's been a hideous amount of angst, and those times I got sucked in, it meant dozens of high-tension emails and phone calls.

And now I'm thinkng it was all about the drama and the power struggle between them, that Trustee B never was "totally on top of everything," that no answer is forthcoming about this fairly substantial deduction that both trustees said to expect. That I was a pawn.

The tax part is not so important, although I've been waiting for a month on finishing the taxes because of this latest chapter in the drama. I feel used and betrayed by my own sib. I feel stupid for getting pulled into the angst, for sucking up previous insults and frustrations. I think I helped feed her insanity.

The insanity is the intensity with which my sib needs to feel competent, in charge, perfect in every way. This situation is almost literally all she talked about for over a year.

Whining works. I'm not as angry as when I started this unconscionably long note. It is tacky to whine when one has gotten a modest windfall, but I really wish it had not involved so much drama drama drama.

kathy a. said...

sue, i'll stick with bev of choice. there were some unfortunate tequila-shot incidents in my pre-kid years.

kathy a. said...

esperanza -- what a sweet way to begin the day, with daddy and kidlet time!

endometriosis - -not so much. ugh.

Sue said...

Bev of choice is fine kathy a. - funny how those early experiences stay with us, yes? Well, not "funny" so much, but odd.

A.NM - Oh my goodness, what a horrible family of origin time you've had! Cluesticks all around to sibs who take advantage of you. I'm glad whining made you feel a bit better - that's what we're here for....

Sue said...

Dear Kat,

Our home is covered in laminate flooring and linoleum in the bathroom. We have but ONE area rug in the living room.

Why, oh why, must this *always* be the location of your most recent bark?

Seriously, can we negotiate another location that results in less scrubbing on my part, while still giving you the satisfaction a good barking experience?

Hoping we can reach an agreement without need for further mediation,


liz said...

Sue, is your cat fooled by a towel somewhere? A washable floor mat?

Sue said...

Liz - not so much. She would laugh at me and taunt me in the middle if the night if I dared to attempt such a ruse. It's a good idea, but it is similar to the classic case in which the loving cat owner buys an expensive cat bed, and said
cat then sleeps in the cardboard box that the costly bed arrived in. It's part of the "How to be a Cat" constitution.

esperanza said...

Boy oh boy, the whining is off to a stellar start this week! Keep it coming, pixies. After all, A. Nonny Moose swears by it.

Sarah at ratatat said...

A Nonny Moose - Ugh. What sad realizations about the siblings and power struggle and even the lack of potential tax write-off, but so glad that writing it out helped wipe out some of the angst. Remember, you can always amend your return, esp. if you will get more back :)

Sue - I love your cat. Not their bark or pook, thank goodness not my dept. And yay for fewer headaches!

Esperanza - awww, the talking! And the age-appropriate toddler voice. But a big boo on the endometriosis.

Are the Pixie hormones strong enough that we're starting one of those shared cycles that you read about in female dorms? AF annoyed me last week. My sympathies to NL and Liz. And I too hate feeling when I ovulate, information that is totally useless to me.

KathyA - the DMV and your daughter...and the stitches and your lip and your cat. Never a dull moment.

Days - inedible cookies? say it ain't so.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Whine: first big public work event is Thursday night. I think I have everything under control, so I worry Murphy's Law is due to kick in in about 24 hours...

WhineII: through a calendar miscommunication, my husband started working on a home improvement project that involved us making the living room uninhabitable for a while. He so rarely is willing to help, I didn't stop him even though he was a week early. But now the house is a wreck and I invited JenR over IRL to play. Sorry Jen!

Sue said...

Yay!!! Sarah and JenR get to have a Pixie IRL party!!! How delightful. Eat extra goodies for us all. :)

Whine: Clergy meeting this morning. Definite time suck....I have elebenty billion other things I could do this morning.

Oh, and I've been voted the person most likely to deliver the bad news to Big Church We Didn't Amalgamate With that we're not sharing summer worship with them. Oh yay. I will not be popular....hoping he doesn't opt to kill the messenger.

kathy a. said...

oh, sarah, the timing! well, i hope jenr will understand. what can you do when a beloved gets started on a home improvement project? say hi to jen!

sue, i guess your cat has been training you for dealing with the really ucky part of your day job. she no doubt expects extra rations for her efforts.

liz, i've been using mats outside the boxes for a while now -- washable! and washed often! my delicate boy still commits accidents outside the mat zone; my diva queen still barks where fireplacing ever she pleases -- except my desk, i'm pretty firm about tossing her off before teh event. as sue mentioned, there is a cat constitution.

Sue said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

Well, that was awkward. Buddy from Big Angry Church didn't take the summer news well.

At. all.

He left the building. Seriously, he pulled an Elvis on the rest of the meeting and took off.

I do not get paid enough for days like this one. I want either some Hazard Pay or Chocolate. Or both.

esperanza said...

Sounds like Big Angry Church Man has some --ahem-- issues.

Chocolate to Sue, Universe!

Sue said...

esperanza - ya think??? Oy.

Make my chocolate a double Easter bunny with marshmallow filling. It's a day to bring out the big (bunny) guns.

kathy a - you may have a point. Kitteh has been purposely training me in her quiet, subversive, but ever so helpful way. Riiiiiiggghhhtttt.

kathy a. said...

well, you just had a big angry church guy bark all over the carpet and stalk out. and there you were, virtually applying paper towels to the mess. probably with a fair amount of grace.

my operating theory in life is that we learn something from all the bad stuff. still, i'm calling out the cludestick posse on mr. wonderful from the other church. (way to act like a grownup, dude!)

kathy a. said...

"pulled an elvis and left the building" is defintely award-worthy!

Anonymous said...

Chocolate to Sue, on the double.

And, as bad as cat bark is, I'll take it to human anyday. Apparently one of our students wasn't feeling well today. Luckily, I wasn't in the cafeteria at the time. Poor girl. Did I mention this is my phobia? I know, I know, I need to get over it. Especially before my advisory group meets in the cafeteria tomorrow.

Passing purell along with the chocolate. And going off to take a, really, I am.

Hugs to kathy a. for the lip, and A. Nonny Moose for the family-of-origin mack truck drive by. And Sarah for the timing. And Days for the cookies...

--Neighbor Lady

Sarah at ratatat said...

Oh Sue the Messenger - as dramatic as leaving the building was, glad it wasn't screamed until you left. Break out the emergency chocolate!

NL - human bark is so bad. Ugh. Sorry that it is your phobia - yikes!

kathy a. said...

on the issue of human bark -- i think it is a strong argument in favor of avoiding tequila shots. not that i think NL's kid in the cafeteria was doing that, just saying... NL deserves an award.

Sue said...

Any and all human bark-age is award worthy, for sure.

Kathy a. - good point re: tequila. I have a similar opinion about lemon gin. Shudders.....

kathy a. said...

lemon gin? you're making that up, right? i'll see your lemon gin, and raise you a peppermint schnapps. [this may turn out to be the pixie tour of worst drinks evah.]

Anonymous said...

Oooh....oooohh...(waving hand wildly)....
gevurstraminer. hands down. especially when mixed with shots of....well, anything else. From personal experience.

Rum. not from personal experience. Just second hand experience....which might be worse, because I was sober for that one. My roommate? Not even close.

I think they should make a lime gin. It would skip a labor intensive step to a gin and tonic. Yes, I am too lazy to cut up a lime, why do you ask?

--Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

oh, NL holds the lead, in my opinion. gurverst and shots? how did anyone ever think of that?

liz said...

High school friend who went missing this week has probably been found.

Sonar shows a body under the pier where he was last seen. Water is too dangerous to try to bring the body up at this time.

Am sitting at my desk at work sobbing.

I wasn't that close to him...haven't seen him for years...

But both of us were much better friends with someone else, who died 14 years ago in a fire, and now I'm mourning them both.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Liz, I am so sorry. What a rough day.

Sue said...

(((Liz))) How horrible and sad. I`m so sorry.

JenR said...

No luck on the condo selling ... and just one showing by people who seem to have unrealistic expectations. (The pics posted online show a pond close by. They came for the showing then complained that the water is too close for their grandkids.)

An HR person at work double-booked me for interviews today. Hopefully the candidate I had to cancel on will be able to reschedule.

And yes, I understand the mess at Sarah's house. We'll plan again for another day :-)

JenR said...


kathy a. said...

((((( liz )))))

JenR said...

to clarify the rescheduling... it's the toddlers and power tools that don't mix. If it was just Sarah & I, we would still get together.

esperanza said...


Sue said...

Turns out there really is a first time for everything.

The teenage clerk at the drugstore asked me today if I was a senior.

Le Sigh.

She immediately apologized and mentioned that the senior rates start at 55, and it's really hard to tell sometimes.

Sure, whatever....

Anonymous said...


--Neighbor Lady

esperanza said...

Ugh, Sue. Asking someone that should be like asking if she is pregnant. Unless you're sure, DON'T!

Whine for the day: soap opera in Hubby's congregation = stressed and worn out Mr. E

kathy a. said...

clue sticks to the soap opera people!

sue, i'm starting to think i'll just sign up for this AARP card [they start soliciting people in the US at age 49!] and go for the discounts. one of my friends [also under 55] got a great hotel rate at a conference recently.

man, the pook situation here got really bad overnight, worse today. i considered the final solution briefly, but then decided we do not have the right equipment. went and bought a heavy-duty carpet steamer and a jug of "pet duty" cleaner. i hate this. it's a chronic problem, but getting less manageable as he ages; so more machinery is just a stopgap.

Days said...


kathy and NL for Fluids, Sarah for Helpful(?) Hubby, Sue for Head Cluesticker of the Week.

I'll second peppermint schnapps as one to avoid. Especially the 100 proof - the kind that burns your throat for the whole weekend.

We are growing desperate for replacement cookies. Too bad the grocery shopping won't be done til tomorrow.

esperanza said...

Days, the cookie situation sounds dire.

New whine for the day: why, oh why, must my husband wait until 10 pm to bring up important discussions (tonight: taxes)?

And was it a pixie who alerted me to the less than $10 tax form thingy? If so, thanks. You just saved me looking for a non-existent form.

amy said...

Every doorknob and handle in my house is sticky. Cause: toddler.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Amy - giggling quietly to not wake up my own toddlers.

First big work event was a success. Phew. At least no one is telling me they were terribly unhappy. Good enough for me. Low expectations make for better rest.

liz said...

Thank you all for the hugs, I really needed them.

Gah, Sue, that sucks.

Esperanza, taxes AND drama??? Yuck.

AW: my mom is coming for the weekend starting this evening.

W: My house is a mess.

AW: She's staying in a nearby hotel.

W: She still will be coming over to the house...and the house is a mess.

Sue said...

esperanza - taxes and drama - double duty Ick. Not fun.

kathy - sorry about the pook proliferation. Harsh, but the industrial strength pet duty stuff will hopefully help.