Thursday, May 1, 2008

Awards (how's that for an original post title?)

Sorry guys, this week it's all about the bras: the titslinger award goes to all those whose bras are too small, too big, too itchy, too poke-y, too sweaty, too cleavage-inducing or otherwise just not working. With special regards for Sara, because bra shopping should never be an all-family event.

If it isn't about the bras, it's about the poop:
  • kathy a gets the golden pooper scooper award for dealing with her cats' prodigious output.
  • diane gets the creative use of a bathing suit award for using it to stop her daughter from removing her diaper
Elevated risk of mullet goes to Amy for "I have the longest, most beautiful, most luxurious, shiniest hair known to woman. In my nose." And I now have milk in my nose as a result.

Congrats to Miranda, Liz and Sue's son for their impending graduations. Good luck to esperanza and her sweet baboo on the doctors' appointments today. And good wishes to Margalit and her family for successful mediation of IEP and quick deposit of "rebate" check so they can buy some food. Geez louise.

Have a good week folks.


turtlebella said...

I heart the pixies. Loving all the recs for maternity/nursing bras!!! You all rock.

kathy a. said...

beautiful ceremony, elizabeth!

Sue said...

Lovely awards! Thanks Elizabeth!

Madeleine said...

Marvelous awards, Elizabeth. Kiss that little baby head for us.

Madeleine said...

And a forehead-thump for Elizabeth's late breaking whine that she left her iPod home and is going on a four hour bus ride. D'oh! doesn't begin to cover it.

Miranda said...

Mah-vah-lous, Elizabeth.