Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday Whining: Aaaaggghhh!!! It's Wednesday Edition

My whine is I forgot it was Wednesday and I'm HOSTING!

Go to it people!


liz said...

Thank you Kathywithcats for giving me the nudge!

Madeleine said...

Snuggly Girl said it well:

This spring has decision paralysis.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Well, getting twelve hours of sleep last night has made me less whiny. I didn't even think I was that tired. This second trimester business is tricky.

On the whine front: my OB called. Always an eek moment. The ultrasound showed that the placenta is growing over previous my c-section scar. Without using the terms placenta accreta (but Google seems suggestive) she did mention a potential need for blood transfusions, hysterectomy, a high-risk pregnancy from now on, more ultrasounds and maybe an MRI.

Anti-whine: Google is highly suggestive that placenta accreta is most scary when they don't know why you've won't stop bleeding during delivery. So being forewarned and prepared...a good thing, I hope.

Whine: hysterectomy?

Anti-whine: she promises to try to keep my ovaries.

It's a girl! I can relate to posters from previous weeks who were shocked by the expected gender. My mom, my husband and I all thought it was a boy. Not a "Oh I really want a boy" just a feeling. The extra ultrasounds should confirm the gender.

Sleep seems to have put in to perspective my other whining thoughts. So maybe I will resolve to go to bed directly after supper one night a week for oh, the next 18 weeks?

Diane said...

Major antiwhine - I got a big promotion! I will actually have someone to supervise!

whine - my husband that hurt himself last week that I gave no sympathy too? well, he still gets no sympathy.

hope everyone is having a great week!

liz said...

Sarah, I'm thinking of you and hoping for a problem-free outcome!!!

Diane, Hooray for your promotion!!!

3carnations said...

Anti whine - Beautiful weather!

Whine - Frustrated with parents who don't RSVP for birthday parties. I always end up with excessive amounts of food and goody bags because I assume all no-answers are "yes".

KLee said...

Whine: My show opens tomorrow! Eeek! I'm not ready! The choreographer re-blocked a dance number that I'm in a few nights ago, and my feet still want to do the old choreography!

Anti-whine: the rest of the cast mostly blocks the way, since I'm in the back row.

Whine: There are seventeen days of school left.

Anti-whine: There are seventeen days of school left! And Monday is a holiday! Woo-hoo! Sleep late, no rehearsal!

liz said...


kathy a. said...

((( sarah ))) xoxo

congratulations, diane!

good luck, klee!

whinety whine haiku:

son's new bike, early
birthday present, was stolen.
birthday is 6/5.

can you believe it? some jerk stole his bike off the front of a bus while he was commuting to work!

antiwhine: lovely, lovely weather.

margalit said...

Whine: Ted Kennedy. TED KENNEDY! Oh, this is so horribly sad and has colored my entire week.

Whine: Override didn't pass so our city is 12 million over budget and this means cuts in police, fire, city workers, and SCHOOLS. Especially special ed. Joy oh joy.

Whine: Even after bitching last Friday, school has not set up meeting concerning daughter, nor have they registered her for next year. What the hell are they waiting for?

Whine: My CHF has gotten markedly worse in the past month. I'm having trouble breathing in the morning, I'm totally congested and exhausted all the time.

Whine: Had to borrow money to pay the rent this month, now friend is pissed at me.

Whine: STILL no fireplacing stimulus check. Is it ever coming?

Whine: My son is so nasty lately. His mouth is just horrible and every morning is another swear-filled festival of hate.

AntiWhine: Weather is improving, lettuce has come up, herbs are thriving.

esperanza said...

Hugs to Sarah.

Major Antiwhine in the Baboo department: all bloodwork came back normal, so she does not have the horrible disease we were afraid of. Gracias a Dios.

Whine in the Baboo Department: she seems to have forgotten that she knows how to sleep through the night.

Additional not-directly-Baboo-related Whine: husband is still feeling depressed...kept therapy appointment this week, but amazingly enough, was not cured in one visit. Patience, patience, patience.

amy said...

@Margalit: So, so sorry about the giant crapfest you continue to endure. Regarding the stimulus check: the last two digits of your SSN determine when your check will come. The gub'mint is sending them in batches every couple of weeks, and the lower the end of your ssn number is, the sooner it's going to come.

This is the only time I can think of when it's appropriate to say to someone, "I hope your number is up soon." ;)

amy said...

my mother fell and injured her hip yesterday. i hesitate to say she broke it, but she dislocated it and also broke a fragment off of the tip of her hip bone. she'll be fine - she does not need surgery at this time to deal with the fragment - but good lord, i hope this is not a preview of things to come when she's in her 70s or 80s. (she's in her 60s now.)

and how petty is it that this is the thing that's bugging me tonight? all day long, the punctuation to my day is that i smell like an ashtray after spending 15 minutes in her house feeding her dogs this morning. i love the woman and i'm happy to help her, but god, i wish i didn't have to go in to her house.

kathy a. said...

(((( amy ))))

and hugs to margalit. joining in the TK whine, but with particular bitterness at all the death knell prognostications.

big woohoo to esperanza's baboo!!

Diane said...

today at work I sat with the person whose job I am taking over. Sadly, it was the first time it entered into my mind, "You mean I have to learn how to do something new?" aaaack!

and the most hysterical part? In my new two person department I am due Sept 18th and the other girl is due Sept 19th. Nice, huh?

thinking about your mom Amy!

redzils said...

Yay on the job, Diane. I am giggling that you and your coworker are both due in September. I hope you can find a nice trainable temp closer to time.

And I hope Sarah at Ratatat and Esperanza get some extra sleep. I know you didn't ask for it, Esperanza, but what mommy doesn't need it?

Klee - break a leg!

As for me, things are fine. Ish. Still don't have a summer job. Still don't know where I am spending the summer. The summer started two weeks ago. And, oh yeah, I am supposed to write a dissertation proposal by Tuesday. But I know I will be spending the time between semesters with my boyfriend, and he wont let me starve, so the rest will sort, eventually.

kathy a. said...

this was just a totally crappy day, in 300 ways. mostly all work stuff, although there is significant local pressure for me to clean the fireplacing litter boxes again, already, as if i hadn't done that in the last 24 hours, too.

debangel said...

Is it too last for a last-minute whine??

My house has been on the market for over six months. The value is going down. My daughter doesn't want to potty-train. Which she has to, because in about six months or so I may not be able to afford diapers, since I'm filing for divorce. It's amicable but we're still living together since we're trying to move cross-country after selling the @#%! house that won't sell and it's way hard on all of us.

And I'm not allowed to blog about it until we break it to everyone we know first. And with a sick father and a toddler and a stupid house that has to stay immaculate at all times I have no emotional energy left with which to do so.

Do I win? Pretty please??

kathy a. said...

oh, debangel. that sucks.

Miranda said...